Tom Gentile explains the strategy he uses to find the best cannabis plays for his “watchlist” – take a look…

In the past six months, we’ve already seen at least 10 cannabis IPOs, with as many as 42 private cannabis companies slated to go public by the end of the year.

All in all, you’re looking at an industry that could easily reach a $50 billion milestone by January 1, 2020 – and limitless opportunities to take your piece of the pie.

That’s exactly why I’m excited to be a part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors family…

The Institute is here to make sure you have all the tools you need to excel at cannabis investing, and I happen to have yet another one that could do just that.

So today, I’m going to show you the best five high-flying cannabis plays I’m eying right now…

How I Identify My “Watchlist” Candidates

In my free newsletter, Power Profit Trades, I’ve talked about using moving average crossovers as a way of following trends. Moving averages are one of the most commonly used and commonly understood indicators. A crossover occurs when two moving averages of different lengths cross over each other. I’ll show you what I mean in a moment.

Even in the early stages of its economic boom, the cannabis industry is already bringing in $10.8 billion per year. To learn how to stake your claim in this potential $100 billion a year industry, go here now.

Now, as a trader, you don’t want to use something the entire herd uses simply because they’re using it – you juice it to expand your cash-churning opportunities and fatten your profits.

And here’s what my proprietary tool has identified as the best watchlist candidates right now:

  1. Compass Diversified (NYSE: CODI)
    CODI has been profitable on the last three crossovers that occurred, with the most recent happening on April 10, 2019. Currently the stock is up over 5% since then.
  2. New Age Beverages Corp. (Nasdaq: NBEV)NBEV has also had a few bullish crossover opportunities on the chart. But what really stands out is the profit the stock made early in its life cycle – over a 150% return on a recent cross – just from buying the stock!
  3. Cara Therapeutics (Nasdaq: CARA)After bottoming in December, CARA has been trading higher – sparking a nice run from a crossover. The latest crossover came just a few days ago and is poised to break to new yearly highs.
  4. Abbott Labs (NYSE: ABT)
    If slow and steady wins the race, then award the medal to ABT. This stock has advanced 2.5% since it started crossing up, with another “buy” signal forming recently. It seems to be hugging the long-term trend as well, which is a great sign for future profit opportunities.
  5. Anheuser-Busch (NYSE: BUD)You might only think of beer when you see this name, but BUD is moving into the green space, too. The stock’s been trending higher since December 1. And although the most recent bullish signal came back in January, it continues to trend higher as its portfolio diversifies into cannabis world.

I’ll be back soon to share one of the best-kept trading secrets in the cannabis market…

Until then, you can find my detailed strategies and instructions on how to trade for maximum gains, lucrative plays that can easily triple your returns, and even tactics that not one in a thousand investors knows about in Power Profit Trades.

Now, like I said, understanding these moving averages is just one way to help you excel as a cannabis investor. The Institute has a number of tools at your disposal that can take you to the next level.

One of those tools is NICILytics. In addition to a propriety rating system for nearly every publicly available cannabis stock, the database also offers full, in-depth analyst reports with all the information you need in order to make an informed investing decision.

There are full reports on two of the companies I shared today on my watchlist: New Age Beverages and Cara Therapeutics. If you don’t already have an Elite Membership, you can learn how to access those reports here.

To your continued success…

Tom Gentile

Cannabis Trading Expert, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

P.S. Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to investing in cannabis. Our experts have created an elite tool that gives you one-of-a-kind access to market caps, stock forecasts, and revenue potential for every cannabis company on the market. This kind of information puts the power to profit in your hands. Learn more by clicking here.


37 responses to “Our Cannabis Trading Expert Just Revealed the Top 5 Stocks on His Watchlist”

  1. How about Innovative Innovative Industrial Properties IIPR?
    Has licensed Medical-use Cannabis facilities

  2. Compass Diversified offers 7.25% series A preferred stock and common stock which would you suggest purchasing and why?

  3. Folks: I’m wondering about ACRG.U stock to play Canopy shares after the original investment group has given the green light to Canopy take-over. Does ACRG.U meet the NICI requirements. Thanks dan

  4. Your thoughts about MJNA? It appears this Company is ready the break loose with lots of positive.

    • Open an online brokerage account. I use TD
      You do the trading yourself inside your online account after you register. Your account can be set up for a general account where you have access to proceeds or liquidations (selling of shares) etc. The funds in the online account are handled like a bank account. You can view your stock positions, share amounts, gain / loss info and much much more. What funds are not put into purchasing stock/ equity positions is held as a cash position. So you always know what cash you have in the account to trade with. Each individual trade ( buying a stock or selling shares is a trade, each trade costs $7.00. Upon registration you decide the kind of account. A general trading account or an IRA or SEP account (which are retirement accounts). You can trade these as any account except you do not have access to any proceeds until you retire unless you pay a penalty, like 10% of what is withdrawn + tax on it.
      The advantage of an IRA is any currency you use to fund the brokerage account is NOT taxed that year, it is only taxed upon withdraw at retirement. The funds invested into the general trading account is taxable as it is normal income.

  5. Ihave bought 3 cann stocks, they were NICII recommended. have made some additional buys in these 3 stocks on a dip in price.had a great run and intend to keep adding to my portfolio, thank you NICII, AND ALL OF THE ANALSTS TOO!

  6. I`ve been with NICI for about 6 months and have received some good info ,tho I still like to do a lot of researching on my own.Whats up with ACB? Will they take the title away from Canopy?

  7. To Mary Anne and the rest about “How do I invest in stock and how do I find a broker”? There are lots of brokers out there. TD Ameritrade, Vanguard, Fidelity…and many more. After you select one, you can register over the phone…or online. Its similar to starting a bank account. Lots of questions. After registration you fund the account. You can send the money or transfer it from your bank by wire.
    Then on to trading (buying or selling} stocks Most brokers have easy to understand trading sheets. As far as which stocks…I follow NICI and buy stocks they recommend. These stocks have done well…until recently. They will come back though!

  8. So What’s the 1st thing I need to do?? Do you recommend Robin Hood to set up a brokerage account ?

  9. I Live in the UK and i just started with NICI and i would like to buy and hold
    cannabis stock but i have no idea how to go about it can someone anyone
    help me please thank you.

  10. Its bumpy ride started in October last year with ally invest, e-trade had some real winners and some stinkers you just jump in and continue to research on a daily basis keep investing ride the waves and stay in for a long ride. US legalization or removal of restrictions will really tell the final tale. It’s Like investing early when alcohol changed during prohibition those that got in made the real returns those that sat and watched missed out. GlennCarey

  11. Hi LaTonya, Robinhood does not carry a lot of these stocks.I have Robinhood
    and E-Trade. E-Trade handles all OTC stocks.

  12. I have never traded a stock in my life. I have spent the last couple days trying to learn how. Which is better, TD Ameritrade or Fidelity. And is $500 enough to start?

  13. I just joined NICI today. I have been wanting to invest in Cannabis and found the info helpful. This is my first time investing on my own and wanted to start out with one area. I have been reading over the year and everything came together today. I found TD Ameritrade easy to use. I was very interested in the companies that don’t charge a fee. What are your recommendations.

  14. Has anyone been watching XON?
    Didn’t know it existed until it popped this morning.. Up 8+ percent.

  15. David Walker,
    My name is Paula. I’ve read some of your replies to people and I am impressed over your knowledge. I to am a first time user like many others on here and need guidance from the start. You interested in helping me get off the ground and up and running??

    Greatly appreciated

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