CBD and mud have a new connection that’s a lot more obvious than you might have imagined. See how one company is shaking up the game by targeting a major audience.

If you’ve ever watched or participated in a Tough Mudder event, you know how physically demanding they are.

Participants trek obstacle courses ranging in length from 5Ks to an astounding 25 miles, testing their endurance as they crawl through mud, dunk themselves in ice water, scale 20-foot walls, and pull themselves along inclined monkey bars.

In the “Toughest Mudder” challenge, the fittest of the fit tackle 20 obstacle courses for 12 hours.

If that isn’t enough excitement, the “World’s Toughest Mudder” lasts 24 hours.

It’s personally not my idea of a day in the park, but people go crazy for these things, and I only expect more and more people to sign up for these events.

Currently, Tough Mudder claims three million participants in 130 different events every year across 10 countries.

And though Hollywood likes to portray cannabis enthusiasts as sloths who lounge on couches and eat pizza all day, Tough Mudder is clearly bucking the trend.

That’s why one smart company is targeting these weekend warriors.

It’s a pyramid scheme we actually like…

Why CBD and Athletics Are a Perfect Match

Late last week, in another show that 2019 truly is “The Year of CBD,” Endoca, a leader in organic cannabis products, announced a sponsorship deal with to become the official CBD partner of Tough Mudder.

The company will sponsor the iconic Pyramid Scheme obstacle, in which participants work as teams to pull each other over a 12-foot slanted wall.

If that doesn’t get the attention of these “Mudders,” the free samples of Endoca CBD oil at the finish line are sure to.

Henry Vincenty is Endoca’s CEO. “By using CBD in various forms before, during, and after a workout,” he said in a press release, “we’ve found the body to have a quicker return to top condition.”

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Recovery is a key topic for any athlete, and as Mudders use these samples and experience their benefits, Endoca could well be making lifelong customers.

But the benefits of CBD go far beyond keeping weekend warriors in the game.

The NHL Alumni Association is studying the effectiveness of CBD in treating the many symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) like depression, PTSD, and dementia. The UFC has partnered with Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) to advance clinical research into how well this miracle compound can help their elite athletes with overall wellness and recovery.

And if it helps those hard-core fighters get back in the ring, then imagine how much it can help the average person improve the way they feel just going about their day.

The Booming Profit Potential of CBD

More folks are using CBD as wellness products, which is a part of a new concept called a “health span.”

Back in the 1900s, the average life span in the U.S. was about 47. In 2018, it was 78. People are living longer thanks to better medicine and more access to it, but living longer has presented a new set of issues.

If you live to 78 but start having health problems at 50, you may have to live through 28 years with a debilitating disease and chronic pain, which can also lead to depression.

That’s why cannabis firms are starting to brand themselves as wellness companies, which all relates back to our health spans. Our health spans are about how well we feel and how healthy we can stay with the time we are given on Earth.

CBD has shown signs of reducing inflammation, promoting a sounder sleep, helping to fight stress and anxiety, improve heart health, and can alleviate cancer-related symptoms.

So Endoca sponsoring an athletic event is a savvy move.

However, it’s not just athletes who will be using cannabis-based medicine regularly.

Recent studies have shown that CBD oil could help play a role in the treatment of arthritis. Over 50 million Americans suffered from arthritis as of August 2018, and it unfortunately can cause a great deal of stiffness and pain.

While CBD oil may not be a direct cure, the oil could help alleviate some of the pain.

That again is the concept of a health span – how well you are generally feeling each day and finding ways to limit aches and pains. With cannabis firms starting to tout the health benefits of their products, money is pouring into the CBD market.

Identifying the Biggest Wellness and Health Opportunities

In 2018, the CBD market was worth roughly $600 million, and I expect it be a $2 billion market by the end of 2019.

That’s a 233% increase in just one year, and that may be even be too conservative of a number. It could even be a $3 billion market, and one of our picks in the Cannabis Investor’s Report will be leading the way.

Again, a big catalyst for continued CBD sales growth will be those buying it for health and wellness.

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I hope this report gives you a better understanding of one of the subsectors I’m looking through to find new opportunities.

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. Always follow your predictions and advice, especially relating to the CBD stocks. I have been waiting months for Charlottes Web to bust out, and it never seems to do it. What’s the old up? Whenever I am able monetarily to do so I buy more when it’s down.
    Thank you

  2. Hey Greg how are you today? I truly appreciate the new information it is very enlightening!! But I really want to know if you foresee the cannabis industry being down like it has been for the remainder of the year? If not when can we possible start seeing a consistent up swing in the prices of our portfolio stocks? I have come to notice even when we have a good day it pales in comparison to the losses. I just would like your assessment of the madness!!! At either rate I hope you have a great day, much success to all of us in the future. Thank you again for all the wisdom you provide!!!

  3. I wonder how CBD from hemp compares with CBD from marijuana.

    How is that we have 2 plants, hemp, and marijuana? They share many similarities.

  4. It’s my understanding that the CBD from hemp comes from the processing of the whole plant including leaves, flower, stems and stalks. Medical marijuana CBD is processed only from the flower and generally has 5% THC. A typical THC:CBD ratio for MM is 1:20.

  5. Gregg,
    Keep up the good information. Desparatly waiting for my stocks to go up.
    Please keep that information coming. Any info on Pres. Trump and Congress?

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