Get behind the scenes to profit the most from the highest growth plays in cannabis.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the enormous wave of U.S. cannabis companies going public.

After all, we’re now in the highest growth phase the cannabis market will experience, and companies will do whatever they can to get the capital to come out of the Scale phase on top.

And now that we’re in Phase 2, we will start to see massive consolidation. Smaller companies start merging, and bigger companies acquire smaller ones. It’s also in this phase that cannabis stocks will rally the most – and the right IPOs will outperform them all!

The opportunity to profit from riding this wave and create generational levels of wealth for yourself and your family cannot be overstated.

So far, we’ve seen cannabis IPOs generate returns to investors of 25-50 times their original investment – or much more. Returns that no other industry on Earth can provide.

Even the most modest of these IPOs have posted incredible gains for early investors.

Halo Labs was one of these high flyers, posting gains of 215% from its post-IPO low.

Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (CSE: PLTH, OTC: PLNHF) was another big winner for IPO investors, rising more than 445%. MediPharm Labs Corporation (TSXV: LABS, OTC: MEDIF) was yet another IPO that returned more than 700% in the first seven months since it went public.

And again, we’re just getting into the highest growth phase the cannabis industry will witness.

That’s why, at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, we have worked exceptionally hard to bring you the most comprehensive IPO service ever created for the individual investor.

And to help with that, we’ve enlisted the help of Danny Brody. Danny has brought two cannabis IPOs to market, and shattered records in the process by debuting the largest IPO ever. He’s also connected to just about everyone of note in the cannabis industry – not only executives, but bankers, regulators, and more.

Now, Danny is a true cannabis IPO insider, but that’s not why we gave your service the name we did. With everything you get from your membership, YOU will be the cannabis IPO insider!

And this is how we’re going to make that happen.

Making You the Insider

The first part of your membership to be aware of is our exclusive IPO Hotlist.

For every upcoming cannabis IPO, we will share what we know. What the company does, when the IPO is expected to come, pricing information if available – everything.

The other piece of your membership focused on turning you into an insider is the IPO Dossiers – both written and video. And from these you’ll get at least 24 profitable IPO opportunities to choose from over the next year.

But it doesn’t stop there. When you do decide to take advantage of an opportunity, we’ll be there for you then, too.

Shortly before an IPO opportunity is about to happen, we’ll send you an alert to make sure the company is on your radar. We’ll also send a trade alert with specific instructions on how much to pay for the IPO. Needless to say, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare yourself for executing a trade.

On top of all this, you get the Cannabis Insider Report, the Founder’s Roundtable , and video Reports from the Field – all exclusive content from Danny himself.

The choice is yours, but you’re free to click here and make the most of the Scale phase while you still can.

P.S. We want you to know this is urgent because up to 10 private cannabis companies could go public within the next 35 days alone. These companies are projected to produce billions in new wealth for early investors – but you have to act quickly. Once these companies IPO, their stock prices are likely to soar. This may be your only chance to watch small stakes turn into millions. Click here now to learn more.


36 responses to “This Is How We Make You an IPO Insider”

  1. Hey Greg good morning I am betting part of my legacy on you and Danny being right!!! Happy Father’s Day to the both of you and all my NICI Fathers. I hope you have a great day and much success to all of us!!!

  2. I have already joined IPO insider but everytime I try to open something it is locked and says I need to join! Please help I am ready to invest!

    • Hi Mary, are you sure you’re signed in when you try to visit those pages? If it looks like you are, you can always call Customer Service at 1-866-260-0361. I hope that helps!

  3. OK – I will add my name to the locked out crowd. I am signed in to the site – just locked out of the requisite site to get information on IPO’s. Guess I will be on the phone to you tomorrow.

  4. What is the difference between the Cannabis IPO Insider membership and the Cannabis Insider’s Report Elite membership?

  5. Hello, well I am NOT locked out; but what is the process for trading pre-IPO? Do we have to set up our broker account so that we can purchase before they go public? Right now, I’m not sure how the money is being made if we can only buy on the day it IPOs, because then it’s open to everyone. Is there an article that walks us via the process for us newcomer? This is a comprehensive service and I am learning so much!!thanks

  6. Just trying to find my way around, not having much success! I think i’ M going to need lots of help!

  7. Is it necessary for us to have a broker in order for us to buy shares? There is way too much hype! Is there a simple step by step process for a beginner to buy and trade shares?

    • Are use Charles Schwab’s discount broker. I buy and sell myself for only $4.95 per trade. A broker will show you how to use the site. If you have a broker make the trade they charge you only $30 but I prefer to do it myself. I would stay away from the big-name brokers, all they want to do is keep charging you. Hope this helps

      • I agree with Daniel – Schwab made it real easy. Only took a couple days for my bank account to sync up so I could deposit and today I made my first purchase.

    • Help I just want to put some money on some stocks, let them sit and receive dividends off them. Can I do that myself I’m confused

  8. It’s getting very frustrating, I feel like every time I join something and I am just about ready to get the info I need to make a trade, I need to pay and join something else. For someone who has a very small acount the joining fees are just about all I have and then I need to save again to be able to trade. Then get a hot new tip to join something else. I can’t believe this!

    • Elizabeth, Yes you are right. I think several people are beginning to become frustrated and feeling the same way you are. I think when we voice our concerns like you just did the people reading this then notice where we are having problems and can then work to solve them.Please hang in there, and suddenly the light at the end of the tunnel becomes much brighter. Paul hangin 2.

      • Couldn’t agree more Elizabeth! It’s very frustrating. Starting to feel like I just paid for a bunch of click bait. Did we join NICI or did we join some kind of secret society where only the inner circle elite truly know what’s going on? Haha, sure feels that way sometimes!

  9. I’m sorry about the final comment in my last post! I know greg has our best interest at heart but it is extremely frustrating to continually lose money and to wait for promised IPOs that do not come. Am I the only person out there that has that much frustration waiting for something good to happen?

  10. It’s frustrating! I joined NICI few months ago and read a lot of reports. Yet up until now, has not invested because I do not know what to do to invest. Please, can you send me a step by step process to follow in order to invest. I keep reading about percentage interest yielded in investing in cannabis. I need your help!. In fact, today is my first day to successfully log into the website. I have also been lock out this while. Now lets move forward. How do I invest?

    • Hi Patrick, I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been able to log in or find a trade. If you contact our customer service department at 410.777.8270, they should be able to assist you on navigating the website so you can make your first trade!

  11. As I read through this report and others, to get more info, you need to purchase the next package to profit. I like to see results and not lip service. I don’t need to see 1000% gains just enough to pay for the service at first, then the 100% will come.
    Why not put the trade in and take the profit from the trade to show that it works. In stead of the wording, you COULD make 100 + or 1000. or its POSSIBLE to make $1000 a week. Most writers don’t trade, but profit from publications and hype.
    Most are just getting by and are trying things that sound profitable, SHOW ME

  12. The constantly dangling carrot of levels bothers me a lot.
    I’m waiting to show some profit at my current level.
    THEN I might be interested in the next carrot.
    2019 is to be the year!
    Five more months to go…………………..

  13. Well, It appears that no one has posted for months. Or I’m not seeing them. I agree with all the problems and am frustrated too. One of programs they said to join was 5K, yeeks. I haven’t found where to get started with an account. I thought doing this we didn’t need a broker, and etc…

  14. I don’t know if you have gotten a reply to your post from October? I am also new to this, but you have to have an outside Broker account. I use TD Ameritrade they cost $6.95 per trade or Charles Schwab $4.95. Pretty easy to use for a beginner. Then once you fund your account, you would start look on the NICI sight for their recommedations which come with stock Symbols. But, you have to keep practicing. On TD Ameritrade (download their Think or Swim app). This gives you paper trade, which is fake money to practice with until you learn. They also have educational tools. Hope this helps!!!!

    • That’s who I use, haven’t had any luck yet I’m down about 500 since Covid-19 has started, hoping to see a CV one back!!!!!

  15. Help I just want to put some money on some stocks, let them sit and receive dividends off them. Can I do that myself I’m confused

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