It may seem like a niche right now, but the pet CBD market is going to be bigger than most people could ever imagine…

Being considered a natural remedy, a lot of folks are turning to cannabis-based medicine to heal their aches and pains.

With the normalization of cannabis, it should then be no surprise that pet owners are also using CBD to help the furry members of their families. The pet industry is a huge market, with U.S. spending on pets expected to reach $75 billion in 2019, according to the American Pet Products Association.

Of the $72 billion that was spent in the U.S. pet industry in 2018, $16 billion of it was on supplies and over the counter medicine, and $18 billion was spent on vet care.

That’s where the acceptance of cannabis-medicine for pets really gets interesting…

Forward-thinking CBD companies are looking to the pet health market, as it’s going to be much more than just a niche subsector of the cannabis industry.

From helping pets remain calm during an airplane flight to even potentially helping to stop seizures, CBD oils and treats have the potential to drastically improve the quality of a pet’s life.

This is another win-win situation, because not only are animals being helped out, but you probably even already own a big-time player gaining a foothold in this emerging market.

And right now, I’m going to give you all the details about this future pet CBD juggernaut…

Joining the Pet CBD Craze

As I’ve said before, Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) is going to be the Microsoft of cannabis.

What I mean by that is they are going to be the biggest player on the block and make a ton of money. I know a lot of newer investors view Canopy stock as expensive around $45, but a lot of people thought Microsoft stock was expensive on May 22, 2009, when it was trading for $19.75 per share.

Accounting for stock splits, a $10,000 investment when it was $19.75 is now worth roughly $70,000, and that’s without the dividends being reinvested.

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So if you think CGC costs too much today, just wait till see how much you’ll have to pay for one share in 10 years!

With Canopy intent on dominating the cannabis world, it only makes sense that they are launching pet CBD products.

And they are doing it with the help of Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewarts Enters the Pet CBD Market

As the story goes, a large rock fell on Martha’s toe, and her rapper friend Snoop Dogg introduced her to CBD-infused topicals to help ease the pain.

Now she is extending her newfound CBD knowledge and teaming up with Canopy to make pet CBD products. It makes sense Canopy is targeting the market, but the real signal in all of this is the normalization of cannabis.

Stewart knows her brand is worth a lot, and I’m sure she has some of the best advisors and money managers around to help her keep her reported net worth of $300 million not only intact, but growing as well.

They would advise against this move if they thought pet CBD products were just a trend or that it could damage her ability to do future deals and offer new lines of products.

Remember that in 1969, just 12% of Americans supported cannabis legalization, according to a Gallup poll. As of 2017, that number has climbed to 64% of Americans who support legalization.

Promoting cannabis products has lost its taboo, and the pet industry is an emerging market that could be very profitable for early adopters. In fact, one of the best-performing stocks in the Cannabis Investor’s Report model portfolio has recently purchased a stake in a pet CBD company.

Rest assured that I’m watching the developments in this sector very closely.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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11 responses to “You Already Own This Big-Time Pet CBD Player”

  1. Mr. Miller,
    Speaking of Gallup poll, I’m presuming you saw that horse race at Belmont. Perhaps the pony that threw it’s jockey could have used some CBD… Thanks again for all you do. And thanks for the ‘leg-up’ on CGC –JG

  2. In January my 9 year old Boxer, who has cancer, started with seizures. She was having about 2 per week. I started her on CBD oil (made for dogs) in February.

    She has not had a seizure since. She is happy and playful. I read that it may have shrunk her tumors, and that is the reason for lack of seizures. What ever the reason – it works!

  3. I started both of my senior dogs on CBD oil about one month ago, for various reasons from calming some anxiety issues to helping with some stiff joints. It’s really helped in both areas. I now have my son giving it to his senior English bulldog who has major joint and mobility issues, he just started but I’m anxious to hear about the results. I totally believe in these products for pets.

  4. Not only has Canopy Growth joined the pet industry, it has also just acquired the magazine “Global Cosmetic Industry”, which is one of the go to magazines for the cosmetic industry.

  5. Where do I get information on getting CBD for my small dog that has had
    seizures. We have put here on some prescriptions that the Vet recommended which seem to be working but I think CBD would be safer for her. Can I order CBD online for my dog?

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