In today’s market, an investing strategy like this is what separates the sharks from the fish…

For months now, our inbox here at NICI has been chock-full of pitches from privately held cannabis companies.

We’ve seen growers who think they’re the next Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB, TSX: ACB) or Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE: CGC, TSX: WEED)… cannabis tech firms who’ve mastered extraction, and even our fair share of companies focused on the medicinal side of this industry.

And every once in a while, when I see the flood of companies coming in, I just have to sit back for a moment and let it all sink in.

You see, for centuries, early-stage investing was the sort of high-risk, high reward playground only available to America’s wealthiest elite.

In fact, based on our estimates, only 0.1% of investors ever get the chance to access something as groundbreaking as this.

That was, until a recent law change transformed this industry forever.

This regulatory “greenlight” gave average investors – just like you and me – a chance to beat venture capitalists at their own game.

And let me tell you, the profit potential at stake is too good to ignore.

We just have to answer one simple question first…

How do YOU actually make real money as a startup investor?

Why Startup Investing

The SEC recently made sweeping changes to how private companies raise money.

Under the new regulation there are deals that anyone, regardless of income or wealth, can provide startup executives with the vital seed capital they need to grow.

And the timing couldn’t be better for capital-hungry cannabis startups looking to claim a piece of this projected $1 trillion market.

Folks, there’s no denying that the biggest returns in the cannabis industry have come from investing in private cannabis startups.

Just look…

  • GW Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: GWPH, OTC: GWPRF) private investors saw gains as high as 6,571%…
  • ICC Labs private investors saw gains as high as 2,050%…
  • Canopy’s private investors saw gains as high as 12,897%…
  • And Aurora’s private investors saw gains as high as 32,380%.

And then there is Tilray Inc (Nasdaq: TLRY).

Most people don’t know that they offered a few select investors private shares before eventually going public.

If you had access to that offering, you could turned a $10,000 stake into well over $412,000.

But here’s another thing I love about the private investing space.

When you invest in a private company, you’re part of a much smaller group.

You’re not just another shareholder. It’s not just another ticker symbol in a portfolio.

You’re buying a piece of a company directly.

So when one of your startups succeeds – whether they have a big IPO, or they get acquired – it’s much more rewarding.

It’s a personal victory.

And like you saw above, the rewards can be exponentially bigger.

The only thing left is how to find and evaluate these deals, and we know just how to help with that.

How to Get Started

Our mission here at NICI is to show average folks new ways to tap into the unbelievable growth in this industry.

And we knew that what folks really needed was someone to field the calls from companies looking for capital. Someone to evaluate the pitch deck, run the financial projections, and grill management.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with one of the world’s top venture capital experts to show you exactly how to play Cannabis startups for maximum profit potential.

We’re gathering a small group of members together and giving them all the research, fact finding, and information they need for their chance to invest in at least four to six private cannabis companies every year…

You see, most folks who invest in private companies – they’re flying blind.

They don’t really know how to read a financial statement.

They don’t have any advanced modeling to predict future revenue under different market conditions.

And they have no way of doing a real competitive analysis.

But our members will have experts in all of these areas already on their team.

We provide you with information on each company on a silver platter.

And today, I’d like to invite you to join this elite research service.

But I must warn you: you’re going to want to move fast on this.

Our leading Venture Capitalist expert just pulled back the curtain on a tiny medical cannabis startup, which has developed a patented cannabis molecule that I’m 100% convinced is on the verge of changing medicine forever.

In fact, this new discovery could very well be the missing link to nearly every incurable disease known to man.

To be blunt, this is one of the biggest no-brainers I’ve ever seen….

This is the kind of opportunity that folks dream about.

And right here, right now, you have a chance to lock in this ground floor opportunity.

Folks, once you start seeing the kind of returns that can be available to private investors, I can promise you’ll never be the same again.

All you have to do to learn how you can become a private investor in America’s fastest-growing industry, is click here now.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. Morning Greg why are you not commenting on the Safe Banking Act that was passed by the US Congress yesterday? That is much more important!

  2. I own ACB and Crons. Both have taken in the shorts recently. However, I feel that like all new industries, one has to be patience until all the hurdles are worked out and overcomed. For me Patience is the watch word for now.

  3. I feel that the area of making an actual investment is an area of concern that this group did not give enough thought to. It does me no good to have investment information if I don’t know where to place the buy. I know I,m not the only one that feels like you’ve dropped the mantle on this issue.

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