We wanted to give our members direct insight from a New Jersey cannabis insider…

This week, we are excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Lorna O’Hara, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Marijuana Retail Association.

The New Jersey Marijuana Retail Association is a trade organization of responsible retailers organized in anticipation of New Jersey legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

As you know, we’ve discussed how New Jersey could become a major player in the cannabis market not just on the East Coast, but throughout the United States.

Even if there’s still a little bit of a hold up in legalization for the Garden State, it’s all a question of “when” and not “if” the state allows recreational cannabis use.

That’s why we wanted to pick her brain on what it takes to run a successful cannabis firm to not only help those of you out there who are interested in starting your own marijuana business, but to also show you what she looks for in a good company.

Here is more from Lorna…


Networking is part of any businesses prescription for success. Specifically for the cannabis industry, the clues to the future exist now. Through interaction with individuals, either already in the cannabis industry or looking to get in, one is able to look at the forces that affect their businesses’ future.

Meeting people in multiple sectors of the cannabis industry enables you to conduct an environmental scan that focuses your business on what is relevant to its strategy and future.

Through building relationships and taking inventory on what is new, emerging, and important, scanning and trend analysis helps you reach consensus on your business direction.

Comply with State Regulations

Complying with state regulations is not a unique requirement carved out for the cannabis industry.

Adherence is of paramount importance for any business, especially an industry that is operating under a state and federal microscope. Businesses cannot pick and choose among the regulatory requirements.

The business must have procedures in place so that the business will be fully aware of compliance issues. Ultimately, a good program for managing regulatory compliance involves retaining a public affairs firm familiar with government operations.

As this new industry evolves, there will be regulatory modifications, additions, and possible deletions, and it is best to have an advisory arm navigating your business through the process.

Get Engaged in Advocacy

These are particularly exciting and frustrating times for the cannabis industry, in that the landscape is unclear and, for the most part, in the hands of state and federal governing bodies.

Most everything that happens in Congress and in your State Legislature will affect your workforce, your consumers, and your bottom line. Businesses that achieve legislative success are the ones driving home their messages through their government relations team, lobbyists, and grassroots programs.

Again, since the cannabis business is in its embryonic stage, the challenge is in anticipating next legislative steps, which is preferable to reacting. However, if governing officials don’t hear about your issue, it won’t be a priority for them, so developing a plan to engage and develop relationships is key for a successful future.

Assemble a Diverse Team

Diversity and inclusion has earned its place as a key business strategy in any industry that focuses on sustaining successful growth and meeting societal imperatives.

Given our country’s evolving multicultural demographics, businesses now have the opportunity to expand their product to a multitude of markets and groups.

Assembling a diverse team with different skill sets and backgrounds increases the capabilities to understand larger pools of consumers, as well as the importance of investing in communities where it operates.

Given the social justice component associated with legalization, it is important that the industry as a whole makes diversity and inclusion part of their brand and business plan.

We’d like to thank Lorna for taking the time to talk to the NICI staff!

Moving forward, we’re going to look to bring you, our valued members, exclusive content just like this.

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  1. Can you give an idea on how to get positioned to offer property I have for hemp crops. I’ve talked with Farm Management at our bank and they have indicated it will be several years till anything really happens. I don’t think it will take that long and want to be in a position I can move quickly. Property is in Kansas.

  2. In order to be in a great position to grow the product you need to educate yourself on the farming techniques and soil management or/Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, which is a method of growing plants without soil by instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.
    Research what is more cost-effective and what method is more productive.
    What is required to produce a consistently high-quality product? Also nature’s effect on the plant itself. All the other pertinent information into growing and be ready when the licencing becomes available.

  3. would anyone know who helps to finance a grow operation. If someone does know a financial company ,I would really appreciate if you could email me. Thank you in advance.My email address is as follows richesson@gmail.com

  4. I am currently a member have been since day one. I have never recieved these reports or text alerts that you speak of. I may be doing somthing wrong not sure. I receive the investors monthly report, but no other hard copy documents I am aware of. Could someone assist me with my membership? Note I didn’t get the lifetime membership I paid a yrly fee I do believe. Thanks for the information I look forward to hearing from someone.
    Phillip G. Of Indiana

  5. I have a friend who has been successfully growing cannabis for many years.
    He has grown outside and inside. Growing outside gives you more weight at harvest but not always the best product.
    Growing inside eliminates most pests, bad weather, and theft. It is much more costly as besides finding a large, secure building, you need expensive grow lights, fans and an air circulation system. However, the results are well worth the cost!
    After growing in soil and hydroponically I have found hydroponics are the way to go. Your crop grows faster. You harvest more weight per plant, and cloning cuttings seems to work much better in hydroponics
    Besides growing conditions, the most important factor in producing top quality cannabis…or hemp..is genetics.
    Using top quality genetics is vital to a top quality product.
    There are many books on the subject so read up before setting up your operation..
    Good Luck!

  6. Just wondering how John Bonner is feeling with that wonderful CGC deal. Nothing deragatory just wish I would have gone into politics. Best of luck to you Mr. Speaker, honestly. Please us those contacts to get Washington to help us on the other side. Can you deal with Mitch McConnell?

  7. I too, as was written above, have not received any of the reports or text recommendations I was expecting. Can someone help me out,, same as the other guy. Thanks,, Cooke Bausman

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