Michigan’s recreational cannabis sales are escalating voter momentum across the United States…

Recreational cannabis sales started in Michigan on December 1.

You heard about the lines around the block and the shops running out of cannabis to sell.

You’ve also probably heard that in the first week of sales, with just a handful of businesses operating, Michigan collected over $270,000 in tax revenue from $1.6 million in sales.

By 2021, recreational sales could reach 1.5 billion.

I love seeing that.

Still, there’s more to this story, and it starts with voters.

Two years ago, those working to legalize recreational cannabis in Michigan needed 365,000 valid signatures to put a legalization measure on the 2018 ballot.

Those signatures were submitted in November 2017 and, in April 2018, were certified.

State lawmakers had a chance to pass the measure, but they left it up to the voters.

And thanks to the efforts of everyone working together, Michigan voters stood up and had their voices heard across the nation.

Just to make sure everything rolled out smoothly, regulators even cut their holiday weekend short.

This bodes well for rest of the states trying to legalize some form of cannabis use in 2020, and I’m going to show you why right now…

Legalization in 2020

Voters around the country are telling their elected officials they want recreational marijuana legalized.

If those represented to serve us want to keep their jobs after 2020, they better listen.

Disagreements halted progress in recreational legalization in both New York and New Jersey in 2019, but that’s not going to be the case next year.

In a poll from Siena College given to New Yorkers, 56% of the respondents agreed that cannabis should be legalized.

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is likely to seek a fourth term in 2022. If he doesn’t get cannabis legalization done soon, the voters are going to remember.

If he decides to run again in 2021, Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ) would also have a tough go if recreational cannabis use isn’t legalized in the Garden State.

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Cannabis Voters Head to the Polls in 2020

Outside of New York and New Jersey, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, and South Dakota are all states where there are movements to legalize recreational cannabis.

States like Missouri and Arkansas are still building their medical cannabis infrastructures, and South Dakota has yet to pass even medical legalization.

In spite of the slower progress in some states, the point is that there are efforts all around the country to legalize recreational cannabis, even in states like South Dakota.

On November 3, 2020, we’re going to see the true power of the will of the people.

Take care,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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3 responses to “Michigan Inspires Increased Voter Demand for Legalization”

  1. My name is Kenneth Martinak, I am profoundly deaf & hs-blind become born in texas cottage for the blind & deaf. I had one CGC at 20.25
    Any you have to help me ?

  2. Greg,

    Thanks for your DOCUMENTED optimism!

    I hope you are right. I am betting even more.

    Is 13 the number? Is M the letter? Is it 420 time?


  3. Even if the law passes on the Federal Level, don’t the individual states have a right to say “NO” to legalizing. I live in North Carolina and have been contacting my all my representatives about legalizing for medical & recreational use. We are always the last to get on board. Heck, the lottery took years here in NC.
    There is a program called “Head Count” which encourages people to contact their representatives and give their personal views. I received a letter back from my representative telling me why he is against it. The next time around my e-mail went out to ALL representatives and I went into great detail.
    Why is it the people voices won’t be heard?
    It is so frustrating…
    My stocks are still down but as you have mentioned patience, which is a virtue I am working on.

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