Greg couldn’t wait to update you on what he’s seeing at MJBizCon, the largest cannabis conference in the world…

As you know, Greg Miller has been at MJBizCon this week, the largest gathering of cannabis industry participants in the world.

At last year’s conference, he was scoping out the most promising IPO candidates and making a lot of introductions.

This year’s MJBizCon is different. Because now, everyone in the cannabis industry is aware of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

In fact, most of the larger companies in attendance talk to Institute staff on a regular basis.

We caught up with Greg to get the inside scoop on this year’s event, and wanted to bring those updates to you today.

Overall, he told us that he’s been surprised by the number of well-known companies in attendance that weren’t previously known for being associated with the cannabis industry.

One company that really intrigued him was Philips, the indoor lighting company. You might even have some of their lightbulbs lying around the house.

He found out that it actually sells its products to a lot of cannabis companies. It started out by selling to distributors to keep its name away from the industry.

But now, they develop cannabis-specific LED lights.

Greg has been seeing a lot of that at the conference – everyone wants to get into the cannabis industry!

He’s also been speaking with major cannabis executives, checking out new startup companies, and is looking for new trading opportunities for you right now.

But there are three major themes that Greg had to tell you about right away…

MJBizCon Themes

In this video, Greg shares the three themes he’s seeing at the conference – normalization, resilience, and optimism – and what they mean for you.

The second wave of cannabis legalization in Canada is set to take place on Monday – and we’ve got two stocks trading for under $3 that have the potential to take off when it does. Don’t miss your shot.

He also discloses that there are vital opportunities he can’t wait to bring your way, and that he’s talking to major companies that are going to end up on top.

Take care,

NICI Staff

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  1. I purchased shares of Aurora at $8.00 watched them go to $16.00 then tank ending up at just over $3.00 ,is there a chance well see $ 16.00 again ??

  2. Must have done research on Trulieve in the dark of night! CEO is really a classic attorney like the ones I used to deal with in bankruptcy court–one big crook!

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