You’ve heard of California 2.0, now get ready for Canada 2.0…

Canada legalizing cannabis showed the world what was possible.

Yes, Uruguay legalized all cannabis use in 2013, but Canada was the first G20 nation to do it in 2018.

Of course, there have been some hiccups along the way. Some have called the license process in Ontario suspicious, and it’s true that there were a few oddities that occurred.

There were also supply issues. Broker, Cowen Inc. (Nasdaq: COWN), found that nearly half of all items were out of stock on cannabis e-commerce sites in five provinces.

On top of that, not all cannabis companies have been playing by the rules up north.

CannTrust Holdings (NYSE: CTST, TSX: TRST) was growing cannabis in unlicensed rooms and shipping the products to customers.

There are still some kinks to work out, and the Canadian cannabis industry is far from perfect.

However, there’s a bright spot in what has been a rocky year for cannabis investors.

We’re talking about edibles and vape products hitting Canadian shelves in the middle of December.

And when that happens, there will be a whole new wave of profit opportunity unleashed…

Canada 2.0

The launch of edibles and vapes is something you may have seen referred to as “Canada 2.0.”

This is when customers get more choices, cannabis companies can sell more products, and the entire industry takes a giant step forward.

Spending on edibles in North America reached $1 billion in 2017, and that total is expected to climb to $4 billion by 2022.

The reason the edibles number is climbing is because cannabis consumers don’t want to smoke anything.

They’d rather try a THC-infused beer or eat a THC-infused brownie. With more choices available, more businesses can attract new customers and increase sales totals among their regular customers.

Products on the Horizon

Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) has around 50 products awaiting approval from Health Canada.

Hexo Corp. (NYSE: HEXO) has a partnership with the Molson Coors Brewing Company, and Dixie Brands Inc. (CSE: DIXI, OTC: DXBRF) partnered with Arizona Beverage Co. to produce and sell iced tea containing THC.

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There will also be things like THC gummies, cookies, brownies, and sports drinks hitting the market.

And don’t forget about vapes.

While there’s been a vaping issue spreading throughout the United States, Canada seems to have avoided the crisis.

All of this is going to fuel massive growth for the Canadian cannabis market.

From mid-October to the end of 2018, total cannabis sales in Canada were $210 million.

By 2021, it’s estimated that the Canadian industry will be worth between $5 billion and $8 billion.

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Overall, the introduction of new products means nothing but good things for our investments, even if we still have to wait a bit for things to kick off.

Be patient.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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