If you had a chance to invest in Microsoft in the ’90s, you’d be crazy not to take it. Today, only one company is poised to become “the Microsoft of Cannabis,” and you need to know who it is right now…

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Imagine it’s January 1, 2000, and you’re looking back on a decade of successful tech investing. There were dozens of outstanding companies with even more outstanding stocks, and they turned ordinary investors into millionaires or even billionaires.

Some of those companies aren’t around anymore. Others remain at the top of the industry.

Maybe you got rich from Cisco, or JDS Uniphase, or the first public incarnation of Dell. Maybe you owned a company like Viseo or SDL or Netscape and made a bundle when those companies sold.

Entering the 1990s, the most successful tech company was one that had already been dominating the market for many years – Microsoft. No matter how well you did during the PC and technology boom, you’d have done better if you had some Microsoft in your portfolio.

Cannabis today looks much like that ’90s tech boom.

And this one company is starting to look a lot like Microsoft…

“The Microsoft of Cannabis”

Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC) is the Microsoft of the coming cannabis boom.

With its visionary management, its global reach, and its unparalleled cash hoard for acquisitions, Canopy is the King of Cannabis.

And now, with its acquisition of Acreage Brands (CSE: ACRG), Canopy is a major player in every important cannabis market on earth.

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Canopy has been in the Cannabis Investor’s Report model portfolio since January, and frankly so far it’s been a bit of a disappointment.

But I kind of expected that – at Canopy’s size, it takes big news to move the stock.

Well, the acquisition of Acreage is big news. (If you haven’t already, take a look at last week’s full report – you’ll understand why I called this a watershed moment for cannabis.)

It’s also a stunning announcement that my investment thesis on Canopy is correct – that the company can use its massive market capitalization and its huge hoard of cash to do whatever it wants.

I want to share something with you, clipped from Canopy’s webpage.

Source: www.canopygrowth.com

That’s Canopy’s global footprint. Every important cannabis market in the world has one of Canopy’s dots on it, save Israel.

And Canopy is growing so quickly it can’t even keep its webpage up to date. There should be a dot on Colorado – Canopy acquired a major hemp research company called Ebbu which will power the company’s entry into the U.S. CBD market. There should be another dot on upstate New York – Canopy is making the largest CBD investment in history up there.

And, of course, now there should be a dot in each of the 19 states where Acreage has an existing or planned operation.

And that’s just the companies that Canopy owns or controls outright. The company also has about two dozen minority investments in some of the best U.S. brands, Canadian brands, vape products, Canadian CBD, and more.

It also owns a large piece of Canopy Rivers (TSXV: RIV, OTC: CNPOF), a company it spun off last year (ironically, to hold Canopy’s U.S. assets). Canopy Rivers in turn owns pieces of even more cannabis companies.

With all of that, you can see why Canopy is this decade’s Microsoft.

There will be other profit opportunities in the cannabis market over the next decade. There will be lots of them, including some enormous winners – and joining Cannabis Investor’s Report ensures you’re in the best position to find those huge profits.

But Canopy will exit the next 10 years the way it’s entering them – as the King of Cannabis – and it has a place in every investor’s portfolio.

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

P.S. Cannabis is making out to be the kind of opportunity some of the best financial minds on Wall Street have waited their entire lives to find… but this ground-floor opportunity is not going to remain where it is for long. Some of the most popular pot stocks are ALREADY jumping through the roof. Luckily, you can get miles ahead of the pack thanks to these four picks



51 responses to “This Company Will Be “The Microsoft of Cannabis””

  1. Canopy Growth closed at $48.25. What do you think a target price on this stock should be. At what price should I be buying more? I missed opportunity last week at $38.
    What are your thoughts on Chemesis?

  2. Ummm… A few weeks ago, Ray Blanco advised his readers to dump all of their CGC stock as soon as they could, as he thought it would never go anywhere. So I did that…and now you’re saying that this stock will be “the Microsoft of Cannabis.”
    Would you care to comment?

    • Ray Blanco is the biggest snake oil salesman of them all, ….but that being said I bought CVSI at his recommendation and I’m up 18%

    • Hi JoAnn. I own CGC too and have been very frustrated by it’s performance. I read Ray’s article but pulled up CGC’s chart. It has had some bumps, however, the chart shows resistance at $56.00 and it does appear to have an uptrend. I kept it in my portfolio and if it breaks resistance at $56.00, I will buy more shares.

  3. Keep accumulating as much CGC as you can afford. It’s not the cheapest, but in this child of the ’60’s opinion, they are set to grow and grow.

  4. I a/m looking at CGC as a long term growth security. The “fast money” is to be made in companies just starting to carve their niche. They either do well…or do nothing much! If I have my choice of only one stock to have when we finally get some form of federal legalization. It would be Canopy

  5. If you have ever read between the lines, or have any visionary instincts, CGC, is a buy and hold for years to come. This company has the smarts, the cash, and the footprints in the sand around the world, and still walking, talking, and buying. All in on CGC.

  6. My wife and I have invested what we thought we could lose if the Market crashed. We have invested in 13 Cannabis stocks since April 1, of this year, a little late for your 50% buy back of recommendation of Canopy Growth. I had just purchased Canopy and I’m thinking what is this Cannabis Institute doing ?
    Things are looking a lot better now that we’re coming up on May. Looking to the future!!!

  7. Several institutional investors which have already invested in the space include Vanguard Group, Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, Charles Schwab, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and the Macquarie Group. These institutional investing giants are waiting on that first big investment by a CPG company, alcohol, tobacco, and/or big pharma company; then it will be their turn to add to their $trillions$ of assets under management!

  8. Just hoping that people who don’t have that much $ like myself invest in the very best so they will win! Buying the very best with a Jack Bogle style discipline is crucial in investing in pot stocks. Buy value, buy value, buy value and grow! Do your own due diligence with every company in the vetting process. Finally, the future is the great unknown and there will be challengers to Canopy/Acreage so the future is yet to be determined. It is very early in the game with the biggest $$$$institutional investors/CPG/big pharma/alcohol/tobacco players$$$$ still yet to come into the space with a significant investment in a US MSO.

  9. trying hard to understand HOW to do this and when really wish someone would hold my hand as i get my feet wet in this

  10. CGC is a stock to buy and hold for the long term. I first bought CGC in Oct. 2018 and only bought 50 shares at $50.29 (what I was willing to lose at the time). The stock went up but then dropped. I bought more in the 30’s and low 40’s. I still don’t own as much as I would like to own but will add when it drops below $41. I also own several cannabis stocks but CGC and ACB are my current 2 long term holds.

  11. There are so many other services out there claiming to know the best cannabis stocks to own right now. Just wondering if we already have them in our cannabis investors portfolio. Anyone care to comment?

  12. I will buy more shares tomorrow, but I hope your INTEREST IN CGC you won’t change your mind after a week’s time.

  13. Preview your stock bio of each stock and look at the capitalization rate
    of the company. CGC now at 17B – Check out AAPL 950B – AMZN 950B+
    MSFT – 950B+. APPL was over 1T last year. Charts will open your eyes for the past five years. Homework is most important. M&A Cannabis is here to stay!!!

  14. I own CGC bought around $15 very happy. I read there is concern they are having trouble growing and filling all the green houses.

  15. bought canopy at about $18. sold some after constellation bought in. that was dumb. when they dipped i bought more. I think in time they could be $100 company or more. They are blue chip.

  16. Hi, it’s been a while since I communicated with anyone. I am very new in this business and I really need help understanding where I am and which direction to go. Looking for some advice.
    Waymon Yon

  17. What’s the ticker for Green Growth ? What can you tell me about the profit possibility with Green Growth Cannabis and CBD ? Need to start seeing some of those stocks that are ready to sour !!

  18. CGC is the ticker for Canopy Growth. Anyone looking for the BEST ADVICE OUT HERE: must join the National Institute for Cannabis Investors: http://www.nicinvestors.com Yes you have to pay to join, but I am a little “green” at this pardon the pun, but this organization is TOP notch at doing ALL the research, historicals, and then they keep a Portfolio of the BEST PICKS OUT HERE, and this company blows the doors off ANYONE ELSE OUT HERE,claiming to be knowledgeable, and YES do ignore Ray Blanco, I was a member, and I got my $$$ back from him!! if that tells you anything. One thing I am is a research buff myself, and with the National Institute of Cannabis Investors, they do ALL the work for you, and keep you updated several times a day!! With some of the leading people in the industry that stay on a plane traveling to ALL the companies in person, and then giving you videos of EVERYTHING!! I am totally pleased with this organization!! go there!!

  19. I am a real new kid on the block and I don’t have that much money to invest. Help. Do I go with CGC or do I go with some small investments to start. Need advice.

  20. Very new to this need help should i invest in Canada’s Green Rush The Green Organic Dutchman Aurora Cannabis Inc please help

  21. “Neptune Wellness Solutions” is my pick for an under the radar company which will become a cannabis star in the near future….I decided to pick a niche. Theirs is in extraction. Press is all positive and only getting better by the day. I researched full time for about two weeks…my due diligence…and to me they are a company to be reckoned with! Check ’em…and let me know what you think. By the way, I had no previous investing experience. I followed a tease in my spam email and caught the big. Cheers…

  22. I too have bought 40 shares of CGC. I plan to buy more. I am new at this, so I have bought 15 other stocks. #5 as per NICI. I plan to sell some of them and buy more CGC. I believe that CGC will pay off at the end

  23. As with any stock, rule of Thumb is:Buy Low and Sell High.If you practice that Theory you will be more successful. The movement of the over all market effects all stocks at times.Best time to buy stocks is when stock market is down.Like crisis buying. Right now may be good time to get some good buys on cannabis stocks. Best Wishes.

  24. […] When looking at ways to limit your risk, Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) is another good starting point. With a war chest of $40 billion from Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ), this company will be in business for a long time. It’s why I called it the “Microsoft of Cannabis.” […]

  25. charts charts and more charts.If charts were able to predict the movement of any stock consistently we would all be billionaires. Logic should dictate your investment decisions.

  26. I am new to investing I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading before I just jump in looking to see the market so much change direction waiting for the legalization of the CBD to really start investing just keep researching and reading back to

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