The FDA kicked off a review process of CBD regulations with a public hearing, but everyone is missing the real story…

On Friday, the FDA held its first-ever public hearing on CBD, and it certainly did not escape media attention.

Headlines ranged from Jezebel’s laughably sensationalistic “Is CBD Over?” to The New York Times’ more serious “Cannabis Companies Push FDA to Ease Rules on CBD Products.”

This hearing, an all-day affair that lasted from 8 a.m. on Friday till 6 p.m., deserves all of the coverage that it’s receiving.

But there’s one thing everyone out there is ignoring.

And it could be exactly the difference needed to push the FDA in the right direction when it comes to CBD regulation.

This is what every successful cannabis investor needs to know about what happened on Friday…

The Powerful Voice of the People

The hearing featured over 100 speakers, and while that did include a number of representatives from CBD companies attempting to pressure the FDA into loosening its regulations – along with a handful of behind-the-times cannabis dissenters – we also heard from a great number of everyday people.

These individuals spoke of their experiences with CBD products, sharing the profound impact the substance has had on their lives.

In addition to Friday’s speakers, over 900 individuals have made submissions to the hearing’s page on, the online government service that allows the public to participate in the rulemaking process of federal agencies.

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We took the time to sift through all of these submissions, and we found some truly amazing stories.

And about 10% of those comments came from veterans.

After 22 years serving in two branches of the military in two wars, one such veteran – James P. – was at a loss for how to manage his pain. Opioids were not an option for James, and he endured countless sleepless nights.

Then he found CBD, and “life changed.”

“I use a half dropper twice a day… and I have to set an alarm if I need to be up by 6:00 a.m.,” James said. “My hands, knees, and back are somewhat happy as well.”

Jimmy W. is another veteran whose life has been touched by CBD, and he’s imploring the FDA not to do anything to prevent him from using it.

“I suffer from PTSD and bad flashbacks. I recently started using CBD oil, and it has helped dramatically,” he said. “And now I hear that people want CBD oil took away from us veterans…. Please don’t try and pass any bill banning or taking away the only thing that helps me and millions of other veterans.”

These stories aren’t surprising to us. They’re the same ones we’ve been hearing for a long time, including at the Cannabis Science Conference right here in Baltimore earlier this year.

An interview with Robert Kowalski, Director of Veterans Ending the Stigma.

People are sharing countless stories just like these with the FDA today.

Veterans seeking alternatives to opioids. Parents looking for cures to their children’s seizures. Pet owners trying to alleviate anxiety for the furry members of their families.

Public submissions are still being accepted, and you can read all of these stories – and add your own – by visiting the page for the hearing.

It’s these compelling stories – not the pleading of CBD companies – that will hold the most sway over the FDA as it determines the regulatory future of CBD products.

And once those regulations are finalized, I am confident everyone will know what we’ve known all along – 2019 is the Year of CBD.

A Foregone Conclusion

While the FDA won’t make its final decision until July, other federal bodies are making headway on hemp and CBD regulation.

Last week, the USDA declared that – following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill – states do not have the authority to prohibit the transportation of hemp across their borders.

And over Memorial Day Weekend, the TSA updated its policies to allow for the carrying of hemp-derived CBD on flights.

Meanwhile, CBD products are continuing to pop up in retail locations across the nation. Here’s a picture I took at my local Wegmans supermarket just this weekend.

As more people encounter these products and discover their incredible benefits, the FDA will have no choice but to allow the public to access CBD.

And that’s a great thing for members of Cannabis Investor’s Report and The Cannabis IPO Insider, as we consistently see products from our model portfolios hit the shelves of major retailers.

You need to make sure you know how to play these opportunities before the FDA puts its final stamp of approval on CBD.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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15 responses to “What You Need to Know About the FDA and CBD”

  1. I was just wondering . I read that the FDA won’t allow CBD added to food or drinks . Do you think that will change and is that why we are seeing the downturn on marijuana stocks

  2. With all the positive coming from Cannabis bi products and the negatives on prescription drugs
    ( you know just watch the commercials) “the warnings sometimes seem to outweigh the help from that drug”
    How can those people voting, not come in with a YES VOTE on Cannabis bi products that can really help a lot of people.

    • Because those government officials are being bought by the big pharma companies and the pharmaceutical industry is powerful and doesn’t want to share any of its pie!!

  3. I like to hear this stuff at least they’re having a discussion about Cannabis. Not leaving it in the basement are the dark, stank, back alleys like it used to be back in the days.

  4. As much as we dislike regulations, it is important that some regulations be stablished to protect the consumer. For example quality of the product, disclosure of content, procedure. The sticky thing is about beneficial claims, as producers could take advantage of people with unsupported health benefits. Other than that, CBD should not be controlled as a substance.

  5. There most definitely must be quite a degree of supervision on most all hemp and definitely 100% of marijuana products do need oversight of the most honest type…Safety has no price tag.
    Roger Nichols, M. D.

  6. I agree, there must be serous over-site and regulation on both CBD and THC related productions. There are 3 initial strains of the Cannabis plant. Cannabis Stevia “has” carried most of the load, but the hybrid strain is now a close contender. What is the intent of this genetically modified strain?
    Either way, the Cannabis plant (s) “consume” much of the nutrients in their host soil (like ginseng, but not quite as all consuming). If the soil is depleted (overused), or Contaminated, or Fertilized (or improperly fertilized) the Cannabis “plant” will become something that was likely not anticipated and can become dangerous for usage.

  7. I fault Franklin D Roosevelt caving to excessively rich lobbyists for the mess he created in 1937 by making cannabis illegal. Our country’s citizens and other countries populations have been left with nothing but opioid based products from ‘Big Pharma’ to alleviate pain and debilitating diseases leading to death. Due to the stigmatism of being illegal, medical and financial assets were marginalized/eliminated. Now that some more intelligent lawmakers are attempting to rectify this prohibition, present and future generations may benefit from discoveries in the uses of cannabis from medical to Industrial. Consider that Ford Automobile Co. made the first car body made of Hemp, which was stronger and more resilient than steel. But right now that industrial use is not available yet, and ‘Big Pharma’ is intent on lobbying (controlling) the FDA to prolong any approval of Cannabidiol for widespread use until they can buy out the most promising entities researching its applications. I hope that this Congress and our President can end this ridiculous situation. I am 79, a Vietnam combat vet with PTSD, Atrial Fibrillation, four fused vertebrae, high blood pressure and a bad attitude after 10.5 years fighting the VA to get appropriate compensation. If not for FDR, I and thousands of other veterans may be better off.

  8. Greg Miller, my name is Wendy. I am just your average Joe nobody who knows zilch about the stock market. I live outside of Jacksonville, FL. I have a cousin who lives right outside of Denver, CO. I heard that there were well paying jobs coming up for the 2019 harvest season just picking bud from the stalks. So I stumbled onto the NICI Wall Street investment publication. From what I’ve been able to decifer in my 1/2 hour reading session about NICI so far has me totally blown away. Let me reinterate here that while having had both legs broke in 2 different vehicle accidents (where in both instances I was hit by other drivers) and am currently battling a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I am not nor have ever been a Cannibis user. This is not by choice nor do I have anything, but praise for any and all of the issues surrounding it’s legalisation. I have been on a “soapbox for years screaming, “it is an herb for Christ’s sake. People smoke it and the worse thing they do is laugh and giggle, then get the munchies and eat the house down!! They don’t beat their wives or children, get in their cars and kill another carload of innocent children driving the wrong way on the interstate blacked out from drinking too much bourbon, ECT. Now while they still may get cancer from smoking, at least they’re going to have the benefits of the totally humane stomach settling effects that pot has been proven to help with Cancer patients. Like I stated earlier this issue has been one of my biggest “soapbox” issues for ages. So again I’ve been screaming to anyone who will listen…”UHHH HELLO, KNOCK, KNOCK. KNOCK on people’s foreheads…HERE’S YOUR SIGN, quoting Jeff Foxworthy’s rhetoric. But honestly Mr Miller, I’ve been asking everyone for years very simply, “AMERICA HAS BEEN STRUGGLING FOR DECADES WITH ENORMOUS DEFICIT ISSUES WE CAN’T SEEM TO PAY, SO I ASK YOU (WE THE PEOPLE OF THE GREATEST COUNTRY BY FAR IN THE WORLD….WHY THE HELL AREN’T WE GROWING IT (just like we’re growing TOBBACO) THEN TAXING THE CRAP OUT OF IT (just like alcohol and tobacco)???? We would be out of debt in ‘a New York second, with jobs galore and quite frankly not completely problems, but miles closer. So there it is….I’ve
    spoken my peace and got a lot off of my mind.

  9. For Dale Broste…… There ARE three different strains or types of cannabis
    1. Cannabis Sativa known as Columbian, Jamaican, or Mexican. Has a more “up” creative type buzz
    2. Cannabis Indica. Comes from middle east Strains like Hindu Kush or Afghani. Has a more down. sleepy, body buzz
    Cannabis Ruderalis Grown in northern climes. Only grows to about 2 feet
    its a bushy. leafy plant with very weak THC levels.

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