The summer selloff set the stage for smart money to make moves into marijuana…

Even though the summer months were difficult for cannabis stocks, the pullback didn’t scare off the smart money.

The summer dip in prices proved an irresistible opportunity for insiders to up their stakes in the companies they have built from the ground up.

Bargain-basement prices lured in pioneering capital from hedge fund legends and family offices. They jumped at ground-floor opportunities.

With sophisticated investors beginning to pour in, the investment deals are getting bigger. And bigger deal sizes will pull in even more capital. This dynamic will feed on itself, eventually pushing the prices of publicly traded cannabis stocks and private cannabis company valuations into the stratosphere.

Therefore, the opportunity to get in early on cannabis is quickly passing.

And once you see who’s making the big moves, you’ll want to make sure your cannabis stock portfolio is positioned to build the most wealth possible…

Money Pouring in from All Sides

Hedge-fund legend, Jim Simons, has invested significant amounts in Aurora Cannabis, Inc. (NYSE: ACB), and Aphria, Inc. (NYSE: APHA). Between the first and second quarters of this year, he invested $13.4 million in ACB, plus another $1.7 million in APHA.

And at the start of this year, Former CEO of Yahoo, Carol Bartz, and football great Joe Montana were behind a $75 million-dollar investment in Caliva.

Also, cannabis corporate leaders in the know aren’t letting the opportunity to pick their company stocks up on the cheap elude them.

Insiders at The Green Organic Dutchman (OTC: TGODF, TSX: TGOD) purchased 610,000 shares back in May, while Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON) insiders have snapped up over $2.1 million in shares.

And behind them are the companies themselves.

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Back in May, DionyMed (OTC: DYMEF, CSE: DYME) spent $13 million buying back its shares, while Green Growth Brands (OTC: GGBXF) spent over $65 million.

Looking forward, Columbia Care (OTC: COLXF) has committed to buying $25 million, while Curaleaf (CSE: CURA, OTC: CURLF) will spend $50 million to do the same.

So, with this kind of money moving in, you’ll want to make sure you have established your stake in those companies driving the cannabis revolution forward.

Selling the Cannabis Experience

You’ll especially want to own companies like this new entrant turning head shops into tourist destinations.

In one location alone, it’s drawing 1,000s of visitors a day. It will likely bring in over $80 million in revenues over the next 12 months.

But the company doesn’t just sell pot; it sells an experience.

Rather than build another retail outlet, these guys are taking an entirely different tack.

They know that when people have extra money to spend, they spend it on time well spent (memories); not on more things that ultimately get jammed in the attic.

So these entrepreneurs have created an oasis – one where patrons can soak in a totally new environment to enjoy the taste of a different lifestyle.

And, once their build-out is complete, you can expect this experience to be spread nationwide, with a presence in every big, rich city in America.

I just told Cannabis Investor’s Report subscribers all about it, and you’re free to find out how to claim your stake here.


Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. Need updated on Iconic Brands losses have been heavy. Also why the significant drop in price DionyMed after good news and your recomendation

    • Hang in there we are still 3-4 years out before volatility and consolidation stabilizes to real value in Canada & the US. Just keep your position sizes small enough as to not keep you up at night. Politicians in California are so greedy and needy they are stunting the market with over taxation, & regulation. City & State bureaucracies have blossomed more than the legal weed grown in California. I doubt they ever correct it. California politicians are not known for their acute self awareness . California politicians are positioning the well connected with the licensing approvals pushing out some very innovative small business. Black markets will continue to rule. Don’t be blinded by the market size i would not bet to heavy on California Companies for a while. MSO’s are discovering this is not only true to California. The medical research side and CBD is where the big winners will be if and only if the the health claims can be proven. Good luck and do your own due diligence.

  2. So why not add TGODF CURLF ACB APHA and CRON CURLF to NICI portfilio now at these great prices and promising investment? Rather than add to what we have I wil deploy cash to those that are more promising and at their basing lows.

  3. I want to onvest in pot stocks if i invest in this pot stock. Starting out with 50.00. Wbere do o sign up to invest

  4. hello, I have been doing a lot of surveying about preferred type of consumption.9 out of 10 would prefer vaping to smoking bud. for ease of use, being discreet in public , odor. are there companies who specialize in vaping ??? is it easy for companies who raise bud to convert into vaping cartridges. or are the companies currently set to skyrocket who are already producing vaping oils ??? I believe this could be a valuable factor in choosing stocks…. if you think so nici how about moving me up the ladder, with free upgrade ??? thank you glenn….

  5. Please can I have what is thought about Ionic Brands, a hold was put on this stock but yet it continues to buy out good companies and continue to make more money

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