With the vaping crisis spreading, one company is taking action…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been providing updates about the vaping crisis.

In my first report, I talked about how there were possibly 150 cases across 16 states, with 30 of those occurring in Wisconsin.

Within a matter of weeks, there were more than 450 cases in 33 states. Unfortunately, five people had died as of September 11. Because of the news, I told members of Cannabis IPO Insider we were putting one of the companies in the model portfolio on hold.

Members can access that report here.

Now, I know regulators can often get in the way of the cannabis industry. In places like California, they have placed too many taxes on legitimate operators, which in turn has helped the black market thrive.

But regulations can be good.

If a company is running a legitimate business, they want regulations that are done right. The right laws run illicit operators out of town, allowing those playing by the rules to thrive.

And with even the President looking to regulate the vaping industry, KushCo Holdings Inc. is making exactly the right move at the right time…

KushCo’s Exclusive Agreement

On September 16, KushCo announced an exclusive Agreement with De La Rue.

De La Rue is a trusted partner of government, central banks, and commercial organizations. It provides products and services for anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions.

It is about as mainstream as a company can get – it prints the banknotes for over 60% of the world’s governments.

In its new venture in the cannabis industry, De La Rue will offer custom branded anti-counterfeit security labels. KushCo will now also provide customers with enhanced packaging, unique serialization, e-verification, label tracking, and data capturing capabilities.

“Counterfeit products undermine the legitimate cannabis industry by hurting sales, cheating governments out of tax revenue, and eroding consumer confidence while putting their health at risk. KushCo wants to provide the tools for our clients to have greater transparency and accountability,” KushCo CEO Nick Kovacevich said in a statement.

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This won’t be a huge business in its own right, but it will increase the “stickiness” of Kush customers as it goes after larger multi-state operators (MSOs) and the big producers in Canada.

The deal also gives a nod to regulators.

You can expect to see these anti-counterfeiting solutions (primarily hologram stickers like what you see on NBA and MLB authorized merchandise) become required over time.

So when someone goes to buy a vaporizer or cartridge from a dispensary down the road, they will know they are getting an authentic product.

I’ll have another report out to you shortly about other companies that are looking to battle against the vaping epidemic that hit our country.

The exact agent causing the illness has yet to be uncovered with certainty, but we can be fairly certain that it is something that illicit vape manufacturers are introducing into their products – not something that comes from legitimate vaping companies.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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9 responses to “KushCo Makes a Strategic Move During the Vaping Crisis”

  1. I agree it was a good move to be able to offer this authentic labeling. Since the stock is at a decent discount right now- wouldn’t it be a good time to buy more shares rather than hold?

  2. The luster has diminished from weed and related stocks. Government moves slow and will ultimately pick the winners. Overvaluation his coming home to roost. Sadly American companies are getting strangled financially because our government will not approve a banking bill and i don’t see it happening anytime this year or even next because of elections. I hope they actually post this. I would love to be wrong but i have liquidated all except for one stock. Good luck. be back after the election

  3. Can we avoid calling it a vaping epidemic and instead call it what it is? It’s a tainted THC cartridge epidemic. Calling it a vaping epidemic is a disservice to the nicotine vaping industry.

  4. Long Kush Co, they increased shareholder value with a great deal for $30 million. This was a brilliant move that will prove valuable by December. Kush rocks!!!!

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