Private investing was once only for the wealthiest of investors, but that has changed, and here’s how you can stake your claim in the next private cannabis venture.

In the past, to invest in the type of startups that ultimately define the future of an industry, you needed a few things that the typical investor didn’t have.

For starters, you needed access to deal flow. That’s just private investing talk that means you had to know how to find ventures that needed funding.

Not an easy task.

You also needed a lot of financial expertise. It takes highly specialized knowledge to determine if a deal is structured in a way that allows you to get rich right alongside the founders.

And having the business acumen to identify whether the company has a strategy with any chance of success is another must have. The lack of this skillset rightfully builds a barrier to all but the most knowledgeable investors.

Now, besides all of this, you still had to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year or have millions of dollars in net worth to legally invest in private companies.

Yet, even meeting that threshold wasn’t enough. The practical reality was that only the mega wealthy could afford the advisors who had access to deals and the expertise to evaluate if those deals were worth investing in.

It stood that way for decades.

It’s true that public markets have created tremendous amounts of wealth, but far more wealth is created in a company long before it goes public.

And as we mentioned, access to this wealth was once reserved for only the most well-heeled investors.

But this has all changed.

The pieces have fallen into place, and you too can rake in returns just like the investing elite…

The Government Actually Made Investing Easier

Nowadays, the rules have evolved to open private deal access to all Americans.

The SEC has upgraded securities regulations. It has made sweeping changes to Reg D, Reg A, and has also created an entirely new set of regulations called Reg CF. And these regulations have had a big impact on how companies raise money.

Anyone, regardless of income or wealth, can provide startup executives with the vital seed capital they need to grow. Everyone with money to invest can champion a cause by putting their money behind it, and share in the same profits once reserved for the top 1%.

And the timing couldn’t be better for capital-hungry cannabis startups looking to claim a piece of a market set to create a $1 trillion in value over the coming years.

Know that the path the cannabis industry takes to $1 trillion will mint an entirely new class of marijuana millionaires, especially for those who get in early on the private deals that fund these ventures long before they go public.

But even new regulations opening this ground-level opportunity up to everyone still doesn’t change one other fundamental requirement of private investing.

Fortunately, it’s something that you can control.

The CBD market is on fire. Our experts have identified two companies that could deliver 1,000% gains… and both are trading for under $4. Go here for more information.

You’re in Control of Your Financial Future

You can’t buy and sell private investments like regular stocks and bonds. In fact, years can pass before you can sell a privately held security, and that often comes after the company goes public.

Now, as we mentioned, the barriers have been removed to help retail investors own a piece of private companies.

However, the average investor still doesn’t have the foresight that it takes to see a private company all the way through. The lack of liquidity makes them feel as though their hands are tied. As such, they limit themselves to public market returns.

But that’s good for those who see the end game.

A smaller pool of investors that have what it takes means fewer buyers of private investments. With fewer buyers, you can also get in at a lower price. Over time, continuously buying investments at a lower price adds up to a pile of much higher returns.

We call it the “Patience Premium,” because that lies at the heart of what it takes. The beautiful part is that this is a source of returns that’s completely under your control. You determine whether you earn it.

And, over time, this Patience Premium can double what you earn in public markets – and many multiples of even that when you invest in the right private cannabis deals.

So the pieces have come together to get you in on the ground floor. The rules have changed for the better, and you know what you bring to the table.

The only thing left is how to access and evaluate these deals, and we know just how to help with that.

The Final Piece of the Private Investing Puzzle

We set out to make it easier for investors like you to invest in private deals.

What investors needed was someone to field the calls from companies looking for capital. Someone to evaluate the pitch deck, run the financial projections, and grill management. Greg Miller wanted to provide you with a pipeline of private cannabis deals that my research team and I have personally vetted.

That’s why he created the Cannabis Venture Syndicate. It was designed not only for those investors looking to profit from the cannabis boom, but also for those with the patience to see a great venture through – and reap the rewards.

Syndicate members have already seeded one promising cannabis startup, and you can now get in on the same deal. Members will also soon have another deal into which they can sink their private capital. So pull up a chair right beside the founders of the next great cannabis company, put the Patience Premium to work, and make the most of what the Syndicate can provide.

To your investing success,

NICI Staff

P.S. Historically, private investing has only been an option for 0.1% of investors – but it’s time to change that. We’ve partnered with one of the world’s top venture capital experts to show you how to become a private cannabis investor… and put the potential for massive profits directly in your hands. Private deals offer a different type of investment, but it’s one that could pay off with double-, triple-, or even quadruple- digit gains. So if you’re ready to take the first steps towards becoming a private investor, check out our presentation right here.


14 responses to “You Too Can Be an Angel Investor – If You Have What it Takes”

  1. Hello Team – not very financial but can part with $500.00 AUD is that enough to start with?? Your reply on this matter would be much appreciated.

    PS – looking at investing only.

    • The pre-IPO or “Angel” Investments I have done usually require a minimum amount of shares to purchase. The good news is that these shares are usually priced really low. I just invested in a company set to IPO in the next 4 months at $2 a share. Their minimum initial investment was 250 shares. You could get in for $500.00.(USD. Not sure what the current USD/AUD exchange rate is).

  2. Morning Greg I would happy becoming a great retail investor so why don’t we just focus on that for now. Because if how we are doing now as retail investors is any indication as to how we would would do as private investors I pass!!! Thank you for the offer I hope you have a good day and much success to all of us in the future!!!

  3. Dear NICI,

    I really love what is happening with Cannabis. Is this open to people like me who live in Trinidad?

    Many Thanks & Best Regards,

  4. I thought that my elite lifetime membership included some angel investment opportunities. Now it seems they are taking away some of my options in the lifetime membership which was top of the line in Jan and are charging more to get those opportunities. What is up?

    • I thought the same thing! What does the life time membership really include? I usually don’t feel this way but I emailed a few questions and still have not got my email answered?

  5. Is it possible to invest in a US private cannabis company
    when I live in Sweden?
    Best Regards

  6. I would like to invest in stocks from good companies. how can I find companies that are ready for investors.

  7. I agree that the price for the Cannabis Venture Syndicate is excessive, to put it nicely! Most small investors will not have much capital left to invest in private equity if they have to fork out 5/6k just for the subscription. I was able to make one cannabis private equity investment so far, directly through the company making the offering. I have also made 6 or 7 other private equity investments through the crowd funding portals. With all due respect, the prices for most of these subscriptions need to come down if you really want to help the small investor!

  8. I definitely want to begin trading with a small amount of money in the cannabis plant, oil, etc. I feel like one day it will be in everything like coke, meds for pain as it is and so many big companies are going pay a lot for cannabis and I want to take a part of this before everybody finds out and it goes nuts! I just don’t have a lot of money to start with but I have so much drive I want to become a billionaire. No joke. I want to do this for my family. If there is anything u can send me to get me in the right direction, I would be so great full. Sincerely, Tami Harrison

  9. I would like to buy and hold stock that after reading about Cannabis Canada and U.S. stock plus bio medical natural remedies cures , into holistic studies and know brands i picked “on my wish list have come through with flying colors! Since prices are down ,rent and bills paid would i be able to buy and hold these companies stock ?

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