We’ve pinpointed a brand-new way to profit from the cannabis boom. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve by hearing what this legendary investor has to say…

Today is April 20, or 4/20. This is a significant date in cannabis culture, serving as something of an unofficial holiday. I hope everyone who chooses to celebrate has a great time and does so responsibly.

But there’s something I’m a lot more excited about today. It’s happening right here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, and it’s going to mean big things for our members.

Now, if you saw his note last week, you know that legendary trader Tom Gentile just joined the NICI Advisory Board.

I’ve been an admirer of Tom’s for years now. His story is inspirational on its own, and his dedication to helping other people achieve life-changing wealth is even more amazing.

And even that is surpassed by his results.

I’m excited about how involved Tom has become in the cannabis industry recently. As an angel investor and entrepreneur awaiting licensing for a complete seed-to-product, farm-to-dispensary cannabis operation, he makes an ideal addition to our team.

As you know, our goal at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors is to provide you with all the tools you need to learn how to become a successful cannabis investor. And that’s what makes Tom’s involvement with the Institute so significant.

Tom’s specialty is an investing strategy we haven’t touched on yet. In fact, he’s the first expert I’ve seen talk about applying this strategy to the cannabis markets.

But I’m going to let you hear about this investment approach from Tom himself…

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


16 responses to “A Brand-New Approach to Cannabis Investing”

  1. I have been looking for information on Thornton & Thornton Pharms and there are now info anywhere on the internet. I have heard about this company for awhile now. Would love to get some information. I signed up for the seminar in Orlando Fl.

  2. Would love to hear more about this company. I have been hearing about Thornton & Thornton Pharms for awhile now but There is nothing about the company on the internet. I also signed up for their seminar in February of next year.

  3. Any advise on TLRY. I currently own 650 shares which are
    down 16K currently ? Please advise your thoughts

  4. DEAR SIR,

  5. Good news! Welcome Mr. Gentile! I am also a subscriber to your newsletters, even before this move to NICI. I’m stoked. Now if I could just get on my feet faster, with learning how, so I can, independently, be able to get the special lifetime deal!

  6. My name ia John Graham & I’m new 2 this. I’d like info on how 2 get started & how 2 get a broker if 1 is needed. How do i invest & all the details i need 2 get started.. Tyvm 4 your time & consideration..

  7. I’m a basic member & small investor. How do I get more info on stock recommendations? Seems like almost everything I look at on you’re website is blocked.

  8. I am delighted to have Tom on board! New approaches are always good, especially for those of us that are also new at ‘this’ , however we want to define it. For me it is a journey we are all on together. Each one of us has something to offer, including and especially our newcomers on this trek. I started out with $119.00 and today, I made $5000+ with one simple market trade. I haven’t always taken the time to ‘enjoy’ it. I will get stuck in writing everything down, going thru highlighter more than it is worth, and making it more ‘work’ than a grand ole’ time. I have hit the ground running. So now that I am in my golden years, I decided to just kick back and do what I need to do for my own best interest. Many of us have known that cannabis would sooner or later become legal, and regulating it makes if safer for everyone involved. I never really thought of how vast it would be until now that I have taken an interest in it. Not just the plant itself, but all the ancillary products, licensing agreements, patents, science and research, getting it to and into patients for healing and hope for another tomorrow. There is so much potential here, I have a hard time taking it in. SOO If I feel like reading, I just got to this site and read through as long as I stay interested and I am still taking it in. Some days, I am coming off of days of researching stocks that have struck my interest and find that I am actually learning a lot each day. each month, each year. Understanding the patterns, when they are and are not significant. Picking the best stocks for long term and short term. Need some cash to buy, then just sell some and you are in. Like I am doing today, make a comment, share you’re experience, strengths and hopes. Listen more. Each video is jam packed with information, a lot, but listen to what they are telling us. Talk to your physicians, your friends and family, listen to what they think about cannabis and it’s potential. It’s all here and more coming. Now kick back, and share the love. A little pot never hurt anyone. ;)- Nanc

  9. Nancy,
    Kudos to you for your description of your awakening to the “business side” of cannabis. Having been an “illegal” cannabis consumer for nearly 50 years, when I came across NCII immediately knew that with some time, a little bit of $, and this credible source info, that I had a chance to recoup some of the thousands I paid into to the underground pot sales. The first 30 of those years I admit were strictly for recreational purposes, the last 18 I have looked forward to and have participated in the medicinal developments. In 01 I was in a bicycle accident that resulted in my becoming paralyzed from the chest down and in a wheelchair. I have made cannabis a part of my pain management program. The last 2 years I have participated in the Florida “Medicinal Marijuana” program, which has opened “the doors of retail marijuana” via Curaleaf & Trulieve. So I now have some time, and some $, and look forward to watching the industry unfold thru the “eyes of NICI”. I am confident that in the end I will more than recoup those dollars of yesteryear that went up in smoke. The only thing that’s going to rise now are profits.

  10. Yes, I’d gladly take part of this, thank you for this wonderful offer, I feel gratefully blessed

  11. In 2008 I and a lot of other people lost their investment in the tech sector when the infamous dotcom bubble burst. This soured me out on investing in the market.
    Then I became an illegal cannabis grower and did quite well fort a while.
    Then… California legalized medical marijuana in the late 90’s and later other states started legalizing it. I saw the writing on the wall and got out of growing. I knew I could not compete with the major players. Now I’m still making money off cannabis butt legally…in the stock market.
    Thanks to NICI and other sources I have done quite well
    I started in Dec/2018 with around $14,000.00. Today my portfolio is worth close to $23,000.00. That’s a gain of over 60 percent in less than 5 months…not bad. My biggest enemy in trading are my emotions. They will absolutely ruin you …if you let them. Today the market is down…all my stocks are down. M y first impulse is to sell…get out. That is absolutely the wrong move. The industry is growing, my stocks are all great companies. This is just a hiccup caused by other investors panicking causing them to make emotional decisions which they will regret.
    Don’t let your emotions…like greed..or fear cause you to make unsound financial decisions. Stay focused and hold on. It’s going to be a wild…and profitable ride

  12. Greetings, 5/6/2019

    Has any one heard lately of when the Frds will allow Marijuana companies to work with Banks so we can really get this New Industry moving?

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