No, Aurora is not throwing away all of its cannabis…

A recent article from Forbes about Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) has been getting a lot of attention.

At first, I thought this article was so poorly-written and researched that nothing need be said about it.

But it “went viral,” as they say, and now it seems like just about everyone has heard about it, even if they haven’t personally read it. Not only is the article itself not right, some of the stories about the article itself make claims that the article writer didn’t even make!

People have been painting a picture of Aurora Cannabis “dumping” cannabis in the sense of sending it to a landfill or something.

And of course, the thought is that if Aurora is doing this, its competitors will have to do the same thing at some point.

But that is just not happening, and the article’s author did not claim that that is what is happening.

What Aurora did and what the author wrote about are completely different than what’s being talked about.

Today, I want to make sure you know the truth…

What Really Happened with Aurora Cannabis

Instead of putting one of Aurora’s brands on a product and shipping it to provincial distributors for eventual sale in cannabis stores, Aurora shipped bulk cannabis to other producers for them to put their brand on a product and ship it to provincial distributors for eventual sale in cannabis stores.

That sounds a whole lot less sinister than Aurora “dumping” cannabis, doesn’t it?

In fact, this story actually is better than most people realize.

These wholesale sales might be the best thing to happen to the Canadian cannabis industry in the year that recreational cannabis has been legal.

That’s because at least some of those wholesale deliveries are to extractors, to be turned into cannabis oils and distillates.

Cannabis companies are preparing for “Cannabis 2.0” in Canada, when vaping products and edibles become legal in the country. And some of the country’s extractors are buying up cannabis so that they have sufficient oil for when the products start to ship.

In fact, we have two of the premier cannabis extractors in our Cannabis Investor’s Report model portfolio.

And with the cannabis extract market projected to be worth $23.7 billion by 2025, this could be one of the fastest growing markets in the cannabis sector.

No one should be on the sidelines with that kind of profit potential.

The Advantage of Extraction

Cannabis oil has a key advantage over flower cannabis for producers.

It doesn’t go bad nearly as quickly.

The big cannabis companies are getting complaints that they are shipping older cannabis, which dries out, loses flavorful terpenes, and it otherwise is an inferior product to the great craft brands being shipped by companies like 48North Cannabis Corp. (OTC: NCNNF) and The Supreme Cannabis Co. (OTC: SPRWF).

Well, now a lot of that older cannabis, which didn’t sell because there just weren’t enough stores to sell through, can go to an extractor.

The extractor can pull out the THC, CBD, and whatever else it wants and put it on a shelf for two or more years.

That adds life to that old cannabis.

Eventually, Aurora (and other producers) will purchase the cannabis oil back from the extractors and put it in gummies, chocolates, beverages, and vape pens.

And those new products will help the industry continue to grow.

This man’s three principles for cannabis investing led him to a multi-million-dollar fortune. And he wants to share them with you.

To be clear, it is possible that there are problems at Aurora; I can’t see inside the company. In the short term, some of the larger producers may experience issues with their low-end business. Canadians increasingly insist on high-quality cannabis (fortunately, most of the big producers also have high-end products to sell).

But overall, the Canadian industry is finally enjoying the kind of growth that investors have been looking for.

Monthly sales at cannabis stores, which spent the first few months of adult-use legalization flat, are increasing and are now more than double the level we saw at the beginning of legal adult use in October of last year.

That growth will continue as Alberta, British Columbia, and even Quebec add legal dispensaries.

Things will go through the roof if Ontario ever gets its act together and allows the number of stores that population can support.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

PS: The demand for extracted cannabis molecules is only increasing. And there’s one particular molecule that’s could see market growth over 3,000%. CBD is currently flying off shelves around the country – at stores like Walmart, CVS, and even Ulta Beauty. The “Year of CBD” is in full swing and we’re only expecting it to continue growing as extractors receive more cannabis. This is great news for anyone looking to get off the sidelines and start investing in cannabis. In fact, we can show you a CBD company that’s selling for under $3 a share – with the potential to triple or quadruple in just a matter of weeks. You can learn more about it right here.


16 responses to “Don’t Panic Because of Aurora”

  1. It is very good news that Aurora is not folding it’stent and going out of business. Does this subject that we should confident in purchasing more of the stock, as it has lost more than half it’s value since many of us had acquired the stock.

  2. Aurora was one of the first Cannabis stocks I bought and have watched it go down with patience and expectation. Is it worth it for me to keep it ? Or should I sell and reinvest on some of the new more promising options?

    • I would sale and invest in other companies that are going to really make you some money for now and then just check back in on Aurora and see where they’re at. Because most likely for the next 1 to 3 years they’re only going to pretty much stay at the $3 to $7/8 because they are so spread out right now that they are cash poor, and until they recoup some of their investments they’re not going to be a major player again, until one or more of their company’s gets some serious attention. It’s very disappointing that we didn’t take the couple thousanad dollars when they were up to their highest value of $12 per stock, but of course that’s when everyone and even their own news releases were saying basically that they were going to be right up there with Canopy Tweed and Tilray soon but that the only reason their weren’t now was because they were more interested in buying up some alot of spaces in every country ahead of everyone else, but like alot of others said about them doing that was because they wanted to have their names already in all these different places because they were going to be like Walmart and hopefully have the monopoly on prime locations every where that cannabis was going to be across the planet. Unfortunately

    • if you are not making money on your cannabis stocks sell and then move on to another market. Money needs to work. Who told you options are promising? The real money is in subscriptions

  3. Looks to me like cannabis stocks have fallen into such a big black hole that there is no way out. Investors are losing their shorts and their lunch.

  4. I read an article today that said that ingesting cannabis extract, whether in edibles like cookies or cakes or gummys, or by squirting a drop or two of extract under your tongue, delivers only about 6% of the CBD contained in the extract. The processes of digestion, starting with the gut and ending with the liver, effectively destroys a large percentage of the desired compound. Is this., to your knowledge, true? And if so, what does that mean for companies like Cresco that rely a good deal on producing CBD edibles? Ironically, one of, if not the, most effective delivery system for cannabidinols is vaping, recently delivered a near fatal blow by all the negative publicity surrounding lung damage. Turning this around, can this spell good news down the line for those vaping devices and formulas that receive an A+ rating for both safety and effectiveness, e.g. the Ionics of the world? As well as for a much under-rated (and under-loved and certainly under-bought) company, Cardiol Therapeutics, that is working to develop targeted delivery systems, currently directly to the heart. Your thoughts Greg.

  5. I panicked bc of Canopy Growth when it went under $20/share and sold most of my weed stocks and put into SnP companies…those are all up 17% or more already. When the signals start turning again I’ll be back in full but simply cant afford to lose my entire portfolio waiting for them to get it together.

  6. I’m still all in with (ACB) AURORA for a few reason #1 when WALL STREET tells you to sell on something most people are interested in stock wise then do the opposite because sooner or later that’s the stock that usually takes off there maybe lots of pump and dump but those who can hold out do so and buy and the dip reason #2 I believe (ACB) will be partnering with 1,2 or maybe even 3 major companies and that theres going to be a lot of IF I WOULDA, COULDA, SHOULDA people left on the side lines. thats just my opinion along with info i’ve gathered from other sources thks WILL

  7. Aurora, hopeful re the predictions, of this stock increasing stock prices very soon, as my investment is suffering major, I personally have stopped reading all the Newsletters Aurora Investors
    Publications, regarding show well the Company is growing & all the very intelligent staff coming on board. So why are Shares dropping out of sight?
    Could this be the reason,..According to an article recent published on a Cannabis site,
    Person working within a Company, referred to as INSIDERS, have first knowledge when to SELL their SHARES, become MILLIONAIRES while some of us miss the boat, sort of speech. Is this really happening? Hard to believe anyone these days.



  8. Article recently read on Cannabis Website. Main reason for. Significant drop in Stock Prices. Many Company’s staff members have info on when stock rise and fall! Therefore SELL, make a huge profit, which bring the stock price down, for the average investor.
    Could this be TRUE.?

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