You only need to follow these three strategies to succeed.

It could be friends. It could be strangers. It could even be strangers just sitting next to him while he’s traveling across the globe.

They all have one thing in common.

They ALL want in on cannabis investing, and they all want to pick Danny Brody‘s brain so they can invest just like him. He’s a cannabis expert who is a founding partner in one of the very first cannabis venture capital firms. He was one of the masterminds behind three of the biggest wealth-generating cannabis companies to date, including a world-record-setting IPO.

And along the way, he built a multimillion-dollar fortune from the ground up.

Here’s the truth – the cannabis industry is unlike anything Danny has ever seen before, but some folks don’t know what systems to use to find the biggest opportunities. Others find stock screeners too complicated.

That’s why, today, Danny told us we had to make sure we debunked some of the biggest myths about cannabis investing.

  • You don’t need to know anything about the cannabis plant to start investing.
  • You don’t need to be a pro-level investor.
  • You don’t even need a lot of cash to get started.

We forgot to mention – there is just ONE other thing you need to know…

How to Target the Right Cannabis Stocks

If a cannabis company is going to make people a lot of money, Danny says finding the right companies comes down to three principles.

Principle #1: The Company Needs to Have a Powerful Product

Over the years, one of the most valuable techniques Danny has acquired is being able to look at a company and tell you if their product has what it takes to stand out.

At this point, it takes him all of about five minutes to tell if a year from now or two years from now consumers will still be buying their product over a competitor.

And today, we’re going to show you EXACTLY how he makes those calls and how you can start spotting these guys for yourself.

Principle #2: The Company Needs to Be Scalable.

If you boil it down, scale equals growth

And for investors, growth is your golden ticket to a bigger payday.

It sounds straightforward… but this is where most ordinary investors trip over their shoelaces.

They think just because a cannabis company is small, it’s going to grow.

And that is one of the single biggest mistakes an investor can make…


Principle #3: The Company Needs to Be Dynamic

By dynamic, we really just mean…

Are they capable of reaching the millionaire-making potential we found in Principle #2?

Are they moving at a rapid pace?

Do they have a custom-built team?

Do they have a strong enough business plan to drive this company into the stratosphere?

Because this is what actually takes cannabis companies from point A to B…

And there’s a very easy way to evaluate for this – and the other two principles we just told you about.

We go through each with a quick yes or no.

Does this company have a powerful product?

Can this cannabis company scale?

Is this cannabis company dynamic?

Answer yes to all three questions, and chances are…

You’ve uncovered a company like the ones Danny used to build his multimillion-dollar fortune.

To your success,

NICI Staff Reports


5 responses to “How to Invest Like a Cannabis Millionaire”

  1. I would really like to see something about Sproutly especially with beverages coming out soon. In a video once, I even heard Greg say that they had the Holy Grail of cannabis beverage tech and after further research I would have to agree. Other companies use nano-emulsions and nano-encapsulations to try and get by the cannabis solubility factor. Sproutly on the other hand has created a truly water soluble form of cannabis. They have what is considered to be a good management and marketing team as well. I’m really surprised that their share price is where it is right now. Hopefully all that will change once beverages come out and they prove to everyone what I and a lot of others already know. So Greg, how about something about Sproutly???

  2. hello, what do you think about Evio labs (EVIO)? I think it is a great picks and shovels play in the pot sector. have a great day.

    thanks Joe.

  3. Now – if it is so – and it makes a lot of sense, your 3 questions – would you pls. share those company names that have passed all 3 questions succesfully with your readers.
    I am very keen to see your list.

    Christian Kieslich from Wiesbaden/Germany

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