Politicians in Massachusetts are working on a solution to the vaping crisis, but I have to question if it’s the right strategy…

Massachusetts banned all vaping devices – including cannabis vaping devices.

The decision came from Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA), and it lasts for at least four months. He made the decision to declare a public health crisis in the face of the mysterious vaping illness that has been affecting some vapers across the country.

His decision had an immediate effect on cannabis stock prices.

Massachusetts is not a particularly large cannabis market as of right now, but it is projected to become one. And of course, the move may give other governors similar ideas.

The stock price for KushCo Holdings Inc. (OTC: KSHB) fell by over 11% on the news.

Governor Baker is making a huge gamble, using the lives of his constituents as the chips.

He’s banned legal vaping devices, but I hope he doesn’t think that’s the main issue here.

Something far bigger is going on that I hope Governor Baker is made aware of…

The Problem with the Vape Ban

I’m not a politician, and making decisions for an entire state is a big responsibility.

Maybe Governor Baker is doing the right thing.

Maybe the ban on legal products will serve as a wake-up call to his state’s citizens. In this scenario, those people who are currently vaping to avoid combustible cigarettes or cannabis will decide that if the legal vapes are bad, the illegal ones must be really bad and therefore they won’t buy those devices.

But maybe some of the people who have chosen legal vapes will turn to the black market, which is the market killing people with untested products of uncertain origin.

We know that it’s the illegal devices and the illegal products being sold that are at the forefront of the problem.

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Just about all of the illnesses and deaths attributable to vaping have been traced to illegal devices, not the legal ones that are now coming off the shelves in Massachusetts.

In this scenario, Governor Baker is introducing exactly the wrong measure given what we know about the vaping crisis. Legal, tested vape products are not responsible for the illnesses, but black market vape devices are the ones responsible.

According to the CDC, so far there have been no cases of the vaping illness reported in Massachusetts.

Let’s hope the state’s good luck continues.

Take care,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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7 responses to “How Massachusetts Plans to Tackle the Vaping Crisis”

  1. KSHB also announce a $30 million financing at $1.75. The probably contributed more to the tanking stock price. I sold all my KSHB at around $4.50 and am very glad I did.
    I guess the mantra at the moment is buy companies that have a lot of cash to get them through this rough period.

  2. Cannabis stocks emotion has been taken over by earnings. Welcome to the world of reality. The well funded politically connected stocks will be picking up assets on the cheap. Consolidation is next and it will be increasingly painful for these small caps. Senate approval of SAFE if it happens will give large caps more leverage to consolidate


  4. This is ludicrous!!!!!!!!!!! These people are not even taking the time to distinguish between what is killing these people and what is not. And then you have the media that is printing statements such as a high percentage of the vapes that are causing people to become ill are THC vapes. They need to be more specific with their information concerning THC vapes because when the media lumps them all together then the consumers and investors assume that they are also including cannabis companies because cannabis is still illegal federally. I would like someone to come out with information for the media stating just how many of these sick patients were vaping THC products from legal cannabis companies. I mean seriously, what is going to happen to companies like Ionic? I don’t want to come off as selfish because I definitely feel bad for the people whom this crisis has affected because it is something that they did not ask for but I really do fear that the vaping crisis is going to kill more than just people.

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