Before $7.8 billion is potentially released into the Canadian cannabis market, we had to talk to Jenn Larry…

With our Advisory Board at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, my goal was to bring you a diverse group of experts who offer insight that you can’t find anywhere else.

With my friend and colleague, Jenn Larry, we got a double whammy.

Jenn is the Founder and President of CBD Strategy Group, and she is an expert at commercial marketing, brand development, and business strategy. The company helps cannabis brands thrive inside the box of regulation.

And luckily for our members, Jenn is based in Canada, which gives her a first-hand account of how the cannabis market is developing.

So, being a marketing guru and being on the ground for the launch of Canada’s legalization efforts throughout the years, Jenn’s insight is invaluable.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jenn at our First Annual NICI Retreat in Las Vegas, and I had to ask her about Canada 2.0.

And as you know, cannabis edibles, beverages, vapes, topicals, and concentrates are about to hit recreational retail shops across Canada.

Our estimates show that this positive disruption could release $3.9 billion – or even as much as $7.8 billion – into this growing market.

As you’ll see in my interview, round 2 of cannabis legalization is almost here…

Jenn Larry’s Expert Insight on Canada 2.0

Even though it was in early October in Las Vegas, I wanted to make sure all of our members were prepared for the launch of Canada 2.0.

With CBD-infused sports drinks to THC-infused brownies, this launch opens the door to millions of eager new customers.

In fact, EY Canada predicted that 3 million new cannabis customers will enter the market with Canada 2.0.

So to make sure you have the inside scoop, I wanted to make sure you saw this interview with Jenn as soon as possible.

Take a look:

From full legalization in 2018 to the launch of edible and vape products in just a few short weeks, we didn’t want you to sit on the sidelines and miss the big money train for Canada 2.0.

Take care,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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  1. Good interview. Jenn impressed me as being open and honest with her answers to your questions. I hope the industry will move forward with the much needed improvements that bring more success to investors and the companies involved.

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