South Dakota joins a long list of states clambering to legalize marijuana during the 2020 election…

To say South Dakota is restrictive on cannabis use is an understatement. It’s illegal for all purposes, and owning even just small amounts is a misdemeanor.

On top of that, South Dakota is the only U.S. state that outlaws ingestion of controlled substances, and even testing positive for cannabis can be a felony offense.

Fortunately, the tide is turning.

On Monday, advocates in South Dakota submitted more than 50,000 resident signatures for a proposed constitutional ballot measure to legalize cannabis for adult use.

They also submitted more than 30,000 signatures for a separate constitutional initiative looking to establish a medical marijuana program in the state.

This would give state residents the chance to vote on two different proposals during next year’s landmark election.

An election year where not only will many states be addressing marijuana legalization…

But also one where a majority of the presidential candidates support federal legalization.

The fact that such an anti-cannabis state could be next to legalize recreational cannabis marks a turning point.

Once full U.S. legalization falls into place, the current $10.8 billion cannabis market could jump to over $300 billion practically overnight…

An Industry Already Making History

Under the proposed recreational South Dakota measure, adults 21 and older would be allowed to have and distribute up to one ounce of marijuana. They could also cultivate up to three cannabis plants for personal use.

The plan would also direct the state legislature to establish medical cannabis and industrial hemp programs.

Now, let’s just take a step back and think about what’s happening.

The first thing we have is a state that’s been very harsh in its view on cannabis looking to legalize full recreational use.

But even more important, even with states like South Dakota dragging its feet, legal sales are thriving despite all the road blocks and challenges thrown in its way.

The industry has already seen a fourfold increase in a handful of years.

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According to their estimates, the legal cannabis market could be worth well over $100 billion in two years in the U.S. alone.

But that’s only a drop in the bucket compared to what the industry will see with federal legalization.

The U.S. market could skyrocket to $300 billion – practically overnight with federal legalization.

And if you get started in this market before that happens, you could see 200%… 500%… or even 1,000% gains rolling in.

Don’t Wait to Get Started

Even though federal legalization isn’t safeguarded, there are three things we can be certain about right now…

  • This cannabis revolution is here to stay…
  • It’s growing at an unheard-of rate…
  • And it’s going to make a lot of people piles of cash.

In fact, we estimate there are 77 new marijuana millionaires created every month.

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Take care,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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  1. I own some IIPR. I worry that cheaper cannabis growing in Columbia could ruin the return of my weed REIT.

    I wish I could find a THC product that does not give me the munchies.

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