Greg Miller spent time with this trading genius in Vegas and wants you to meet him…

From the feedback we’ve been getting, our members who attended the First Annual NICI Retreat had a blast and took home some valuable knowledge.

And while Greg Miller spent a lot of time talking with our members, giving panel discussions, and answering questions, he also spent some time with Andrew Keene.

He’s a smart guy, and Greg and Andrew shot the breeze about cannabis stocks, but also general investing.

To say it simply, Greg was blown away by how Andrew used investing to change his life.

He went from 14-hour work days to taking full control of his life and his financial destiny.

With Andrew being one of the smartest guys in the room, Greg knew there would be a lot of people who would benefit from his knowledge. And Greg didn’t just want to leave things in Vegas.

He wanted to make sure every member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors is able to hear what Andrew has to say.

That’s why he shot an exclusive video interview with the man who went from dead broke to $5 million in under two years!

But because of the time-sensitive information in this video, Greg wanted us to make sure you could access it today…

Our Exclusive Interview with Andrew Keene

In this video interview, you’re going to learn more about Andrew’s backstory.

Who he is and how he got to where he is today.

In fact, this interview is a bit time-sensitive, so we had to make sure you saw it.

That’s because Andrew is hosting the Transform Your Life Summit in just a few days.

Andrew will have plenty of information about that, but again, this is time-sensitive material.

On November 21st, Andrew will unveil a transformational breakthrough that could exponentially grow your net worth. And he’s announcing a $2 million surprise. RSVP now to see this with your own eyes!

To your investing success,

NICI Staff Reports


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  1. Andrew sounds like me right now in the last 2 weeks I have purchased my first 4 stocks and will try for more before next week. I currently drive a truck 6 days a week and average about 65 to 70 hours

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