The benefits of cannabis normalization reach well beyond its impact on human health…

For decades, cannabis labored under a bad reputation.

Once touted as the “Evil Weed,” it was demonized through government propaganda and condemned in newspapers – the two efforts being spurred forward by connected wealthy interests heavily vested in its eradication.

These efforts cast both forms of cannabis, marijuana and hemp, in the same lot, despite hemp having no intoxicating effects whatsoever.

But that reputation has thankfully withered away.

Cannabis’s improved image is in large part due to efforts of activists, some of whom have worked actively to repeal cannabis prohibition since the ’70s. It’s also been helped along by research into cannabinoids initiated by Israeli scientists.

In its place, this miraculous plant boasts an exceedingly long list of benefits – one that we now have proof has found use by humanity for at least 2,500 years.

And cannabis has three major benefits that can have a huge impact on our lives and profits…

A Big Boost to Healthspans

Principle among the benefits of cannabis is what it does for your health.

The active compounds in marijuana and hemp – THC and CBD – are proving powerful remedies to treat pain, cancer, types of dementia, seizures, and autoimmune diseases. You can add to that list cannabinoids’ potential to treat concussions, help soldiers with PTSD, and to simply relieve stress. CBD has also recently been found to be effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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Moreover, CBD is becoming a big part of a growing shift towards wellness. As we live longer, it helps our “healthspan” keep up with our lifespan.

People are even finding that CBD helps treat many of the same conditions in their dogs.

The net result of these benefits is a reduction in health care spending. In states with legalized medical marijuana, health care spending by the government has declined by over 10%.

Now, in addition to healing humans, it turns out that cannabis plants can also heal the planet.

Cannabis Puts Land Back to Work

Hemp plants have been proven to detoxify the soil. Scientists have discovered that hemp performs what is called “phytoremediation.” Its roots grow very deep, and when planted in polluted soil, it pulls out the heavy metals and other pollutants, leaving healthy soil.

Phytoremediation was first coined by a Russian scientist who planted hemp in fields contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster. Another study by German researchers confirmed that the plant was able to extract lead, cadmium, and nickel from a plot of sewage sludge, and in 2011, a group of Italian farmers planted hemp in fields heavily polluted by a massive steel plant.

Now, the toxins settle into the plant, so the flower, seeds, and fiber are not useful for consumption, but the harvested hemp fiber harvested from cleanup sites can sometimes be used for industrial uses.

One company working specifically on developing varieties of hemp for industrial cleanup is 22nd Century Group Inc. (NYSEMKT: XXII). In addition to creating strains of hemp that optimize the plant’s production of CBD, the company is also engineering novel strains to clean up and reclaim land surrounding abandoned mines and other polluted areas.

We have reported extensively on XXII in our NICILytics database, along with research, analysis, and ratings on over 160 other cannabis companies, all of which you can learn how to access here.

And while the positive effects of cannabis on the health of people, pets, and the environment have become apparent to many, there are other hidden but equally powerful effects from which we can profit.

Leading Local Economic Transformations

The cannabis boom is revitalizing the economy.

Located in the California desert along Route 66, Needles was once an important industrial town, shepherding rail traffic heading to and from Los Angeles.

Now this town of 5,000 is desperately in search of jobs, and marijuana legalization is providing a solution. With over 81 cannabis business permits approved, city officials expect that nearly 2,100 jobs as the town transitions to the emerging cannabis industry.

Cannabis is transforming American farming as well.

While we have proof of marijuana’s use dating back to the middle of the first millennium BCE, hemp was one of the first domesticated plants cultivated over 12,000 years ago.

Hemp plants can generate anywhere between $40,000 to $50,000 in revenue per acre for farmers. Compare that to estimates of less than $800 per acre for corn and other row crops, and you can see the potential. Even high-value crops like tobacco and alfalfa can’t hold a candle to the profits possible from well-run hemp acreage.

And while tobacco farmers are seeing falling demand for their crops, hemp is providing a desperately needed alternative.

In Pikeville, Kentucky, converted mountaintops flattened by strip mining now grow hemp. In Bourbon County, Kentucky, AgTech Scientific will create 271 jobs at a new facility designed to develop and manufacture hemp products.

The upshot of all of this hemp means the design and manufacture of new farming machines and equipment to process the flower, seeds, and fiber into useful products. Which, in turn, creates opportunity for a groundswell of innovative new cannabis startups set to go public and capitalize on the boom in demand for hemp and CBD.

And with this trifecta of benefits cannabis provides, we’re working hard to uncover even more opportunities for you to profit from the fastest growing market in the world.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. Morning Greg how are you? Greg I have to admit there are occasions where the information you provide us is simply amazing!!!! I did not know any of what you shared this morning. When you share stuff like this it makes me realize why I have so much confidence in you and the things that you are teaching us. I know at times I let my frustrations or constant struggle I have with patience like I don’t believe. But know I believe in you and I am all in with what you are teaching us to do. I want to be great at this and I am truly counting on you to help me get there!!! I have been following your instruction to the letter and I hope your assessment of the market and this summer prove to be true. God knows we can use some good news that will be reflected in our portfolios in a positive way. I hope you have a great day and much success to all of us!!! Thank you for all that you provide me I know it is not an easy job.

  2. Good morning ! I’m so very interested in investing in the cannabis & CBD , i just dont know where to begin.
    This is also a 1st time for me investing, besides my 401K


  4. Greg how come we never see you putting on suits hair nets and going into these facilities and checking them out does someone else do it for just curious ?

  5. Most of my20 investments are still losers. I don’t see any millions in my future. Any thoughts? Thanks Richard

  6. Good Morning Greg.
    I have followed your advise , until now I have mostly loses.lost most of my investment money by selling short.
    Any advise?.

  7. I paid my $49 about 4 months ago. Still have all the stocks in the model portfolio and I am behind in my total investment. I believe you have to invest in the $495 IPO model, but do not know. Can anyone who has paid the $495 let me know if its worth the price?

    • Thomas I believe the $495, if for a lifetime membership to that which you have. The IPO is a completely different program. I am very thankful and patient with my membership even with or without the IPO. Read all the information daily, it can be overwhelming at times. I sometimes go back and reread everything. I do not know any other company that offers the detailed information and guidance of NICI.

  8. I am becoming increasingly disappointed in these cannabis investments
    Its supposed to be “The year of CBD” and yet the top CBD stock is down!
    This is supposed to be a great summer but its July 4th which is the middle of summer and stocks are still down.
    All the political turmoil has mostly passed and yet stocks still down
    When will they go up?

  9. Hi Greg, I’m a disabled veteran that was for years in the VA system,I have been prescribed pain medications, morphine’s, antipsychotic drugs, PTSD drugs. For years I was just a zombie,I left the VA
    And have been perscribed CBD and all the things that go with it. After being a member for just a few short months, i have bought 5 of the stocks in the portfolio. In just the last week have profited very nicely from Charlots web and a few companies I researched and added to my portfolio.
    Keep up the great work and thanks for all you guys do.

  10. Hi Greg,
    I’m a cancer survivor for five years now after being told that my chances weren’t good when first started treatment and right before surgery. The good LORD must have plans for me. The reason I tell you this is when I found out about your program I was really looking for some way to make an extra few bucks a week or month after being near bankruptcy from all the health expenses, above insurance. So with a small amount I begin buying the number 5 rated stocks that you had recommended, but only being able to buy, in most cases 100-150 shares of each. I now own 19 different ones and only have a profit in 4 of the 19 total. i have never been able to make enough profit in one to sell 50% or more. So still holding on for the market to turn around in 2019.It gets harder every day, especially when Canopy Growth is my biggest loser. My question is have I spread my self out to much with this many different ones? I hanging with you because I believe you know more of what you are doing than a lot of the other people out there.

  11. I have a lot of experience investing and I know it can pay off in the long run. So far losing money on all my cannabis stocks. I have a friend that randomly picked a cannabis stock and he made $70,000. I joined to get expert advice. I’ll give it some time.

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