There could be more than 100 cannabinoids produced by cannabis plants, and each and every one has the potential to make you money…

The rolling back of cannabis prohibition is a global phenomenon that’s creating new markets, as well as disrupting Big Pharma.

You wouldn’t think that one little plant could send the pharmaceutical industry shaking in its boots, but the compounds found in the cannabis flower are special. These magic molecules are found in waxy, hair-like substances surrounding the flower.

The image to the left is a flower bud from a cannabis plant. The fuzzy yellow and orange hairs sticking out of the flower are called trichomes. And, as far as the cannabis plant is concerned, that’s where the action is happening.

The cannabis plant, which includes marijuana and hemp plants, produces these trichomes to protect the flower. These are for defense and to help prevent the growth of mold and fungus, act as antibiotics, and deter pests.

One of the types of compounds trichomes make are part of a class of chemicals called cannabinoids.

You probably know the two main cannabinoids: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is what gets you high, and CBD is proving to have incredible healing properties. Those cannabinoids, by far, are the most abundant.

However, there’s much more to know about than just THC and CBD. The cannabis plant produces possibly more than 100 different cannabinoids, each with a unique set of properties.

And each one has therapeutic benefits, as well as a treasure trove of opportunies and profits…

Cannabinoids Can Benefit Your Health

As stated at the beginning, you can find both THC and CBD in abundance in the trichomes of cannabis plants. THC is mainly produced by marijuana plants, while you will find CBD in both hemp and marijuana.

You find all other cannabinoids in trace amounts, and researchers have studied the therapeutic effects of many of those powerful compounds.

In the table below, we’ve identified benefits of some of cannabinoids in the image below.

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This table is by no means exhaustive, but it can give you a sense of the future profit opportunities from the healing powers of cannabis-based medicine.

Right now, a lot of companies are looking into how to manufacture cannabinoids and skip the plant entirely.

It turns out that you don’t need the trichomes in cannabis plants to make cannabinoids; you can produce them in a lab.

One way starts with the same chemical reaction the plant uses. Noramco is an example of one of the companies involved in manufacturing cannabinoids chemically.

The other way to make cannabinoids, which is attracting a lot of private investment dollars, is a process called biosynthesis.

With biosynthesis, geneticists alter the genomes of simple microorganisms like algae, yeast, or fungus to get them to make the enzymes that, in turn, make cannabinoids. The microbugs grow in a vat and are fed a simple feedstock – like sugar or starch – and excrete pure cannabinoids identical to what mother nature provides.

There are a lot of private companies working in this direction, such as Ginko Bioworks, Hyasynth Bio, and Demtrix Inc.

In fact, for Cannabis Venture Syndicate subscribers, we’re looking at a couple of startups also involved in cannabinoid biosynthesis.

There are also a couple of public companies involved in biosynthesis as well. InMed Pharmaceuticals (TSX: IN, OTC: IMLFF) is one company actively researching the potential of cannabinoid biosynthesis.

InMed hopes to create a scalable and economical manufacturing technique for cannabinoids. This will allow the company to manufacture a cannabinoid in large quantities, and that cannabinoid will be extremely pure and free from pesticides.

The company has three primary areas of focus:

  • Developing cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals.
  • Manufacturing cannabinoids through biosynthesis.
  • Discovering treatments through bioinformatics.

To find out more what I think about InMed – or dig into other companies on the cutting edge of cannabis science – you can access our latest research in NICILytics database, also known as the “Vault.”

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Once companies have mastered cannabinoid biosynthesis, you can expect infused products to hit the shelves, with some companies keeping products exciting by promoting the “cannabinoid of the week.”

And there’s even more to know about this miraculous plant. Check out the free NICI Cannabinoid Explainer Guide to ramp up your cannabinoid knowledge. That’s one way to gain an edge over the standard retail investor.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

The CBD Market Is Growing at Warp Speed

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They’re even predicting CBD sales to jump 3,622% in the next three years alone. With this kind of growth, investors would be crazy not to consider this market.

That’s why we’ve identified two CBD companies with massive profit potential… and both are currently trading under $4.

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