Mainstream executives are leaving established success behind to work in an industry still overcoming barriers, and that’s a good sign.

Great results follow great leadership.

In order to build a consistent presence, companies need to adopt some of the proven best practices of household brands. Even when these tips have been picked up, it can be hard to establish trust without the backing of seasoned professionals.

That’s why Surterra Wellness is headed in the right direction.

Lee Applbaum formerly served as an executive of Patrón and Grey Goose at Bacardi Global Brands Limited, and now he’s looking to make his mark in the world of cannabis, signing on as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Surterra is promising high-quality, reliable and convenient products that will help consumers feel their best.

In a press release, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) William “Beau” Wrigley Jr. stated, “Lee is one of the most extraordinary brand builders in the business and having him join our executive leadership team is a big win for Surterra. As an accomplished senior marketing expert, Lee is exceptional at branding products in ways consumers connect with authentically, engaging with consumers at the right moments, and making the complex simple – all critically important in the cannabis business.”

Applbaum’s background includes work at Target Australia, RadioShack, David’s Bridal and The Coca-Cola Company, among others. During his time at Bacardi, Applbaum won awards for digital media efforts as well as innovation.

And he’s not the only one making the move. In fact, Philippa Classey, who also spent time at Coca-Cola, will be joining the team as its first managing director.

There’s been a new trend of others with professional backgrounds similar to Applbaum and Classey entering the cannabis industry.

Execs Joining the Industry

What This Means for the Industry

As previously mentioned, there’s a need for a Starbucks of Cannabis to propel the industry to the next level. The ability to produce a consistent product and feel or atmosphere no matter the location is invaluable for consumers.

These executives are leaving household brands for cannabis, and they’ll be bringing successful branding strategies with them. They know what it takes to build consumer trust and they’ve done it to a high level.

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