Once viewed as taboo, your children and grandchildren could soon major in cannabis…

One of the themes I talk about is the normalization of cannabis, because it’s something that is spreading and will take your cannabis investments to the next level. In a few years, it will be just as common to walk into a dispensary and buy a pre-rolled joint as it currently is to walk into a convenience store and buy a six-pack of Bud Light.

It’s still going to take some time, but we’re starting to see signs cannabis is hitting the mainstream:

And now, as normalization spreads, colleges are offering cannabis courses.

The University of Vermont offers a cannabis-related certification, the College of Southern Nevada offers a “Cannabis 101” course, and Stockton University offers a minor in cannabis studies, just to name a few colleges that are getting involved with the industry that is expected to reach $1 trillion.

Colleges that offer certificates and cannabis classes could see a nice boost in enrollment, and it’s not just because students think they’ll get to sample the plant as “homework.” The cannabis industry is expected to grow from 200,000 workers in 2017 to 630,000 by 2025.

Those with the in-demand skills the cannabis industry needs will have a nice starting salary right after they graduate. For example, a master extractor can make $180,000 a year, according to HempStaff.com.

Today, I wanted to talk about one college taking things a step further.

That’s because they showed how making the right cannabis investment at the right time can lead to a million-dollar windfall…

The Big Bet on Hemp

Thomas Jefferson University took a risk, but saw a $1.1 million windfall through a hemp investment.

The university had a $2.1 million stake in Ecofibre, a hemp company based out of Australia. Ecofibre grows hemp in Kentucky, produces a line of CBD nutraceuticals, and wants to become one of the first producers of high-performance, hemp-based textiles.

When Ecofibre went public on the Australian Stock Exchange, Thomas Jefferson University’s holdings were worth $3.2 million.

These tiny cannabis companies are about to make their move into the public spotlight with some of the most groundbreaking innovations we’ve ever seen. If you act now, you could take home a piece of the projected $12 billion in new wealth. But game changers like these won’t remain under the radar for long. To see how to make what could end up being the best investment of your life, click here.

The university’s stake in the company came about thanks to a division of the campus serving as the research and development arm of Ecofibre’s Hemp Black subsidiary. The subsidiary is developing hemp-based materials and wearable fabrics that could monitor heart rates and vital signs of patients.

On top of that, Thomas Jefferson University also runs the nation’s first clearinghouse for academic research on the cannabis plant: the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp.

And here’s why this is so exciting…

Colleges are known for kicking students out of their dorms for smoking pot.

Now, these institutions are investing in cannabis companies, establishing centers to study cannabis, and even researching cannabis on campus.

The more cannabis is accepted, the quicker legalization will happen. The quicker legalization happens, the more cannabis and cannabis products companies can sell.

And with more sales, early shareholders will be rewarded.

We’re still in the early stages of cannabis normalization, which means if you are currently all in on cannabis now, you could reap the biggest rewards.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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