Investing pioneer Michael Robinson has just uncovered something huge…

When we first launched the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, I was excited that my colleague and friend, Michael Robinson, joined our Advisory Board.

Not only is he one of the early pioneers in cannabis investing, but he’s also a 34-year Silicon Valley veteran and one of the top technology financial analysts working today.

To put it mildly – he knows his stuff.

And aside from our mutual love of investing, neither of us is shy about our opinions on government mandates.

If done wrong, they can do more harm than good.

But if done correctly, we see the true promise of the American dream. Folks can work hard, build a business, provide consumers with something they need, and feel fulfilled each and every day.

And they can make a ton of money along the way.

We’re seeing that in the cannabis industry with places like Oklahoma with less restrictive rules, which is allowing it to become one of the fastest-growing medical cannabis markets in the industry.

And Michael has uncovered important information that he wanted you to hear about right now.

By Thursday, he will be ready to share what he’s uncovered about a December 31 California mandate.

Through his research into this mandate, he thinks he has found a company that will be reaping a massive payoff from what is going on before the end of the year.

So I wanted to make sure you heard his message directly…

Unlocking a New California Profit Opportunity

Now, before I share this video, one of the things I want you to know about Michael is that he is a fiscal conservative.

If he believes in something, you’re going to have to work hard to change his mind!

But because of what he’s uncovered, he had to change his stance on this California mandate.

The California mandate will dramatically affect the state’s entire population of over 39 million people. There’s a very good chance it will affect everyone in America not long after.

So, as promised, I wanted to make sure you see this video before December 31.

If you want to learn more about Michael, check out his profile on our advisory board member page right here.

Take care,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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  1. Anyone have the name of the tech company that Michael Robinson is talking about? I checked his site today like he said and found nothing.

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