Members of Cannabis Power Trader just received their newest trade opportunity on September 11…

Just yesterday, Cannabis Options Expert Tom Gentile sent out his newest Cannabis Lots trade alert to members of the Cannabis Power Trader.

His strategy is for a long-term trade, and he believes the next move higher for this stock could be substantial.

He believes it offers the opportunity to make a big return with as little risk as possible.

Members of Cannabis Power Trader can access that latest trade alert right here.

To your investing success,

NICI Staff Reports


10 responses to “Your Newest Cannabis Lot Trade for September 11, 2019”

  1. I have yet to receive an alert to buy Cannabis Lots as of 9/19/19. I know I just joined, but I am a little concerned that I may not know how to get the alerts to buy. Please respond.

  2. I am a new member and I don’t understand how to begin with my first Cannabis lot? Please help… I am soooo excited!

  3. I just joined and have read just about everything you sent but where do I go to invest. cannot seem to find it.

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