Medicine Man Technologies (OTC: MDCL) is a United States-based cannabis consulting service and technology company.

I like this company a lot. In fact, I’ve liked this company since June when it entered into a strategic acquisition.

You may remember that we recommended Medicine Man to Cannabis Profit Daily members back in September. Ultimately, I like the company so much that I decided to feature it in the Microcap Spotlight, a video service exclusively for Cannabis Investor’s Report Lifetime members.

But because I believe there’s such a great profit opportunity with Medicine Man, I wanted all of our readers to see the video report.

In the video, I talk about Medicine Man’s business shift, why I just gave the company a higher rating in our NICILytics database, and more.

Take a look:

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19 responses to “This Under the Radar Company Is Making Million-Dollar Moves”

  1. Speaking about under the radar moves- is there something we’re not aware of relating to Charolette’s Web CWBHF ? It keeps going down and seems to get very little notice in any of your bulletins. I keep feeling like buying more thinking it will go up and it goes down further.

  2. What is the story behind the decline of CWBHF? CWBHF was highly touted by you. Now mention of at all.

  3. I also am wondering about Charlotte’s Web, it keeps going down. I do not want to sell it in hopes of it going back UP. Alot at risk here!!!!!

  4. I read that EMH. Has some institutional investing going on at this time. I’m not familiar with the terms was binding sheets and not for U S. Release. Prospectus shelf? Is anyone. Familiar with these terms on financing for stocks etc ?

  5. hello , i would like to know a little more about Kushco .
    the stock should be going up , but .
    are they having trouble w/
    competition ? who are these ?

  6. I am also wondering about the decline in Charlotte/s Web. I need to see your comment on all the lawsuits and potential lawsuits filed against Aurora, Hexo, and now Trulieve. This seems like a major factor for these companies and you need to address this for all us investors out here that are depending on you for good information. It seems like a lot of the law suits are investigatory at this point and not real class action suits yet. What about it? Doug Searcy

  7. I subscribed to the news letter about
    Oct.2019. I loved reading about the
    Cannabis information. I would like to know what stock that I could buy that I can afford. I am eighty and on a fixed income, I would like to have some income to help my grand children.
    Thank you, sharon

  8. I am also seriously wondering why I do not see any responses from you about Charlotte’s Web, Aurora and Hexo. I hope you are not owners who were cranking up the price by hyping the information. The least I am expecting is your honest “I do not know”.

    • Hi Ricardo,

      To start out, you will need to open a brokerage account.

      These are all brokerage companies our members use, and their respective customer service departments will be more than willing to help walk you through creating an account:
      eTrade 1 (800) 387-2331
      Fidelity – 1 (800) 343-3548
      TDAmeritrade – 1 (800) 669-3900

      After that, you will need to connect your bank account to your brokerage account to fund it.

      From there, you can start buying cannabis stocks.

  9. yeah i keep nearing a lot about the big greenhouse in cleveland ohio? can you tell me who is owning this and can i have the ticker #. BECAUSE THE HYPE IS ITS THE COMPANY TO INVEST IN THANKS ROM. H

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