It’s almost becoming difficult to keep up with all the cannabis news coming out of sports these days. Here are the latest updates, and what they could mean for your bottom line…

Last week, the National Football League announced in a press release that it was partnering with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) to create a special committee to determine potential pain management treatments for players.

While the release made no direct mention of cannabis, both the league’s chief medical officer, Dr. Allen Sills, and Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that marijuana would be among the “alternative therapies” explored.

That may not be the earth-shattering news a lot of people are hoping for. In fact, USA Today just ran an op-ed on the release, saying: “Don’t hold your breath for quick NFL action to allow medical marijuana.”

And I won’t lie: I’m not expecting quick action in the NFL, either.

But, as exciting as it would be to see a Hail Mary pass to the end zone, we don’t need to expect one in order to be excited about this news.

Football is a game of inches, and making progress in NFL policy has always followed suit.

The very fact that Goodell is freely admitting the league is looking into cannabis as an answer demonstrates the immense strides that have been taken across the board.

And you need only look at a few other professional sports leagues to understand the profound impact cannabis normalization is having on our society.

Today, I want to show you how following these trends could lead to incredible profits…

Leading the Way to League Acceptance

When I wrote to you about growing league acceptance in professional sports back in March, it was difficult to pinpoint just how quickly that acceptance would transfer to concrete relationships between sports.

Retired professional athletes like the NFL’s Joe Montana and Jim McMahon partnering with cannabis companies or the NBA’s Cliff Robinson creating his own brand – that was all the first step.

And it was a massive one. These athletes put their reputations at risk by coming out in support of cannabis in the early stages of normalization. Just as Robinson’s NBA team, they were Trail Blazers.

And now we’re beginning to see the next step, as relationships are built between cannabis companies and active athletes.

An Ultimate Partnership

Last Tuesday, Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) announced an exclusive, multiyear, multimillion-dollar, global partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization.

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Where the NFL is merely considering cannabis as one of several options for improved player health, the UFC’s partnership with Aurora is expected to “significantly advance further clinical research on the relationship between [CBD] products and athlete wellness.”

Research will be conducted at the UFC’s Performance Institute in Las Vegas in order to study the effects of CBD on pain management, inflammation, injury and exercise recovery, and mental health.

As Aurora CEO Terry Booth said, the partnership is intended to create both “a global platform to launch targeted education and awareness campaigns” and “numerous opportunities to accelerate our global CBD business.”

This method of combining health advocacy with brand awareness is a sensible way for relationships between the cannabis industry and a professional sport to begin. The UFC will become safer, and Aurora will be recognized as the brand that made that possible.

As time goes on, though, we’re going to start seeing more direct sponsorships.

In fact, you may have already noticed one this weekend.

The Race Is On

If you happened to be watching the Indy 500 on Sunday, you might have noticed a new sponsor’s name and logo adorning Carlin Racing’s #23 Chevrolet.


Craft 1861 made history by becoming the first cannabis company to sponsor a car in professional racing.

The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company, which provides hemp-derived CBD products geared towards athletes, was only approved for the sponsorship following a lengthy review process by the race’s sanctioning body, IndyCar.

As a result, CBD raced around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway right alongside mobile carriers and home improvement stores.

While Craft 1861’s sponsorship was the first of its kind on Sunday, it will not take long for CBD advertising to move from a novelty to commonplace.

But it’s not always cannabis companies going to sports, as one rugby team is proving.

When Sports Go to Cannabis

The Toronto Wolfpack is diving head first into the “Year of CBD.”

Earlier this month, the Rugby League Football team announced it would be launching a line of CBD products.

Source: Toronto Wolfpack

The products will be sold under the newly created HowlBrands subsidiary, beginning with the release of the inaugural CBD-infused topical cream Rugby Strength in the coming months.

The team is partnering with International Cannabis and Organic Flower to release the products in both Europe and North America.

I’m not surprised to see this move come out of rugby. As the Wolfpack’s chairman David Argyle will tell you, “Rugby is a gladiatorial sport. You have your fair share of bumps and bruises, and for recovery and inflammatory pain management, CBD products are very, very effective.”

Now that these deals are starting to hit, it’s time that investors stop being surprised by them. These products are our reality, and professional sports will continue to prove that point.

As these deals begin to move the cannabis markets, you need to make sure you don’t get left on the sidelines.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. Hi are there certain companies we should invest in to get into the sports arena. Thanks for all you do for us.

  2. Nice to hear positive notes on AURORA CANNABIS one of the top Stocks I have for Long Term. Hoping they go to the TOP along with CRONOS and CANOPY GROWTH.

  3. Awesome article as there is a serious correlation with cannabis and sports. I’m a workout junkie who runs at least 30 miles a week. Cannabis before a workout increases focus and allows for greater performance for myself when working out (every weekend and 2 days during the work week), 12 miles Saturday and 12 more miles on Sunday for the last 15 years straight along with weights, the sauna, hiking, and playing sports. Cannabis provides a segway for health and wellness in all aspects. Front and center at the front desk of my 24 hour fitness gym that I workout in, in Los Angeles county California are Select brand and CWEB (topical creams). Curaleaf & Charlottes Web are everywhere I go. I live a life of health and wellness as an athlete and total competitior with cannabis fueling me into steadfast stamina mode. Of course, the cannabis that I’m using is being taken every way but smoking or vaping. RSO or Rick Simpson Oil or Full spectrum THC oil work awesome for inspiring motivation and being hungry and desperate to be your athletic best! Just wait till peer reviewed scientific research backs this up and provides another area that cannabis may help ameliorate, specifically weight loss and exercise. Investors like myself already know about the sports/exercise/workout aspect of cannabis and the TNF or the Tumor Necrosis Factor blocker aspect of this healing plant. Cannabis heals/suppresses inflammation of any kind and this leads to superior athletic performance. For these reasons and many others, millionaires and multi millionaires will be created!!!!!!

  4. I signed up with Greg and haven’t gotten to buy stocks yet I joined about 2 months ago. My name is Richard Smith Jr I’m part of the Founding member. Please help me

  5. I wish the NFL, and any other head banging sport would allow their players to take CBD prophylactically before all practices and games. Just look at the research that has been done for years in Israel…especially the work of Raphael Mechoulam, organic chemist and professor of medicinal chemistry. We might be seeing far fewer cases of CTE in the future if the neuroprotective advantages of CBD were used by players.

  6. I used cannabis from age 15 until I was 50. On March 18th 1990 I suffered a herniated disc in my neck with acute muscle spasms and cannabis was both psychologically and physically effective in helping control pain. My pain became so serious I began taking opioids and being tested so I had to stop using cannabis. This head to Direct effects first psychologically I started experiencing depression and tried several different pharmaceutical medications which were not effective and second where the muscle spasms and cramps. I had a pain management doctor who performed radiofrequency angulation of the nerves which was minimally effective. The only things that helped wer massage therapy Chiropractic Valium and cannabis. Valium and cannabis combined what are the most efficient chemicals in controlling muscle spasms with the exception of many years later MMB injections of steroids at the levels of damaged spinal disc. It should be emphasized that even if the Cannabis was not as effective and stopping the spasms and cramps psychologically allowed met to tolerate they’s physical problems and continue to function in society. When I had to stop using cannabis I became socially isolated as even if I was suffering from various pain symptoms I was able to psychologically overcome the symptoms and continue to be social with other people.

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  8. Indiana continues to object to cannabis. Only low dose THC CBD is legal. In spite of all the surrounding states allowing more liberal uses of THC (especially medical marijuana)the state legislature refuses to act.R

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