Folks, we all know that no one is born an expert.

It’s not like Mozart was able to play music when he was a baby.

Or Michelangelo was crawling around with a paint brush.

Or Lebron James could make free throws in diapers.

And when Tom Gentile entered this world, he wasn’t instantly anointed America’s #1 Pattern Trader.

It took him years to get to where he is today, but he has worked his way up and earned his title.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the securities industry, Tom’s style of trading systems and strategies is designed to help individual investors propel themselves past 99% of the trading crowd, into the one percent of highly successful investors

And we couldn’t be more thrilled that Tom has brought his expertise to the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

In fact, many of our members have already taken full advantage of his recommendations through Cannabis Power Trader.

This is where Tom pinpoints the biggest, fastest profit opportunities in the cannabis market.

Our members can tell you they’ve already had winners of 73%, 95%, and even 144%.

And today, we’re going to show you how to unlock the power of Cannabis Lots on your own.

Check it out…

Unleash the Potential of Cannabis Lots

At the Institute, we want to present our readers with plenty of ways to profit.

While we like to have a “Buy and Hold” philosophy here, we know that some of our members are looking for a chance at faster gains.

These members want to know what stock trading patterns are out there that could lead to fast profits.

Capitalizing on Cannabis Lots is just another tool to add to your cannabis investment belt.

And that’s where Tom comes in.

No matter how a cannabis stock is trading – up, down, or going nowhere fast, Tom knows how to make money. Folks, we can’t stress enough how big of an opportunity this is for retail investors.

But if you haven’t heard about Cannabis Power Trader until now, don’t feel bad.

Even though Tom knows how to make money in any environment, it was only just recently that he could unlock the profit potential of Cannabis Lots.

The SEC just gave some of the major players the green light to offer Cannabis Lots to investors.

Of course, Tom immediately pounced.

And now, he wants to open up your world to the life-changing wealth that investing has to offer.

And if anyone can show you, it’s Tom.

The fact is, a new way to play the cannabis market – hands down one of America’s most lucrative sectors – is taking the investing world by storm…

Again, if you haven’t heard about Cannabis Lots, that’s fine.

Because we’ve got Tom himself with all the details right here.


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14 responses to “It’s Time to Unlock the True Potential of America’s Fastest Growing Industry”

  1. Hi guys.

    I’m a complete novice. I’ve signed up but done nothing. As I’ve no clue where to start.

    How can set up a broker (I’m based in UK) so I can purchase shares. Also how do I purchase lots. ?

  2. I am in the same boat. I have been a member for over a year and still don’t know where to start. I thought that that would be part of the info. I would get from my membership.

  3. I’m in the same position as Eddie; I live in California, but don’t know a thing about “Lots” What is the trick of playing it “right”? Please help! Thank you.

  4. I am also new member of Cannabis Power Trader for two months now and don’t know how to get started. Do I just buy shares of stocks or do I need to be cleared for options trading. About the Cannabis Lots. I have been just approved for Level 1 option trading as I have no experience in trading; but I see that the action to take instructions that I read on Thursday mornings entails spreads so that I am not allowed to make the trade. How can I get started and do it right? Time is running. I am excited to begin trading. What is the IPO Insider about? Please help. Thanks.

  5. As far as I understand most western and industrialized countries should have a brokerage discount account service, like E-trade, ScottsTrade, TD Ameritrade, or Questrade,….. if you talk to your financial adviser at your local financial institution they should be able to guide on where and how to open to what is referred to as a “Discount Brokerage Account”, where you are able to buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies, usually each brokerage will charge a fee to buy and a fee to sell a share…. As pertaining to the Cannabis Lots program with Tom Gentile, you will get alerts via email and text if you wish, on when to enter a position and when to sell a position in a specific Cannabis Company, usually as i Understand the minimum investment is about 500.00 USD. i believe also Tom Gentile promises at least a 75% success rate on his picks,…. which means there is a 25% probability of losing money, one needs to be prepared to take risk in order to find reward, also, you need to keep a close eye on your email and text alerts to make sure you don’t miss the alert….and have time to react and benefit from the profit opportunity or minimize the loss in some cases…. hope this helps…

  6. I am in the same vote. I have signed up but haven’t got a clue of what to do and how to do it. Cant it be simple and be like this is the stock that I recommend, buy now, sell now etc,

  7. How we do know if these “lots” or whatever else Tom Gentile is actually doing isn’t adding negative pressure to the overall cannabis markets and stocks? Coincidentally, about the same time frame or somewhat close that Gentile came along with these “lots” investment approach, the overall cannabis market has taken a steep nose dive. I realize there’s also other reasons for that as well, but can’t help but have my suspicions.

  8. I have been in NICI since Jan 2019 and purchased 21 all #5 rated stock and lost a lot of money. All because stock has made a major turn down.
    I do still believe in NICA and I am going try Cannabis Stock with Toms advice. To recoup my losses.
    Like most of us, as a novice investor we all depend on Greg advice, but I am going to take some blame because of mistakes I made as a novice investor.
    I have made my first investment this week with Toms advice on Cannabis Stock and working with TD Ameritrade made a successful trade. I will still make stock purchase with Greg.

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