Joe Biden is missing the point about marijuana legalization…

You may be surprised to hear this from me, but Joe Biden is right.

Let me explain.

Cannabis is not medically or physically a gateway drug. And there are some studies that indicate that cannabis is even a preventative to more severe drugs, as people find the treatment they need and leave it at that.

But it’s true that just about all heroin abusers tried cannabis first.

It is true that cannabis smokers are much more likely to try another drug.

It’s that simple.

When people in a place where cannabis is illegal decide to try it, they are making a decision and then taking an action that says that they no longer have respect for what the government says is appropriate for them to consume.

And then they try cannabis and only good things happen.

Maybe their back stops hurting, or their anxiety goes down, or maybe they just get an escape from an increasingly complex modern life for a few hours without having a hangover the next morning.

Whatever it is, their belief and their action are validated – the government was wrong about what is appropriate to consume.

That’s what Biden doesn’t understand, and it then leads people down this road…

What Biden Is Missing

People who have tried cannabis even though the government has told them not to are going to ask themselves what else the government is wrong about.

Is the government wrong about psychedelics?

About cocaine?



Some of those drugs people can use without ill effects. Others may be important medical products but do not have a place outside of a pharmacy.

Still others are a pathway to addiction and worse. But since the government is not a trusted source of information about them, too many people try the wrong things.

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And it gets worse.

Illicit drug dealers are salespeople just like the salesperson at Best Buy or the car dealership. They make money when people buy their product and they make more when they can upsell and cross-sell those customers.

So after a few visits to an illicit dealer, cannabis customers find themselves confronted with a talented salesperson with other products.

Products like meth.

So yes, Joe Biden is right that cannabis is a gateway drug. The way to fix that is to legalize it.

Tell people the truth about cannabis – that it is a huge benefit for potentially millions of people and that when used recreationally it is a much better alternative to alcohol.

Send people into licensed dispensaries where the “upsell” product is a gummy and not cocaine.

Take care,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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15 responses to “Legalizing Cannabis Will End the Gateway Drug Debate”

  1. Absolutely right. Cannabis is a healthy alternative to cigarettes, alcohol and the “OTHER “ drugs. And that’s a fact.

  2. glad to see it in writing
    you need to talk about the money problem
    big pharma can’t patent cannabis to make billions of dollars
    cannabis makes better and cheaper paper than pulpwood
    cannabis makes better natural cloth than oil based nylon and rayon

  3. Greg,
    First time reply post. As a college product of the late 70’s, I have watched the debate from the sidelines for way too long. Many, lawyers, doctors, dentists, business owners (me) research analysts from my group of college fraternity brothers were exposed to marijuana in many ways. We are productive citizens reaching late 50’s – early 60’s with all that goes with senior citizen status. Political control, misplaced moral values, media bias, ignorance and money all play into the future of the industry. For me and my family, we have invested and wish you well. Keep up the effort.

  4. Greg,
    You are right about this subject. Your remark about salesmen trying to make more money by up-sales or cross-sales is also true with all newsletter publishers including N.I.C.I. I upgraded to a lifetime subscriber mainly for the NICILITICS lists. The data in this list is very valuable to me in that it gives me a starting point to help me do further research on a particular company and able to make a more educated decision on weather to buy or not.
    Thanks for the great work your team does.

  5. My weed connections in my life were never a variety store for other drugs, so I disagree with that. Through research, cannabis is turning out to be the most beneficial plant on earth and it should be de-scheduled to allow for more research. Some people are just self-destructive and will move on to harder drugs if cannabis doesn’t do it for them.

  6. Hi Greg: While I appreciate your response, I still disagree with the conclusion that marijuana is a gateway drug. You seem to agree based on the fact that most heroin abusers tried marijuana first. Let me give you two sets of numbers, while exaggerated, are probably close to accurate. First, assume that 99% of heroin abusers used marijuana first. A gateway drug? Seems like it.
    Two, assume now that 99% of marijuana users never tried heroin. A gateway drug? Doesn’t seem like it. Something else is obviously at work.
    As we used to say in response to the first number, 100% of heroin abusers used aspirin first. Does that make aspirin a gateway drug?

  7. There are plenty of things that are legal that I just don’t like to ingest. But any one of those things could be helpful to someone else. As such, I think any government of which I am a part of should get as far away from making recommendations for what people should eat or drink. Additionally, they should get out of the business of deciding what should and should not be legal to ingest.

    As an example, about sixty years ago, the government got on the bandwagon of advocating that dietary fat was harmful. So what were the consequences? Here are a few:
    1. Producers started working to get fat out of their animals that were bred for human consumption. Since fat carries plenty of flavor, consumers started substituting flavor enhancers for the fat. One big addition was sugar. After several decades of increased sugar consumption, the United States is facing a diabetes epidemic.
    2. The government went on an anti-salt tirade. People once again substituted sugar to get some additional flavor in their food. See #1 for the consequences.
    3. Because of decades of no studies of cannabis, we don’t know what the possible medicinal properties of this drug are.

    Incidentally, the same government that said fat and salt are not healthy for people is now saying that the studies that gave those earlier conclusions may have been flawed. Therefore, they would do best if they stayed out of the business of recommending the proper amounts of foods and beverages we should be consuming.

  8. Greg,

    I agree and disagree on some of these,but isn’t that the wonderful thing about being a human? This is the way I look at it, God made all these plants for a reason, some like cannabis is obiviously for the effect of being free from pain, aniexty and just “Life”. The others, just like cannabis need to be researched more so that we can come up with better ways to use them, instead of a high that leads to addiction and destruction of so many lives. If we all just pause for a minute and remember we all are just trying to get thru this life without the pain, the aniexty of life so that we all can hopefully find psycedilics in everything that makes us happy in life.
    Thanksgiving Greg and Everyone Here!!! Maybe not look for the upside in everything and just enjoy what we have.

  9. I am a recovering addict and a Substance Abuse Counselor. MJ has it bad characteristics and it good. I am all for legalization but cocaine, Methamphetamine or Heroin is not in the same class as marijuana not only that any drug that alters mood or thinking processes is dangerous for addicts and I recommend just talk about Marijuana good qualities and the fact it is not anything like Meth or Heroin. Talking about those drugs together even make our not so bright politicians think they are the same. By the way Beer is a gateway drug as well

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