D.R. Barton, Jr. – the newest addition to our Advisory Board – shares his background, his thoughts on this explosive industry, and the moral questions he encountered when entering this field. Take a look…

I am incredibly honored and excited to be the latest addition to the National Institute for Cannabis Investors Advisory Board.

In all of my years of trading experience, I’ve never seen an industry with the kind of explosive profit potential that cannabis has right now.

I’ve been digging into the tools and tactics to profitably trade volatile stocks for over three decades. So, when a new sector like pot stocks comes along that captures the excitement and imaginations of traders – it catches my attention.

I love trading stocks that move much more than the average stock. And stocks that move a lot AND have amazing long-term upside potential are even more intriguing.

But before we get into that, I’d like to share with you a little more about my background…

How I Found My Calling

Long before I ever appeared as a market analyst on national TV or co-authored a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book, my career began on a much different path. My formal education was actually in chemical engineering, in which I hold a B.S. from Virginia Tech. I then went on to earn an MBA from the University of Delaware.

For years I worked for DuPont, developing various chemical processes and systems – including working on the country’s first continuous system for processing waste uranium.

So why did I make such a drastic change?

It wasn’t that I was unhappy as an engineer – far from it. I just wanted the kind of financial freedom that would allow me to spend more time with my family, working with my church, and doing the things I truly enjoy.

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So one day, I decided to apply all of my scientific knowledge and experience towards developing my own trading strategy that ultimately allowed me to retire from engineering, co-found a hedge fund, and make more money than I ever thought possible.

While all of that success was wonderful, there was still something missing. You see, from a young age my parents always instilled in me the importance of helping others. It has been one of the guiding principles of my life.

And so, these days I spend my time pursuing my true passion – showing investors like you how to build financial freedom of their own. I provide readers of my 10-Minute Millionaire with twice-weekly market analysis and trading tips.

The Question That Led Me to Cannabis

I was digging into some earnings of cannabis stocks several months ago to discuss them live on set with Stuart Varney on his Fox Business Network show. After we talked about the earnings report, Stuart surprised me with a question – which requires some subtext. Here’s the verbatim question he asked: “But would you buy a pot stock? You don’t have a moral objection to buying a pot stock?”

The subtext is this: From our discussions off screen, Stuart knows that I’m a Christian. More than that, he knows I’m an all-in Jesus guy. On air, he has called me a prominent Christian when asking me another “Pop Quiz” question about Sister Theresa’s sainthood a couple of years ago.

So the underlying question, in my understanding, was this: “As a practicing Christian, do you have a moral objection to buying a pot stock?”

I answered that I didn’t, since cannabis is now growing legally in many states and is being used medicinally.

But afterward, I found that the question really challenged me. So in addition to digging into how to best trade these volatile stocks, I’ve done a deep dive into the moral, spiritual, and societal aspects of cannabis legalization.

As a member of the NICI Advisory Board, I look forward to contributing the same technical trading expertise and insights – insights that have allowed my readers to double and triple their money time and time again – to help you build a fortune from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with the Institute.

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton

Cannabis Technical Trading Expert, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

P.S. Forbes reports that, by 2022, we could have more cannabis jobs in the U.S. than manufacturing jobs. This, along with potential tax revenue, is a huge sell for politicians in the race to federal legalization. When – not if – the federal government legalizes cannabis, the industry could jump to $100 billion in the United States alone practically overnight. Our experts have uncovered four pot stocks you need to know about before this market potentially explodes. To find out more information, go here now.


9 responses to “Cannabis and Morality”

  1. I have been watching all this info about Cannabis stock and it is so overwhelming. I have a financial planner and we have been watching together. I really don’t know which direction to go. I’m retired and my husband has a year left to work and we are not by any means rich. Any money we invest is part of our true budget. I know pot is huge and will only get bigger, however there are so many directions to go… Medical, recreational, law enforcement (blow machines etc..)

  2. Thank you DR Barton for joining the advisory board. We need more people like you who are open minded enough to see the great medical benefits of cannabis.

  3. appreciate the religious acknowledgement——-how do you address the
    recreational medicinal dynamic?

    • As a person who has delved fairly deep into the subject of marijuana as a medicinal agent I came to understand that the endocannabinol system is a function of our bodies placed at creation for the specific purpose of its utilization. In other words if God had not intended for its use it would have no affect on us. So much for a moral objection on any ones part.

  4. The definition of morality is “principals concerning distinctions between right and wrong”
    Cannabis was created by God. It use helps and in some cases heals medical problem. How can that be wrong? How can that be immoral?

  5. Welcome aboard, Amen , I am also a big fan of Jesus,. After the opioid epidemic, Cannabis is a godsend!!!!l Look forward to hearing your input..

  6. Praise the Lord!! I too, am a Christ follower. I believe that GOD put many plants on this Earth for our benefit. It is incumbent upon us to discover how to best use them for our benefit. Cannibis is one of those plants. Thanks for your boldness. Bless you my friend!

  7. It s just pleasing my soul that for already great team of expert we have we can welcome D.R. Barton Jr
    There are not many professionals like Mr Barton that will speak of they personal principles of life, that will revile about they believe .
    I am so delighted about Mr Barton joining the team and so much more that he is approved by the board
    It is speak about whole team .I am follower now and believer
    God bless you all

  8. Historically, cannabis has been big in medicine and in business, for a plethera of uses and products. In the 1930’s, for financial gain in competing industry and for political reasons (influenced by the industrial powers). The stigma of cannabis…marijuana…being “evil, a bad drug” was spun up in those times, and, it stuck. Through years of continuing the “bad drug” propaganda campaign, it became embedded in the “higher social and legal” systems as evil and dangerous.
    Now, there comes a turning point. And, way past due (considering it never should have been degraded in the first place).
    Everyone should go look up this history, just so they know. The moral and religious negative implications will vanish in the light of truth. “And the truth will set you free”. At least on this subject.

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