Massachusetts opens the door to cafes, delivery, and more opportunity…

I’ve discussed the strong move Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA) chose to make recently in response to the vaping crisis, which continues to draw concerns from consumers.

Baker’s decision to impose a four-month ban on vaporizers has, so far, been the firmest reaction to the product being linked to several deaths, although the actual cause has not yet been pinpointed.

The ban hopes to curb the use of vaping devices and promote consumer safety, but whether it will have a positive impact is questionable. After all, it is normally not the legal cannabis industry that needs to be worried.

More recent activity in the Massachusetts legislature could be much more promising for the market.

In a 4-1 vote, the Cannabis Control Commission approved new licenses that’ll allow for home delivery and marijuana cafes to open up in the region.

But let’s make sure we’re clear– this isn’t going to happen overnight, and it won’t be like your average pizza delivery service…

Limitations to Consider

The Massachusetts legislature is a bit slow moving. When it comes to approving licenses, they tend to be very picky about who receives them.

Cannabis executives who want to get in on the action will have to do so at the pace local law makers will allow. It will take time before this service will be up, running, and making a significant impact.

And while waiting around for permits and licenses can be frustrating – unless you’re an expert like Kim Rivers – patience with the process could lead to greater overall opportunity.

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Potential Moving Forward

One of the more obvious effects the commission’s decision will have is an increase of access.

The introduction of delivery services will be particularly beneficial for those using cannabis for medicinal purposes. Obviously if someone has a medical condition that makes going out and about difficult a home delivery service could be life changing.

This move could influence towns to bring the product closer to consumers by allowing dispensaries to open up. If there’s a clear demand being met through delivery services, they’d do well to cash in.

Leading the Way

Massachusetts could use this as an opportunity to become a model for cannabis regulation.

In the past, I’ve talked about some of the best and worst rules that have been implemented in places like California and Washington. These are things Massachusetts should consider moving forward.

Taking a slower approach may not be the worst decision to make when developing smart regulatory practices for the cannabis boom.

Prioritizing regulation and a safe product can help redeem trust in lieu of the vaping crisis. If Massachusetts can give people what they want – convenience and access – while also working toward a safer overall experience, the state could lead the way for others and reap the benefits.


Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

PS: On the topic of legalization, a landmark event this year made selling all hemp-based CBD products legal in the United States. This spurned what we at The Institute are calling the “Year of CBD.” Companies like CVS, Walmart, and even Nieman Marcus are embracing this revolutionary new law, resulting in an enormous wave of CBD products entering the market. This is good news for companies and investors alike – especially since some experts project the industry growing by as much as $3.3 billion by the end of 2019. And we’ve taken a deep dive into two of these CBD companies that we believe have the power to take off… you can learn more here.


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  1. Thanks for your words today Greg and NICI. These guys needed to hear that. Am a serious investor and doing very well thus far by losing very little. Only own the very best in high volume. We will do well but investors have to use their own discernment and discretion. Today’s contrition was humble and awesome. This industry is ready to explode with stratospheres that not even one person would be able to imagine in their wildest dreams. Stay Long, our winning future will be fun!!!

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