Let’s talk about Illinois’ first day, President Trump’s recent statement, and Canopy Growth versus Canopy Rivers…

Illinois just unleashed legal adult-use cannabis across the state. Thousands of enthusiasts and curious consumers lined up on New Year’s Day to make their first purchase.

The Windy City made quite an impact on its first day, with most of those people going to dispensaries located in Chicago or the Chicago suburbs.

Two companies came especially prepared for their first day of sales. Green Thumb Industries (OTC: GTBIF) and Cresco Labs Inc. (OTC: CRLBF) had each of their dispensaries fully-staffed with open doors at 6:00 A.M. Cresco alone sold over 9,000 products at an average ticket price of $135.

Most dispensaries had a constant line from open to close.

Even Chicago’s lieutenant governor, Juliana Stratton, braved the crowd to be among the first to buy edibles.

I may need to take a trip to Chicago soon to scope out its success for myself.

In the first year alone, projections show Illinois could be a cannabis market worth $2 billion. I’ll have more updates for you as the year progresses.

I know plenty of you will have questions on Chicago as cannabis sales continue. But first, I’m going to address some more urgent news…

Your Video Q&A

Every week, we receive dozens of questions that deserve answers. This week, I’m answering a few questions that are especially relevant today – about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)‘s claims towards CBD and President Donald Trump’s statement about medical marijuana protections.

You’ll also find out whether or not Canopy Rivers (OTC: CNPOF) is a better buy than Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC).

Take care,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


6 responses to “Illinois’ First Day and This Week’s Urgent Questions”

  1. Hello,my name is Dragi jovanovic.i am a 57 year old male from australia.i am so keen on getting my foot in the door with some pot stock shares.i am really not traveling well financially,I was scammed $5000 last year by a dodgy Forex company,and I am unable to work anymore due to a car accident and we also have a autistic disabled boy to care for.so if you and your company can give me some guidance and direction on how and where to start,I would be so eternally grateful and thankful to you.i have managed to save a small amount of money to be able to open an account with someone.i am interested in pot stocks,Forex,cryptocurrency and the stock exchange,but I have never found anyone that is genuine about wanting to help me, previously everybody has just taken of me as I am to honest and trust to many people.please I am praying that one day the door will open for me and I will find someone prepared to help me improve my financial situation.thanking you so much and I am patiently waiting to hear back from you.thanking you kindly.

  2. Hi, Greg; Due to the recent application for voluntary delisting from the Canadian stock exchange from ICC Cannabis Corporation, as a shareholder with 6,000 shares, I am concerned. I have read anecdotally that the aforementioned cannabis company is actually required to buyback or purchase the remaining shares if that delisting happens. Is that true, ambiguous, or otherwise?…Mark S.

  3. Thanks, Greg. I especially like hearing about the FDA.
    Ever since the CIA killed President Kennedy, this country has gotten worse.

  4. My portfolio is way down ($18,000.00)+
    How soon do you think we will see something positive?
    I had 14 up and 24 down yesterday. I am surprised that they are not going up strong. Because people are spreading the word like a wild fire.

  5. Hi greg. Do i understand correctly that origin house shareholders will receive 0.7030 share of cresco labs for each 1 share of origin house? If true, what makes this merger attractive for origin house shareholders?

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