Today, I’m going to share my thoughts about one little-known investing strategy – Cannabis Lots…

When we created the Advisory Board for the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, I knew it was going to be a powerful force. The group combines decades of investing experience, expert analysis, and some of the strongest minds in the world.

From Ernie Tremblay revealing the secrets behind successful biotech cannabis investing to Danny Brody sharing his expert insight in a monthly report about cannabis IPOs, bringing this collection of brilliant individuals together has hopefully helped you develop and improve your cannabis investing skill set.

And when it comes to spotting unique trading patterns and adding a new investing toolkit to your belt, there’s no better teacher than Tom Gentile.

Tom’s decades-proven pattern-spotting method is simply different from the deep-dive research that I do for long-term investments.

There’s nothing wrong with both of us being specialists. In fact, our different approaches to investing can provide our members with multiple ways to make money – both in the short term and in the long term.

And Cannabis Lots offer a potentially lucrative way to make money in the short term.

If you aren’t familiar with investing in Cannabis Lots, that’s because it’s a brand new investing option that a lot of folks aren’t familiar with.

But Tom is changing all of that…

What to Know About Cannabis Lots

As you may know, Tom got into cannabis investing years ago because he wanted to help his buddies – returning vets – suffering from PTSD.

Over the years, he’s made angel investments, bought shares in startup companies, and even launched his own medical marijuana seed-to-sale operation with the help of a doctor.

And when it came to making money from cannabis trading, he knew that the opportunity was even bigger with Cannabis Lots.

That’s why he launched Cannabis Power Trader.

Use this one-of-a-kind stock screener RIGHT NOW to double… triple… or even quadruple your profit potential. All the details are here.

There is nothing more powerful in nature – and nothing more powerful in trading – than uncovering a hidden pattern.

Like any sequence, a pattern tells you what’s coming next. If I give you a series of numbers like 4, 8, 12, 16, you know that the next number to come is 20 because it’s a sequence of 4s.

Picking the right Cannabis Lot is no different.

Now, just like with any investment, you shouldn’t put in what you can’t afford to lose. You need a game plan and need to know at what point you want to cash out. You also need to be a tough trader, something that a lot of you have been growing into since we launched the Institute.

I still believe in the “Amazon Investing Strategy,” but Tom’s unique approach unlocks a whole new world of opportunity.

And I’m committed to bringing you the best opportunities available in the cannabis industry.

So if you’re interested in learning more about Tom’s strategy, you can access information about Cannabis Lots here.

Tomorrow, be on the lookout for information about the biggest U.S. cannabis company. You might be surprised….

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

P.S. When you’re playing the marijuana market for huge gains, you have two choices… you could invest in a stock and wait around for a few months to see your profits… or you could act quickly on a cannabis lot and possibly triple or quadruple your money in a matter of days or weeks. There is huge opportunity to make serious cash in this emerging $1 trillion market, but the choice is yours. If a shot at fast cash is for you, click here now to learn more


22 responses to “Cannabis Lots Offer Great Moneymaking Potential”

  1. I want to make serious cash but at the same time I ihope I do not have to jump into a higher membership area that I can not afford

  2. With what I have saved, Didn’t know we have to keep up gradeingand when you see something like this what do you do?

  3. i do not have a lot of money to invest so i need a “sure” investment which i think you are capable of finding

  4. Back in October of 2018 I was a charter member of the Cannabis Investors Report. I had already read several articles about the potential of the cannabis industry and thought that by subscribing I could get better knowledge about where to invest in this industry. I started reading Greg’s comments and really got excited about my future prospects. However, very shortly new subscriptions started showing up – all for much larger sums of money. I think there are at least 6 such upgrades out there now and each one is going to “make me richer” than the last. Who knows how many thousands of dollars I would have spent if I had subscribed to all of them. Oh and by the way, by investing in 4 or 5 of the cannabis stocks in the “Cannabis Investors Report” model portfolio plus the ETF “MJ” to get more diversification for the money I can afford to invest, I have lost about 40% of my original investment and from what I can see, all the hype not withstanding, there seems to be no relief in site. Maybe this market is best suited for traders and not investors.

    • Do I need an Options Trading Account to trade Tom’s Cannibus LOTS?? Please reply.
      Fayth Simantel

  5. Every time I try to log in it says it is not my password,so to go on web site,I have to say forgot my password and i have not

    • I am unable to Log in as my Password is being continually rejected, with the RESET LINK telling me I have to wait another 15 minutes because it has been recently changed, which it has not. 7 Tries to date !! I seem to be in a loop, and REALLY want to get access to Tom’s Cannabis Lots !!!

  6. I watched the presentation, but still not clear.
    1. Do u recommend the lot & tell when to cash in?
    2. How often do u recommend the lots?
    3. Generally what are thel timeframes from buy to sell?

  7. When will you advise me how to get started in buying all those ” LOTS you talk about? So far I just get more advertisments

  8. I have heard o options and when i scan the financial options to choose from like trade stocks, options or other items there are no Cannabis lots listed.
    I believe they are options in companies and the companies deal in Cannabis.

  9. I currently trade options. Seems like my brokerage account doesn’t not allow cannabis lots. Are there certain brokerage firms that offer this? I am interested and ready.

  10. Can anyone tell me if the made any money from this Cannabis Lots. Would love to join but, don’t want to loose my shirt.

  11. I am interested in signing up for the Cannabis Lot program but still have some additional questions, even after watching the video presentation that I would like to know before moving forward. I have also noticed that several other questions have been asked here but no one has replied with a answer.

    Which brokerage account do I need to use, I currently have Ameritrade, can i purchase Cannabis lots through them?

    In the video presentation gives examples of return potential but of course the examples are best case scenario regarding returns from Tilray, Cronos, Arura and so on (all the heavy hitters of course). Is there a way I can look at all of the past Lots that have been suggested to see how those performed?

    And after paying the 5K to sign up to be a “Power Trader”, can you confirm if there will be another “Level” of subscription that I will find out thats needed in order to get all the information?

    These are just a few of the questions I have, if there is a better way, are direct way to get additional information directly from someone who is involved either from Tom Gentile are anyone from your team with specific knowledge about the program that could answer specific questions would be great.

    Also if any members on here have signed up, and currently enrolled, any and all feed back that you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Small Potatoes Here, . . . .Yes . . .’Can-Lots’ appear very Scintillating @ the moment. ‘Puts’ n’ ‘Calls’ an’ the whole “Option” parlance is quite a different
    ‘nother thing. I’ll have tuh’ dust off my Library-Card n’ go thru the Investing-Finance section. Probably good idea now tuh go sooner rather than later anyway. NICI has the best team members . . . .an’ it was a perfect example of how Greg Miller is The Savvy Team-Player when he pitched Tom Gentile n’ the “Cannabis-Lots-Pattern” model. . . . as an additional investing choice.
    Yes,we got’ta pay to play . . .an’ it’s smart that Can.-Power-Trader is giving the 50% rebate on the Entry-Price so you have some ‘digit’ to step up to the plate with.
    I’m sure Tom n’ Team will shepherd us thru the starting steps. The Charles Schwab Client-‘Helpers’ are also EXTREMELY generous professionals when asked to explain ANY Stock-Market terminology especially the “timing” of ‘Puts n’ ‘Calls’ . . . . .They’re, Like Greg, very Intuitive n’ Amazing!
    ‘Page 2’
    I purchased some ‘CBD’ Broad-Spectrum-Hemp-Extract Calmness Chews as well as a Calming n’ Hip & Joint support helper. The Liquid-Hemp Extract comes in a Pump Spray Bottle with 17mgs of plant based
    Cannabinoids. (“Tico-Tico” is my 14 month old Certified Golden Medical-
    Emergency Helper, Just like “Adi” short for ‘Adirondack’- Park in Upstate New York who just passed @ 17 1/2 yrs old.) Tico gets 2 sprays in the mouth
    2 night n’ 1 Chew after her Bkfst. I specifically asked for a Distributor that I had Stock in . . . .an’ Yep,they had a WHOLE WALL almost of Charlottes-Web, Stanley Brothers to choose from! I was ready to choose some dog- chews myself when the Clerk said $99.00 for the two items! My Girl is more than worth it tho!
    US Cannabis Stocks could use some CBD . . . . .to put some ‘lift’ in their
    climb . . . . . ”A”??!!
    “Keep on Searchin’ ” . . . . . Small Potatoes.

    PS; The Charlottes Web Spray has a slight THC smelling n’ tastin’ Finish.
    Couldn’t resist! There was some residue on my Thumb n’ Fore-Finger
    from when I held her mouth open . . . HA!

  13. I’ve just seen this video, and am reminded that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
    I’m a beginner trader, just one year using an on-line Tax Free Trading Account. I’ve learned lots on my own and am still in the black but only just. The cost of these training courses are huge and beyond me right now. Does anyone out there think this course is useful, and have you made money. Thanks.

  14. Not sure I have made enough money yet from all the other investments yet to know if this will work. Will wait it out till after the NICI convention in Vegas to see what they say out there. Right now most of the regular stocks are way down!

  15. Tom Gentiles offer sounds good but I would love to know how good if at all. Need to know for sure because it sounds good but I do not want to expend more again unnessesarily. I am not afraid to invest in something that will work but need to know if it really is for real. If anyone can speak to this in honesty, my ears are wide open. TY

  16. Trading cannabis LOTS (options) may be the way to go. But as life member and a very early IPO member who has purchased almost every cannabis stock investment you have recommended i am hesitant to invest. I honestly feel all life time members should be given a discount or at least a free trial.

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