This tiny startup is about to take the world by storm with one very special product…

We’ve been talking a lot about Canada 2.0 recently.

Because on December 16, Canadian dispensaries started rolling out THC- and CBD-infused vapes, edibles, and beverages.

This catalyst is huge for a number of reasons.

First, it’s going to change the way the people are consuming cannabis in one of the only nations where the substance is federally legal.

Second, it has the potential to infuse $7.8 billion into cannabis companies as millions of new consumers begin pouring into the market.

Some companies are scrambling to catch up and start delivering to these new types of consumers.

Others were ready to go from the minute the ink dried on the new legislation.

These are the companies that we believe are going to come out on top in this new market. While the ones who were scrambling… well… only time will tell.

But what we really want to talk about today is a company that seems to be doing everything right – and with stellar timing as Canada 2.0 kicks off.

Because what’s most impressive is the product that could help their investors see an increase of 35x in the next 24 months alone…

What Puts This Product’s Potential On Our Radar

There’s no question that flavored sparkling water is occupying a strong place in American culture right now.

The fact is, sales of these types of beverages have increased 251% in the last 10 years – making it one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Just look at White Claw. You can’t go to a bar or a holiday party without seeing these cans everywhere.

And it’s no wonder why. Their sales have quadrupled in the past year alone, from $154.8 million to $627.2 million. And they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

But the company that we’re talking about isn’t spiking their seltzer with alcohol.

Instead, they’re working on a different recipe for success by pairing flavored seltzer with CBD.

Now, we always point out the importance of looking at what makes a company different.

Because this company isn’t the first to infuse something with CBD – and they won’t be the last.

But they’ve done something that sets them apart from the competition.

CBD usually doesn’t taste great. On its own, it has what some describe as an unappetizing “earthy” flavor and can be very bitter.

Which is why the stellar team behind this company worked with scientists and beverage experts to create a CBD beverage that actually tastes good.

And we’re not just saying that.

Multiple members of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors have tried it.

And they all agree – this is one of the best seltzer drinks they’ve ever had. Even more so when you add in the calming effects of CBD.

To be clear, this drink doesn’t contain any THC. It’s not going to get you high. All it’s going to do is deliver a mild calming effect.

You can even try it for yourself… because despite the fact that this company is still in the startup phase, they already have products on shelves across the country.

Why You Need to Know About This Company

We’ve already determined that this company has an unparalleled product

And Advisory Board member and Head of Private Cannabis Ventures at The Institute, Don Yocham, has thoroughly vetted the executive team…

Which checks two out of three of our criteria boxes for a great company.

The third – whether the company is scalable – is one we can check off, too.

Because they’re currently trying to raise $10 million in an early funding round.

But the best part? Is that they’re offering shares to these early investors for just 50 cents apiece.

So for a very small stake, we’re looking at a company that has the potential to deliver $350,000 gains.

Our Cannabis Venture Syndicate subscribers have access to all our research and analysis about this company – from their Investor Pitch Deck to a full Due Diligence Package put together by our intensive research team.

Here’s the thing, though…

This company will be closing its early-round capital raise on December 27. Which means you only have about a week to take advantage of this opportunity.

Don’t delay. See how you could invest a small stake and see exponential returns right here.

NICI Staff


32 responses to “This Is a Small Company with Big Profit Potential”

  1. I am deeply interested in investing in this company. However, let it be said that I know nothing of investing in stocks. Nevertheless, I have been receiving the Cannabis Investors newsletter for some time now and am an avid reader.

    My question is this, though. Is 27 December the definitive deadline for closing its early-round capital raise? I don’t get my social security check until the 3rd of the month. Once they close with the availability of $.50 a share, what comes next?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you.
    Nina Cordova-Ami

  2. How much money is the company making? How much have they made in sales? How much does it cost them to attain a customer? what is the customer retention rate? How much debt does the company have? Do they have any assets? Liabilities? How many employees work for the company? How many major stock/stakeholders and where are is the company located? Can I schedule a tour? What is the name of the company?

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