In researching every cannabis company on the planet, we found a pattern linking some of the world’s most successful operators.

The booming cannabis industry draws in entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Some, like the Harborside Inc. (CSE: HBOR, OTC: HSDEF) Chairman Emeritus, Steve DeAngelo, have been at the forefront of cannabis legalization since the 70s and are now turning their non-profit ventures and decades of experience into profitable businesses.

Others are using their extensive backgrounds in law enforcement to build the technology necessary for police officers to handle intoxicated cannabis drivers as more states legalize recreational use.

The massive opportunity to profit also pulls farmers into growing hemp, microbiologists into focusing on synthesizing cannabinoids, and brand executives with decades of experience into the most lucrative new product market that they have ever witnessed in their lifetimes – or will ever witness again.

They all see the opportunity to profit from an industry that could easily top $1 trillion within a few short years, and many are willing to bet their careers on the wealth that success in the cannabis industry could create.

But one surprising profession crops up among many of the earliest, and biggest, cannabis success stories in the United States.

And knowing the former profession of current top-tier cannabis executives will let you quickly identify the best companies…

Lawyers Win Licenses

Since launching the National Institute for Cannabis Investors last October, our research team has dug into over 160 cannabis companies.

As we compiled our analysis into reports to include in our database of publicly traded cannabis companies, we noticed a recurring theme.

Many of the entrepreneurs were former attorneys.

We also realized these attorneys were typically involved in building what would become known as multi-state operators (MSOs). These are vertically-integrated cannabis companies operating in several states with the goal of building a national presence.

Now, this is an especially tricky task in the U.S. Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, and all the pot sold within a state has to be grown, processed, packaged, and sold within its borders. No product can cross from one state into another at any stage of the process – though politicians from Oregon are looking to make this legal.

Each state also has very different processes of applying for business licenses and rules for regulating marijuana businesses.

Filling out the various applications and complying with a variety of regulations is a daunting task, but one for which attorneys are particularly well suited. And it’s an attorney’s skillset that helped build many of today’s most successful MSOs.

Experts predict that sales in this cannabis market sector could grow 3,622% in the next three years alone. That’s why the Institute has identified two companies in the industry with massive profit potential. Learn more here.

Three Lawyer-Led MSOs

The founder of Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (CSE: TRUL, OTC: TCNNF), the most profitable cannabis company in the world, used her legal skills to wrangle an exception from state courts. The result of these legal maneuverings guaranteed her company more distribution licenses than any other cannabis retailer in one of the most populous states in the country – permanently.

Another attorney turned entrepreneur whiled away for years, procuring licenses and piecing together indoor grow operations. His company, Cresco Labs Inc. (OTC: CRLBF, CSE: CL) now has a leading position in the Midwest, with operations in twelve states.

And winning licenses to fuel organic growth is the core competency of Harvest Health and Recreation (OTC: HRVSF, CSE: HARV).

Acquiring licenses through the application process is cheaper than buying, provided you know what you’re doing. And this edge has built a cannabis company with footholds in 17 states and a market cap just shy of $2 billion.

These publicly traded cannabis stocks are just a few examples of the cannabis enterprises lawyers are working hard to create. Speaking of lawyers working hard, this Saturday, we will have more on CannTrust Holdings (Nasdaq: CTST) and the headache its legal team is currently dealing with!

But while all the companies mentioned above have all gone public, many attorneys are jumping ship to build their own vertically-integrated cannabis venture and gain a piece of the future $1 trillion market.

In fact, we see law backgrounds in a lot of the startups looking for private capital.

Private Deals Back the Next Cannabis Venture

From the look of the markets they are entering, it’s not too late to start building an MSO, especially with some of the major states that have just gone legal.

There are plenty of licenses left to win.

A few of these early-stage ventures will prove a good fit for members of the Cannabis Venture Syndicate, so we expect we’ll bring one or two that pass Greg Miller‘s due diligence to Syndicate subscribers. By getting in at such an early stage, these private investors get a seat right next to the founders – and a much bigger share of the incredible value cannabis startups create along the way.

That means you are right there along for the ride with some of the most brilliant minds any industry has to offer.

And these opportunities aren’t just limited to the wealthy. Anyone can invest. And you’re free to find out here how to invest in our next private deal.

On a final note, we’re releasing a special report on extraction services from Advisory Board Member Jenn Larry tomorrow. Extraction is already a $5 billion industry, and it’s only going to get bigger, so I’m thrilled we are able to share Jenn’s outstanding insights.

Be sure tune in.

To your investing success,

NICI Staff Reports

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