NICI Advisory Board Member and Senior Advisor to the Israel Ministry of Health, Dr. Michael Dor, has a lot to say about separating the hype from the true power of the cannabis plant…

Panacea was a goddess who roamed Ancient Greece, sharing a potion that could cure all ailments. She was eventually called the goddess of universal remedy.

Her sister, Hygeia, was the goddess of health, cleanliness, and sanitation.

Early physicians called upon Panacea and Hygeia in the original Hippocratic Oath from Ancient Greece in the first line of their pledge to heal the sick.

We now can use panacea as a noun to describe a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

Looking around, it’s clear we haven’t found our panacea yet. There isn’t a magical pill that will fix all the problems in the world.

But, when you read about all the alleged treatments cannabis-based medicine provides, you’d think we finally found our panacea.

Of course, we’re still learning about the power of the cannabis plant.

And drawing the lines between hype and fact can help you realize where the real opportunity lies…

A Hard to Control Experiment

One thing is clear; cannabis has tremendous potential to treat disease.

From designing novel new pharmaceuticals that boost the function of the human endocannabinoid system to simple products using the whole plant that tap the potential of all the powerful compounds contained within in cannabis, the possibilities seem endless.

Israel provides one of the best examples of the pioneering research done today. There, researchers work to identify the influence of different cannabis strains upon different cancer tissues. I find the results encouraging thus far, and we will learn increasingly more about it in the next few years.

But before you run out and buy that pharmaceutical stock studying a cannabis drug based on a press release, keep one thing in mind.

We hear a lot about everything that looks a little bit like success but not a word about the failures.

The cannabis plant is complex, research is difficult, and scientists have been held back because of legal restrictions.

A good study focuses on the controls.

And when you look at the interactions of hundreds of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, there is a lot to control.

The amount of each compound found in any sample of cannabis flower varies tremendously, even across samples from the same cloned strain. Environmental factors like temperature, water, soil conditions, and lighting have a big effect on the balance of compounds.

That makes every trial a complicated, multi-factorial affair.

That’s why, at least as far as establishing cause and effect, studies using purified isolates for cannabinoids and other compounds will move cannabis science forward the most.

Hundreds of our readers have benefited from therapeutic CBD usage, many with even life-changing results. Read their stories right here.

Thus, manufacturing purified isolates will lead to big business.

And as we continue to learn about cannabis-based medicine, those isolates are currently finding their way into a huge market.

Infused Products Demand Purity

There are a lot of great stuff that comes out of the cannabis plant, but there’s just no room for a lot of it in most products.

Manufacturers of edibles don’t want the terpenes and flavonoids from whole-plant extracts corrupting the taste of their gummies, jelly beans, or brownies. For the same reason, cannabis-infused beverage makers require pure, isolated cannabinoids to add to their drinks.

For example:

  • New Age Beverages Corp. (Nasdaq: NBEV) does not want to sell cannabis-infused coconut water that smells like a teenager’s van.
  • The maker of Arizona Iced Tea, Arizona Beverage Co., which just partnered with Dixie Brands Inc. (CSE: DIXI), OTC: DXBRF), doesn’t want to sell THC-infused iced tea that tastes like the ashes of a burned cannabis flower.
  • Plus Products Inc. (OTC: PLPRF) will do anything it can to get the “cannabis taste” out of its gummies.

And big alcoholic beverage makers Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ) didn’t back Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) to sell “skunky” THC drinks.

Some of the biggest Canadian LPs have invested heavily in private companies like Gingko Bioworks and Hyasynth Biologicals – companies at the cutting edge of cannabinoid biosynthesis.

And there’s a lot of profit in identifying those cannabis companies that will build the biggest market share for infused products.

Cannabis will not lead to a panacea, but it will change the world.


Dr. Michael Dor
Senior Medical Advisor, Israeli Ministry of Health

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  1. bought CGC today and hope it was a good idea. hopefully into fall things will improve. So much negativity !

  2. I belong to Cannabis LOTS, how do I log into that and get my “ALERTS” from TOM? I thought I did sign up for his alerts, but I’m not getting the “LOTS Alerts”.

  3. Christine I believe now is a good time to invest in CGC while it’s price is declining. I buy a little when the price drops and hopefully it will pay off in the next 5 years. Auora (ACB) is another good investment for the long term especially at the discount price today around $6 USD.

  4. My experience suggests that investors who read the filings can gain an edge, getting information that most other investors miss. Many times, a filing with the SEC has more complete information than the press release issued at the same time, as I demonstrate below. nbsp; Reading the filings, in my view, is one of the best ways investors in the cannabis space can protect themselves from unforeseen risks.

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