Farmers are finally given the freedom to grow hemp…

Farming is more than an occupation – it’s a way of life.

These people work hard to be their own boss. They help their communities while putting in an honest day’s work.

At the end of the day, a farmer kicks off their shoes, sits in their favorite chair, and thinks about all that they’ve accomplished.

They might not work in a flashy office building like Mark Zuckerberg and regularly meet with big-wig politicians.

They may not be a lawyer heading up a prosperous new cannabis company.

But make no mistake – farmers are every bit as much of an entrepreneur as those folks out there in Silicon Valley.

And thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp farming is providing a new shot at the American dream…

Entrepreneurship and Hemp Farming

Our founding fathers were hemp farmers, and now, current farmers can follow in that rich tradition.

And not a moment too soon.

North Carolina is by far the nation’s top tobacco producer, but farmers are looking for new ways to generate revenue with less people smoking cigarettes.

However, thanks to the normalization and profitability of cannabis, farmers in North Carolina already have a lot of the infrastructure in place to cash in on the cannabis boom.

And outside of North Carolina, you don’t have to look much further to see how fast the industry moves.

In 2018 in South Carolina, there were 20 legal hemp growers and 256 acres of hemp being grown in the state. This year, there are 113 growers and 3,300 total acres.

In Kentucky, another big tobacco state, there are 1,035 approved growers, and 6,700 acres of hemp were grown last year.

Certain parts of the hemp plant can be extracted to be turned into CBD oils, creams, and tinctures.

And recently, word’s gotten out about CBD’s amazing health benefits. That has led us to the year of CBD, with businesses from CVS to Rite Aid clamoring to get products on the shelves.

Experts are even predicting that CBD sales will jump to $22 billion by 2022 – that’s a 3,622% increase in three years!

But there’s also going to be a huge demand for industrial hemp products.

Even back in 2013, Mercedez-Benz was using industrial hemp for car interiors, including door panels and dashboards.

Now imagine American automakers being able to buy industrial hemp from American farmers.

It would be a thing of beauty.

All of the jobs created.

Small towns revitalized.

The possibilities are endless.

The same can be said for investors in the cannabis industry.

The CBD sector alone is projected to grow 15 times faster than the cannabis market as a whole.

We are entering the perfect CBD “sweet spot” where investors could potentially see mind-blowing profits.

Investors who position themselves now could make an absolute killing.

Fact is, the CBD market is growing at warp speed.

And if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, you need to act now.


NICI Staff

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9 responses to “How the Hemp Farming Boom Is Lining Everyone’s Pocket”

  1. I have 46 acres in South East rd old rice farm i won’t go grow hemp in got the land and water first been on grass for fes a heads I’ll supply land partner handle and teach me the rest ,good deal
    Thanks Brent sample

  2. Are there starting farmers out looking for investors that are going through brokerage companies? There are farmers through the Midwest and west that could or should be looking to get into HEMP productions. They could be working with the production companies, looking purchase there product and what would be required for certain growth.
    I know framers were offer subsides because of the China Tariffs and have lost severe income. Well Hemp they do not have to depend on over seas sale.

  3. We have 300 acres in upstate ny a mile of river frontage. It hasn’t been farmed in awhile. But is 100a wood, 100 pasture and 100 open fields. Hay has been grown.
    Looking for partner with working knowledge if area is suitable for growing hemp.

  4. Yes, I have a family in Florida that has acreage for growing HEMP, but they want to lease the land to a qualified grower of HEMP. Did not see Florida on your state list of growers of HEMP as Florida is an agricultural state. Real Estate agents earn the (RLI) designation from the Florida Realtor Land Institute from colleges that sponsor 104 hours of schooling. Take an exam, earning the status as a “Accredited Land Counselor” (ALC) They are Looking for knowledgeable agent, partner to see if area is suitable for growing HEMP!!!!!
    What you say?

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