Danny Brody’s three principles for “hacking” the cannabis market could line your pockets with millions…

As the world’s #1 resource for cannabis investing, a day doesn’t go by where we don’t have a company asking us for advice on how to grow its business. To review pitch decks, marketing plans, and leadership, you name it.

Hundreds, heck sometimes even thousands of messages hit our inbox every single day.

But, to be blunt, most of these companies don’t stand a chance.

We’ve all seen the fly-by-night penny stock scams – with a CEO just looking to make a quick buck at the investor’s expense.

That’s why, here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, we pride ourselves on our strict process of due diligence. We hold each company to a stern checklist of must have requirements before we even consider talking about them to our readers.

Because we believe, with almost 100% surety, if they don’t meet these few simple metrics, it could spell disaster for anyone foolish enough to invest their hard-earned dollars into them.

That’s why today, we’re going to walk you through what we consider to be one of the top metrics investors need to look at.

Better yet, we’ll show you how to use this to spot what could be your next 10X cannabis stock play…

Creating a Niche Product

Let’s face it – cannabis is a plant.

Anyone can grow it.

Anyone can sell it.

Unless you are doing something special – something truly unique – in that process, you’re no different than any guy on the street who decides he wants to start a business.

That’s why, whenever we are looking at a company, the first thing we look at is their product.

More specifically, if the product that they’ve created gives them a serious leg up on their competition.

The Institute’s research team sifts through patents, looks for exclusive partnerships and suppliers, and conducts lengthy interviews with the top people in these companies.

And we’re not even always talking about growers.

Cannabis tech companies, packaging companies – anyone who is getting into this niche needs to have a virtual monopoly in the market.

Just look at Helix TCS Inc. (OTC: HLIX).

On the surface, they’re just a software company.

But this small company had a plan… one that helped them sign over 2,000 new clients, virtually overnight.

They created a software product suite that automates every aspect of selling cannabis – all to the tune of a 328% jump in their stock price.

And they’re far from the only ones who found the corners of the industry that others were missing.

Both cannabis growers and producers were dealing with a scarcity of real estate. And that’s where Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. (NYSE: IIPR) stepped in.

When they noticed that there was a hole missing in the market, they jumped… and watched their stock prices soar 503%.

So, how can you look at one of these companies and know that their product is going to stick around for six months… or a year… or two decades?

Identifying a Winning Product and Brand

You could spend years becoming an insider, joining company boards, and gaining industry expertise.

But no one individual has the time to do all that. And even then, doing your due diligence on these companies requires mountains of work. Which is why we formed the Institute in the first place.

We wanted to share the knowledge of the smartest minds and most credible experts working in cannabis today – so that when you’re searching for a unique product, chances are we already know a guy.

And recently, we had an enlightening conversation with cannabis investing expert and Advisory Board Member Danny Brody. He told us exactly how he chooses companies that have the potential to go gangbusters.

No surprise that having a truly remarkable product was on his list.

But even more than just the product, the information that Danny provided us with about his vetting process was so valuable, so groundbreaking that I knew I had to get him to share it.

And folks, we managed to do just that.

For the first time, he’s sharing his strategy for vetting companies in this lucrative industry.

He’s distilled all of this information down to three key principles. These principles work as simple questions – including whether the company has a stellar product – you need to ask every time you look at a cannabis company.

If you can answer “yes” to all of them, then you very likely have a winner on your hands.

Now to be clear, this is how Danny created a multi-million-dollar fortune. He didn’t come by these stocks by accident – these three metrics have worked for him again and again.

By using his principles, you could watch your investments soar 328%… 590%… 1,000% or more.

One man even made $2.5 million in just one trading day.

And now Danny wants to share these principles with you. Even with all the money that he’s made, he doesn’t feel like he’s fulfilling his purpose unless he’s helping others do the same.

So he’s giving you the tools you need to have a shot at creating wealth that could last for generations.

You can get started with this knowledge right now – all you have to do is click here.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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  1. Greg,
    Stop smoking oils. Get someone with some real money making ideas based on fundamentals like EARNINGS!

  2. I been reading all these article. But no where do they tell you how to trade after you open up a brokerage acct. Can some one please help?

  3. The brokerage house where you open an account usually has a lot of online education for its investors. If you have not opened an account yet, be aware that TDAmeritrade is allowing its investors to buy and sell stocks on certain exchanges without charging a fee, which was formerly $6.95. That can save you a nice amount of money if you trade much. There may be other brokerage houses that are offering some free trading also. Just look online at different brokerage houses and see who is allowing free trading on certain exchanges. I don’t know if you can get to the “education” information of a website without having an account. Start with a brokerage house website.

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