More investors than ever before want to know, “How do I buy stocks on the NEO Exchange?” It’s a good question, as more companies are getting listed on the NEO.

Today, we’re going to look at what the NEO Exchange is, cannabis companies that have listed on it, and how to sign up for the NEO Exchange.

Let’s start off by looking at its history.

The History of the NEO Exchange

The NEO Exchange launched in mid-2015 with the stated purpose of putting investors, dealers, and capital-raising companies, first.

According to NEO’s website, it represents nearly 10% of the volume traded for all Canadian-listed securities.

Terry Mack is the CFO, and he has over 20 years of financial experience. Joacim Wiklander is the COO, and he is responsible for driving all strategic initiatives. Jos Schmitt is one of the founders of the NEO, and he is currently the CEO. Vincent Chahley, Perry Dellelce, Alan Hutton, Susan Jenah, Dave Lauer, John O’Connell, David Pauli, Etienne Phaneuf, and Donald Ross are all board members of the NEO Exchange.

Owned by Aequitas Innovations, the exchange is backed by the Royal Bank of Canada and Barclays Corp.

Is the NEO Exchange Only for Canadian Investors?

Whether through a discount broker or full-service dealer, any investor should be able to trade on the NEO.

Registered dealers in Canada can provide clients access to the exchange.

For international investors, through services where they trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), they should be able to trade on the NEO

You can contact NEO by email or call 1-844-567-6424 if you have any questions about signing up.

What Happens When a Company Migrates to the NEO Exchange?

For shareholders, nothing will change if the company you own migrates to the NEO Exchange.

Your position in a company will stay the same as it is migrating.

Also, trading of the company’s stock will be uninterrupted as the company moves to the new exchange.

Fees on the NEO Exchange

Like most exchanges, NEO has a set of fees associated with trading.

You can find out everything you need to know about the fees right here.

Cannabis Companies on the NEO Exchange

There are several cannabis companies currently trading on the NEO Exchange.

Columbia Care develops, manufactures, and sells cannabis products. It is based in New York, and outside of New York, it also sells its products in Illinois, Delaware, California, and Maryland.

Halo Labs sells cannabis oil and concentrates in the United States. The company wants to become a leader in the U.S. cannabis extraction market.

Horizons U.S. Marijuana ETF holds a basket of cannabis stocks and acts like other ETFs.

Jushi Holdings Inc. was founded in 2018 and plans to be a multi-state owner and operator of cannabis licenses.

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. plans to develop, construct, and operate cannabis production facilities.

The Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund invests in global companies with interest in the cannabis industry.

Should I Buy Stocks on the NEO Exchange?

Whether you should buy stocks on the NEO exchange is up to you.

If a company is only listing on the NEO Exchange and you really believe in it, then trading on the exchange would make sense.

If you wanted to wait and see if a company would trade on over-the-counter markets or eventually get listed on the Nasdaq or NYSE, that’s another choice that only each individual investor can make.

Finding the Best Cannabis Stocks Today

If you go searching for marijuana stocks online, you’ll see plenty of lists for the top pot stocks to watch.

Those lists have dozens or even hundreds of companies listed.

That’s great, but none of them tell you which cannabis stocks should be in your portfolio. That’s why more and more investors are utilizing the NICILytics investing tool.

It contains everything you would ever want to know about EVERY publicly traded cannabis company in North America, including…

  • Company names and business overviews…
  • Financials and business plans…
  • Revenue and share price forecasts…
  • Shares outstanding…
  • Diluted shares outstanding…
  • Equity market value…
  • And much, much more.

Over 100 cannabis companies currently exist in this database – and it’s growing larger every day.

Each company is fully analyzed by some of the world’s top cannabis experts and rated on a scale of 1 to 5.

If a company is given a 5, our research has shown it’s a strong buy that could potentially make you a boatload of money.

If it’s a 1, the company is simply too risky of an investment at this time.

With this unique rating system, you can know with just a glance the companies to target for the biggest potential profits – and which ones to avoid.

And it’s not just the publicly traded companies.

The Vault also contains the most promising new startups… companies our research suggests could become the next breakout company of the cannabis industry.

Plus, you’ll also be kept in the loop on cannabis IPOs that have the potential to give you the biggest paydays you’ll ever see in your life.

In short…

It’s the most comprehensive database of cannabis stocks in existence, bar none.

To build this invaluable database, our team uses a proprietary analytic system we call NICILytics.

NICILytics digs deep and leaves no stone unturned.

Every piece of data on every cannabis company in North America – whether it’s share counts, market caps, revenue potential, or stock forecasts – is all meticulously presented and analyzed.

That puts everything you need to know about hundreds of pot stocks right at your fingertips… and the database is growing all the time.

If there’s a buyout or a merger… if a cannabis company IPOs… if an upcoming catalyst is poised to potentially shoot a company’s stock through the roof… you will find out about it here.

Unlocking the Marijuana Millionaire’s Vault

For example, our experts recently completed an in-depth analysis on Acreage Holdings – which has one of the most diverse portfolios of cultivation, processing, and dispensing operations in the United States.

This company doesn’t just boast having former Speaker of the House John Boehner on its board of advisors. It also has…

  • Cultivation operations in nine states (four of which have legalized recreational marijuana)…
  • 22 dispensaries in 10 states…
  • And a diverse brand portfolio – offering products that appeal to new and experienced cannabis users alike.

But here’s what convinced us to give Acreage one of our strongest ratings…

Not only is it planning to more than triple its number of dispensaries by 2020 – for a total of 78 dispensaries throughout 19 states…

But it’s also working on a fourfold expansion of its cultivation space in 2019 that would increase capacity in each region it has operations.

These two facts alone could cause Acreage Holdings’ revenues to explode – and send its stock price right through the roof.

Had you known this, you could have targeted this company. And you could have already seen 89.77% gains – nearly doubling your investment in as little as three weeks.

Such detailed, rigorously vetted information on cannabis companies CANNOT be found anywhere else.

You won’t get data like this from Bloomberg, which costs thousands per month.

And you certainly won’t see it on free sites like Yahoo! Finance.

We know because we’ve looked.

When the National Institute for Cannabis Investors team started to search for the best cannabis companies in the world to recommend to our subscribers, we were shocked at the poor quality of data available.

We’re not talking about complicated stuff here.

Even basic information like the company’s name, its lines of business, and its number of shares was just wrong on every platform we looked at.

You wouldn’t want to ride on an airplane where the pilot has been given the wrong coordinates, would you?

So why would you want to invest in a stock based on the wrong information?

You are just minutes away from having this one-of-a-kind, comprehensive stock database will always be right at your fingertips.


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  2. Emerald Health Pharmaceutical is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emerald Health along with Emerald Health Therapeutics. It specializes in developing novel applications of a patented synthetic cannabidiol to treat Multiple sclerosis,and systemic sclerodema and another synthetic CBD compound for Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
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