This options trade may be predicting big things for the cannabis market…

There is a reason why we call Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) the “Microsoft of Cannabis.”

It’s going to be one of the most successful cannabis companies in the world, and Canopy isn’t shy about its global ambitions.

And even though the stock price has been slumping since the summer, one person still thinks something positive is just around the corner.

Last week, a trader bought an unusually large quantity of Canopy “Call” options. A trader will place a Call when they believe the stock price will go up. In this particular case, with an expiration date of November 15, the bullish trader believes a positive price move could happen fairly quickly.

They bought a total of 902 CGC call options – representing $35,524 of their hard-earned money.

Now, we’ve seen a lot of positive headlines recently from Canopy. The company bought a 71% stake in BioSteel Sports Nutrition, representing a play at the NFL… began expanding into the United Kingdom… and acquired a cannabinoid research company that will give it a bigger footprint in Europe.

While all of these things add up to a positive outlook for Canopy, we do not believe that these big headlines are the reason that this trader decided to purchase such a large quantity of options over just buying shares of the company directly.

But we do have a pretty solid theory on why they would – and why you should consider it, too…

Why a Trader Would Choose Options

There are a number of reasons to choose options.

But in this case, it seems like the trader believes Canopy will offer some improved financial guidance.

Choosing options over stocks – in this particular case – would allow them to see a much quicker return on investment if their bet is correct.

In fact, we’ve seen instances where options (or what we call Cannabis Lots) outstrip stocks by thousands of percent.

Take Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB).

Back in March, stocks saw a 37% gain in 11 days. Now, that’s nothing to turn your nose up at.

But those who had purchased these Cannabis Lots… their holdings soared 1,353% in that same time period.

And that’s not an isolated example…

In December of last year, the same thing happened with Cronos Group Inc. (Nasdaq: CRON) – but on a much larger scale.

Between December 3 and December 7, the stocks shot up 38%. Nobody would argue that those are great gains in just four days…

Unless they had seen the Cannabis Lots gains. We’re talking about 3,113% in just four days.

To be clear, though… you want to have what we call a “smart portfolio” – a good balance of short-term and long-term plays. That’s why our publications give you a diverse set of opportunities.

How Cannabis Lots Fit into Your “Smart Portfolio”

Playing the short-term game and seeing quick gains can bolster your portfolio – and allow you to play an even better long-term game.

So when the ideal person to spearhead this initiative came to us with Cannabis Lots, we knew we had something big. Something we needed to share with our subscribers.

That’s why we said yes to America’s #1 Pattern Trader… Advisory Board Member… and cannabis business expert Tom Gentile.

The system he and his team of experts created can practically pinpoint winners in the options market.

And we’ve seen it at work, delivering our Cannabis Power Trader subscribers gains of 95%… 143%…even 163%… all in under a month.

This isn’t something you want to miss out on.

Because these trades happen fast and they have the potential to deliver monumental gains.

All you have to do to learn how these Cannabis Lots work – and how you can take advantage of them – is to click here.


NICI Staff


18 responses to “This Trade Could Mean Big Things for Cannabis Stocks”

  1. Yeah, if Supreme Cannabis being cash flow positive is such a rarity in the cannabis market like you claimed recently, then why does a company who has such a rare accomplishment have such a terrible stock price?

  2. I’ve been in Power Trader since July and have only been able to get into 2 regular Call and Put trades due to not having an options trading level that allows me to trade spreads. One trade was a loser/expired worthless and the other was about 100% winner so I broke even on my only 2 trades in 3.5 months. I’m trying to get approved again for a higher level but it sure seems to have been a waste of money thus far since most of the trades have been some form of spreads that I can’t participate in.

    Anyone else having these difficulties?

    • Yes, I have the same issue, I was at level 2 and I needed to be at level 3 in order to be able to buy and sell spreads/puts. So, I haven’t bought any lots yet, I’ve invested a lot of money and no ROI as of yet. I want to start making trades soon. I have bought a number of new companies stock, but no Lots yet.

    • I had that same problem when I signed up for Alpha 9, but I called them and let them know and they refunded my money and I was able to do Tom’s Daily Flash Cash. U dont have to have a certain level they r just REALLY quick calls and puts for 1 day. U r in them for only hours. U can only do 4 a week unless u have $25,000 in ur account. but I also heard of ppl just opening multiple trading account to get around that. hope this helps. Daily Flash Cash is worth it. so get ur money back and put it into that.

  3. I have a job and don’t have time to watch these stocks that close. When is the overall cannabis market going to at least start to improve for the long hold?

  4. am ivested in mj own acb hexo kush I having done DD am here and feel aurora will be better in seeing the future in as much as smart buys and future growth gotta process this corn

  5. Well I have to admit, I’m not smart enough to figure out how to even place a trade in cannabis lots. I wanted so much to be one of Tom Gentiles success stories, but I can see it isn’t going to happen. Maybe if I were a stock market guru, I could figure it out, but I really didn’t even know what the stock market was all about. Well you live and learn. Iv’e been to embarrased to even say anything after the hassle I went through to become one. Paul

  6. Dear Operator I am excited about investing, and wish to join as soon as possible. I haven’t got a credit card, so would it be possible to send a Cheque for two year membership to be able to join. Kind Regards.

  7. I have had experience with Tom before. My question is since I live in the Philippines I cant sell short on options and I cant do spreads. How many of these are green trades?

  8. I am glad I am not alone in not being able to figure out lots To all you people who have mastered it my best wishes to you all, and I hope you make a fortune .

  9. I have the money for a cannabis lot now but can’t afford the VIP membership, really frustrating I’m on a fixed income, hard to come by that kind of cash.

  10. I started with Angel investing, like that! Then Capital and Energy, nothing.. know Prime Profits, sounds like that is puts and sells, not interest, all I get is a TON of emails now!! Very over wheming! Ready to give up! Everyone wants $$ to do Their programs!! Im retired dont have $$ trying to make some!

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