I’m on the ground in Vegas, looking for the big opportunities that will fuel our pipeline for 2020…

A growing industry like cannabis has a lot of conferences.

They’re all over the world and cover different subjects: legal developments, new products, lobbying strategies, and much more.

Many will help executives from different companies connect and figure out how they can work together.

And then there is MJBizCon.

MJBizCon is the largest gathering of cannabis industry participants in the world. Starting out in a tiny room in Colorado with just 400 attendees in 2012, MJBizCon now attracts more than 35,000 people and has more than 1,000 exhibitors.

I just touched down in Vegas today.

Last year, I was mostly introducing myself and looking for IPO candidates.

This year, everyone in the cannabis industry knows about the National Institute for Cannabis Investors. Many are subscribers, particularly to the NICILytics database.

And the larger companies talk to Institute staff frequently now.

This year’s conference will still be a lot of hard work, but I’m excited to let you know about what I find in Sin City.

Uncovering Opportunities at MJBizCon 2019

So what will I be looking for this year?

More IPO candidates for one thing.

I’ve already identified several candidates for IPOs in the first part of the year, and Cannabis IPO Insider subscribers will start seeing complete dossiers on those firms over the next few months.

Big Private Investment Deals

I’ll also be working with my colleague Don Yocham; we’ve got meetings set up with cannabis private equity firms to talk about their portfolios. Some of those companies may make good candidates for Cannabis Venture Syndicate.

He’s looking at investment opportunities to get you in before a company is public.

The Biggest Trends in Cannabis

I’ll be looking for emerging trends in consumer products, in distribution platforms, in international trade, and much more.

I’ve historically been skeptical of cannabis technology companies, but now I sense that the time is right for some of those companies to come into their own.

Meeting with Executives

There are several companies in the NICILytics database that are rated a 3.

Some will soon be upgraded to 4 or even to a coveted 5-rating; others will not succeed in their business plans and be downgraded to a 2.

I’ll be looking to meet the CEOs of as many of those companies as I can while I’m in Vegas. I want to hear straight from the top what a company is doing to succeed in a challenging but growing cannabis market.

Not only do we attend cannabis business conferences, we host one of our own each year. You can learn how to get access to every session from the 2019 NICI Conference here.

Touring Vegas Dispensaries

And of course, I’ll be ducking out of the conference to visit several dispensaries in Las Vegas, the most important cannabis market in the world. I want to see the dispensaries owned by the companies in the model portfolios, the ones those companies are acquiring, and their competitors.

And I want to see the brands in their selling spaces.

I’ll have several full reports in the week or two after I return from the conference.

In the meantime, I wanted to make sure you saw my report about the new CEO at Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC).

It took a little longer than expected to find a captain to steer the ship, but David Klein is the right person for the job.

Take care,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

P.S. Phase 2 of cannabis legalization in Canada is set to kick off in just 6 days. And when it does, it could bring a $3.9 billion wave of wealth with it. That’s why we’ve pinpointed two companies that we believe will soar with the December 16 roll out of vapes, edibles, and topicals in Canada. And the best part? Each of these companies is trading for under $3 per share. But you need to take advantage now to see your best shot at cannabis cash before Christmas. Learn how here.


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  1. With the market so crazy right now I am wondering if I truly shouldn’t be taking advantage of the downswing, stocks I am considering is Sunniva which is at I think an all time low or next to and acerage holding or auroa. What do you think is the future should hold for these companies. Are they a solid and have a future?

  2. I am a novice Cannabis investor. I work for a company that supplies nutritional products into the farming community. We are working with several of the independent growers in The South East primarily Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina. Georgia and Florida are coming on line shortly.

  3. Wherever you moved to I want to wish you the best. I thought you did a very nice job in spite of a crappy that we have had. It is starting to change for the better now 2020. You made me feel very comfortable.God Bless.

  4. IT time to sell plant 13 ? they have vary little cash and out of the Calf Market
    and a ton of shares unlock in june .sell now Buy back in July for pennys what your Take on Planet 13 . Thanks Keith

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