Ontario is ready to cut the red tape and get more people selling cannabis…

The U.S. cannabis industry is humming along nicely, giving an early preview of what to expect in 2020.

The big U.S. producers are hitting on all cylinders, and the Judiciary Committee of the United States House of Representatives moved forward with historic legislation that would completely upend the U.S. cannabis industry.

And for our neighbors to the north, things are looking promising, too.

There has been a big change in Canada that could refresh the industry there just as Cannabis 2.0 is about to unleash its own growth trend in the country.

The problem of not having enough open dispensaries will be a thing of the past in 2020, and Ontario is leading the charge to making things better. In the entire province, which has the population larger than Pennsylvania and an area larger than Texas, there are 24 legal cannabis dispensaries. Colorado has more than 500 dispensaries.

Ontario needs between 750 and 1,000 to serve the market and, thus far, it has allowed too few stores to open and when it tried to permit more, it botched things.

Fortunately, the province is recognizing the errors of its way, and the rest of Canada will catch on when it sees all the money pouring into Ontario.

It’s going to allow more dispensaries to open, easily propelling the North American market past the $10 billion in sales it brought in during 2018…

Ontario’s Big Plan

Ontario is going to allow anyone to open a dispensary as long as he or she can pass a background check; no more lotteries, no more corruption, and no more gaming the system.

Someone wanting to open a cannabis dispensary can apply online and get started that day.

When the background checks come back and the dispensary is built to province requirements, they’re in business.

The news gets better. Ontario realizes that it also botched its distribution system. It will take longer than the dispensary plan, but Ontario aims to fix that, too. It’s planning to allow private distributors to operate alongside its government-owned distributor.

Private distributors do a better job of planning inventory and getting fresh products to stores more quickly.

And they’ll be able to handle the volume of all those stores.

There’s one more piece of good news from Ontario.

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Like most places in the United States, Ontario allows municipalities to “opt out” of cannabis dispensaries. And a lot of places did exactly that. Huge swaths of Ontario, including some places with large populations, have no cannabis dispensaries at all because their town council banned them.

Now, many of those places are reconsidering their decisions.

They learned that the places that do have dispensaries are not seeing the problems those councils thought would happen. Meanwhile, a dispensary ban means angering many of a town’s citizens, and it foregoes the tax revenue these businesses bring.

When you add it all up, it means a sea of change in the Canadian marketplace.

From 24 stores to up to 1,000, in more localities, with distributors who know a thing or two about customer service, and with more products than ever before, Canada 2.0 is about to go in full swing.

The changes will convert Canada from a disappointment to a dynamo, and just about every cannabis company in Canada will benefit.

Take care,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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