The DEA realizes cannabis demand is only going to grow…

On average, 130 Americans die each day from an opioid overdose.

It’s a national crisis, but small towns have been hit the hardest.

In those remote locations, “Main Street” is struggling, there are not enough well-paying jobs, and access to higher education is out of reach because it’s too expensive.

But there are plenty of pills.

From 2006 to 2012, 17 million opioid prescriptions flooded the streets of Russell County in Virginia, which has a population of less than 30,000 people. Norton, Virginia, which has a population of just over 4,000, had over 8 million pills shipped to it during that same time.

There are a lot of reasons why the opioid epidemic has spread but, diving deeper into the issue, you start to see that there’s also been a lack of options for those who need legitimate pain relief.

Many would gladly try cannabis-based medicine to help with back aches or arthritis, but their state government has made it difficult to obtain a medical card through or doesn’t even allow medical cannabis.

Fortunately, things are changing.

And that’s why I want to show you why the latest announcement from the DEA was so important…

The DEA Orders More Cannabis

Originally the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wanted 72.5 million grams of oxycodone to be manufactured, but it decreased that final quota to 67.5 million.

That’s still a lot of an opioid being sold, but at least it is a reduction.

In comparison, the DEA authorized a 30% increase in cannabis cultivation from the previous year for 2020. The increase in cannabis cultivation is because of “estimated medical, scientific, research, and industrial needs of the United States, for lawful export requirements, and for the establishment and maintenance of reserve stocks,” according to the DEA.

The more medical and scientific research there is, the more we can unlock the powerful compounds in the cannabis plant to potentially treat everything from headaches to opioid addiction.

A study published November 25 in the Journal of Pain found that inhaled cannabis reduces self-reported headache severity by 47.3% and migraine severity by 49.6%.

This cannabis sector is projected to hit $22 billion over the next 12-36 months. Learn how you could profit off this 3,622% jump in sales by clicking here.

In another development, Green Point Research just formed a new partnership with Florida State University to conduct a study analyzing Green Point’s Satividol CBD softgel capsule.

The hope is for the company to create an FDA-approved capsule that could replace ibuprofen to treat acute pain.

Finally, new research from the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use and the University of British Columbia found that of those interviewed who reported chronic pain and who used cannabis daily were half as likely to use illicit opioids when compared to those who did not.

Reaching Full U.S. Legalization

With the MORE Act, the SAFE Banking Act or something like it passing, and states like Arizona and Florida gearing up to legalize recreational cannabis, the dominos are falling in the right direction.

The U.S. government realizes it can’t keep fighting the will of people, and full U.S. cannabis recreational legalization is closer than ever before.

That will lead to everyone finally being able to decide for themselves if they want to utilize cannabis-based medicine.

I’m glad you are here with us to witness these moments.

Take care,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

P.S. U.S. legalization will be a big topic for 2020, but we can’t forget about our neighbors up north. Canada 2.0 is going to kick off in less than a month, and our estimates show it could release $3.9 billion – or even as much as $7.8 billion – into this growing market. One of our staff members wanted to pick Greg’s brain about the best way to profit, and Greg wanted to make sure everyone saw his answer. Just click here to hear more about why stock prices could skyrocket 200%… 400%… or even 1,000%.


9 responses to “DEA Decreases Quota for Oxycodone and Increases Cannabis Quota by 30%”

  1. This is not the year for CBD company and it may never be because of FDA may deem it unsafe ? What your take.

    Keith M

    • Why would the FDA deem it unsafe? The science proves that CBD is completely safe. If the FDA did deem CBD unsafe, the world knows they are lying. There is just way to much data from many other countries from years of research showing how safe and all the benefits to the human body. So, that is why not only CBD is 50 state legal, but marijuana is about to be 50 state legal too!

  2. I use CBD oil no or insignificant THCin it every day and change of life due to lack of chronic back pain with no side affects in the last year at all. I am convinced of the benefits. And am sad to hear of so many dying in Canada and the USA and the world because of slow legislation due to stuck in the mud and greedy government action. Get it together you people

  3. It is highly unlikely that the FDA will deem CBD unsafe with an already approved CBD (Epidiolex) on the market for children. But it is their responsibility to look at clinical trials for efficacy and possible drug interactions (which is real) before declaring that is is indeed safe. They cannot ignore the elevated liver enzymes in the Epidiolex study or that one animal study, both using much higher doses than what we typically see as effective, but acetaminophen can do the same thing and worse – lead to hepatic failure. Not worried.

  4. I guess we can still keep drinking. Seems it is much safer than CBD or pot. Just wait till they figure out how to tax it and they will be jumping thru hoops to legalize it.

    • Andy,
      Interesting, isn’t it…CBD was not that effective for me and shunned by the pain mgmt. md. Had to be clean from .1% CBD to be refused ! any pain meds?? They are worried about the effectiveness of any cabininal product.
      and here a big chemo hospital is being built to try and save the economy.
      they, md’s are avove the LAW…

    • Drinking is not safer than CBD or pot. You can control yourself a lot more than drinking too much. Plus pot and CBD does not destroy your liver like alcohol.

  5. Here in Peoria, Il you will not be treated for chronic back pain. A S degenerate disc disease if you have any CBD or THC in your urine! even though you have a medical license? CBD did a little good and when used with both equal amounts of THC and CBED a lot more. Seems even if legal the money stays with big pharma and the medical community.

  6. Here is an interesting fact. The prohibition of Cannabis on the North American Continent and then the entire world at large, never had anything to do with the drug.
    The conspiracy surrounding this illegal act is larger than 9 11, JFK, Nixon and/or the Federal Reserve itself.
    “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” by Jack Herer tells all the truth, if you’re ready for it.
    BTW….. Remember what Jack said…..
    (“I think you can.” RC)

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