The Canopy Rivers-Kevin Durant collaboration could prove to be the cannabis power couple we need right now…

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about the new collaboration between the cannabis “angel,” Canopy Rivers Inc. (TSX: RIV), and National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar, Kevin Durant.

Headed up by Durant and Rich Kleiman, venture capital (VC) firm Thirty-Five Ventures is joining the Canopy Rivers strategic advisory board to grow the brand’s reach within the sports and entertainment industry.

This collaboration is epic on many levels, but let’s start with the obvious.

Canopy Rivers just happens to be the investment and operating arm of Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC), the largest cannabis company in the world.

And Kevin Durant happens to be one of the most iconic athletes in the world.

Before joining the Brooklyn Nets, he led the Golden State Warriors to victories in both the 2017 and 2018 NBA championships. With endorsement deals from Fortune 500 companies like Nike and Google, he sits comfortably among the highest-earning athletes.

With such a high-profile athlete in its corner, Canopy Rivers has the potential to achieve much more than just a boost in name recognition…

The Intersection of Cannabis and Sports

According to Canopy Rivers CEO Narbé Alexandrian, the relationship with Thirty-Five was a carefully executed plan based on an in-depth analysis of consumer data. The company took note of the cannabis industry’s rapidly growing sports niche and chose to focus its resources there rather than cast a wide net.

The fact that Durant has even entered the cannabis industry is a major victory in itself.

Cannabis and sports were once at odds with each other, as nearly every professional sports league bans its athletes from using cannabis, often enforcing these policies with drug testing in which the results could mean suspension or worse.

That tide is changing rapidly.

It seems like every week I’m writing to you about a new development in the growing trend of athletes and other celebrities joining the cannabis industry.

In fact, just yesterday I wrote to you about how Major League Baseball (MLB) and its union have agreed to officially remove cannabis from its list of banned substances.

Not to mention that the National Football League (NFL) is considering a similar rule change after New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, came out in support of the MLB’s rule change. Jones even went so far as to say that we can expect an adjustment in the NFL’s current policy.

And I’m sure you’ll remember that not long before, Canopy Growth entered into a partnership with rapper and business mogul, Drake.

I expect this powerful celebrity endorsement trend to only accelerate over the next few years, as it’s already become an integral part of propelling the cannabis industry forward.

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The Benefits of a Relationship with Canopy Rivers

What exactly does this relationship do for the industry, and more specifically, for you?

Well, Canopy Rivers is not a traditional cannabis company. Instead, it is an angel investor with investments in 19 companies in Canada, the United States, and around the world.

It invests in public companies and private companies alike, both in the cannabis industry and outside of it.

With exposure to private companies, its diversified portfolio helps protect the company during a downturn in the public markets and gives Canopy Rivers the chance to cash in on its early investments when the market gets better.

And you can bet that one of the biggest goals of this collaboration is for Canopy Rivers and Thirty-Five Ventures to co-invest in even more cannabis companies.

This mutual relationship also gives Thirty-Five Ventures a direct line to Canopy Growth, allowing the VC firm to further expand its global portfolio.

Plus, Kevin Durant’s expertise in both sports and business will give Canopy Rivers valuable intel about that consumer market.

With a whole new level of exposure in the world of professional sports and the backing of the biggest and most well-known cannabis company in the world, the possibilities are endless for Canopy Rivers.

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Take care,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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5 responses to “A Look at the Epic Kevin Durant-Canopy Rivers Collaboration”

  1. Where is the link GIVING me full access to your database to continue my due diligence on Canopy Rivers you reference above?

  2. I own CGC and it down about 40%. What do you think I should do at this point? Sell or hold.


  3. Stock symbol for Canopy Rivers, which is now known as RIV Capital is CNPOF. I myself would definitely buy Rivers over Growth simply because Growth is a much more mature, and therefore expensive, stock balanced against future share price potential…for the same amount of money someone could buy a considerably greater number of shares in Rivers while having at least the same future growth potential in terms of share price when the industry finally does go legally mainstream in the U.S. Also considering that RIV Capital is a venture capital firm in cannabis it should theoretically by business scope have a solid edge through industry diversification. Either way I would hang on to them both for long term interests and overall investment considerations

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