If you’re looking for the best pot stocks to buy for 2020, look no further…

When we wrote this guide for the best pot stocks to buy for 2020, we focused on different strategies because we know each investor has a different style.

Some are comfortable playing the long game and buying and holding stocks for decades.

Others are looking to hold a stock for just a few months and want to sell it to buy into a new opportunity.

For this guide on the best pot stocks to buy for 2020, we researched a total of six companies; three of the companies are considered short-term profit opportunities, while the other three are pot stocks you will want to buy and hold forever.

Pot Stocks to Buy for 2020 (Short Term)

In our guide, the three short-term profit opportunities all have a chance to make money quickly because of specific catalysts.

For our first pick, after a series of acquisitions close, it could become America’s largest vertically integrated cannabis company.

That means it controls every part of the process: from planting the seeds to selling the plant in a dispensary.

Our second cannabis stock to own in 2020 is working on planting a flag in each state across the country, and where it is placing its retail stores is brilliant. While Ohio may only be a medical state right now, forward-thinking cannabis executives are looking at the bigger picture when recreational cannabis is legal across the United States.

The second company you can find in our guide just set up a dispensary that’s only an eight-minute ride from where the Cleveland Cavaliers play basketball. As this company continues to expand and generates more revenue in the following year, it will be on more radars than ever before.

That’s why you want to own it before the price goes up.

The third pot stock to buy in 2020 was hit by an unjust panic sell. When fear is only the main reason a stock is sold, that creates an attractive opportunity to get in low before the fear fades away and the price starts to climb again.

Pot Stocks to Buy for 2020 (Long Term)

Along with the three short-term opportunities we list above, we also have three cannabis stocks that you will want to buy and hold forever.

With one of these stocks, Greg Miller (the Executive Director of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors) calls it an investment you can retire on.

Well, at this point, we know you are excited to get started with your cannabis investing journey!

Everyone kicks themselves for missing out on one big investment that could have changed their lives.

We don’t want you to be one of those people.

You can access our free guide of the best pot stocks to buy for 2020, right here.

To you investing success,

NICI Staff Reports


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  1. What about Hemp,Inc. Seems to be an industry leader. Still a penny stock. Other than using stock to expand, what is the catch?

  2. Please give us a prognostic update on Aurora.
    How “long term’ a recovery do you anticipate for this leveraged and diluted stock….?

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