Here’s how Canopy Growth is going to win Canada 2.0…

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We all know we’re about to witness a game-changing moment.

Companies in Canada can start selling vapes and edibles in less than a week, and our estimates show that it could bring in as much as $7.8 billion into this growing market.

With this mind, we wanted to take the time today to talk about how Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) is pulling out all the stops to take advantage of this monumental moment.

In a partnership with comedian Seth Rogen, Canopy will launch Houseplant Lemon and Houseplant Grapefruit, two THC-infused beverages.

Rogen will benefit from Canopy’s production expertise, while Canopy essentially gets free press thanks to Rogen’s celebrity status.

On top of that, the company is launching edible chocolate bars, distilled cannabis spirits, and vape products.

This gives cannabis consumers more options than ever before, which is why the floodgates are about to burst open.

In fact, ahead of Canada 2.0, Canopy Growth was reiterated as a BUY from Bank of America Merrill Lynch…

Along with more cannabis products on the shelves, there will actually be more shelves to sell them on in Canada.

Ontario, for example, only has 24 dispensaries open but plans to ramp that up to 1,000.

With that in mind, Bank of America (BoA) has reiterated its position that Canopy Growth is worth buying right now.

“We believe incremental stores in Ontario above our 180 store outlook has the potential to drive upside to our Canopy Growth Canada adult use revenue estimates, which would drive upside to our total company estimates too,” a BoA analyst said in a note.

And that’s why we wanted to make sure you were kept in the loop with Canada 2.0.

This is the time for Canopy to shine, as well as the other top-tier Canadian companies.

The invitation to learn more is only available here.

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9 responses to “Canopy Proven to Be a “BUY” Right Before Canada 2.0”

  1. David Boots, Lifetime member:
    Im really confused about Canopy Growth. You still have this article saying that Canopy is a buy but yet you say to sell Canopy in January`s issue because it will take much too long to prophet due to the large cash assets they have.
    Please Advise
    Dave Boots

  2. Bought 1000 shares of canntrust about a year ago and watched it rapidly decline. Still holding, hoping it would be bought out by another company, basically worthless at this point. Any thoughts regarding this stock??
    Thank you! Kathy Braun

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