California will make big changes to its cannabis laws, and this will drive revenues for those companies in the best position to capitalize on the new-and-improved cannabis market in the state.

Expectations soared when California legalized recreational marijuana use.

That’s because, on its own, California is a major global economy.

It generates more economic activity within the state’s borders in one year than in all of France.

Its thriving tech sector and Hollywood go a long way to boosting activity in the state far above most countries.

At the end of the day, the Golden State boasts the fifth largest economy in the world, right behind Germany and Japan.

And as the first major economy to legalize recreational marijuana use, investors hoped that more dollars would roll in from selling legal marijuana in California than in any other state in the Union.

Unfortunately, state politicians made some big mistakes in their attempt to end cannabis prohibition.

They piled on taxes – and high taxes keep marijuana sales on the black market.

The bureaucracy couldn’t keep up with license approvals, so many aspiring cannabis business operators have been left on the sidelines.

And, stunningly, the law allowed each city and county to decide whether to allow sales of marijuana in its respective jurisdiction.

All of these missteps limited California cannabis companies’ revenues and cost the state government its due. Taxes for 2018 came in at nearly half of what politicians had projected.

But based on what I’m seeing, we’re entering the era of what I call California 2.0.

In fact, I just released a thorough research report today about this new profit opportunity emerging for Cannabis Investor’s Report members, so members – make sure to check it out. As you’ll see in the report, this new and improved version of California will go a long way towards speeding cannabis revenues in the state to nearly $7 billion by 2025.

And that means massive profits for you if you buy the best stocks…

Profiting from California 2.0

California 2.0 will correct those past mistakes as it arrives at a more competitive tax structure and law enforcement steps up its crackdown on black-market businesses.

This drives more business to the responsible ones, and they will use compliant-packaging for their products. In particular, these businesses will insist on child-resistant packaging to keep goods that can easily look like candy out of the hands of children.

And this focus on compliance creates an opportunity for a cannabis company with the right solutions to help these companies package their goods.

This may be the only time in history you can get in for just pennies a share – and watch your chump change potentially transform into tens of thousands of dollars. Just one of these marijuana IPOs can have enough profit potential to turn you into a millionaire… virtually overnight. Just click here for the details.

Another unique aspect of California that can drive revenues is that every gram of cannabis has to go through a licensed distributor. Which means outsized revenues for any company that has acquired the distribution assets to put its brands on every retailers’ shelves in the state.

Must-Have Cannabis Stock Guidance

For example, when we launched the Institute I recommended Cannabis Investor’s Report members buy stock in Origin House (CSE: OH, OTC: ORHOF).

This company’s distribution capability allows it to place over 50 brands on almost any shelf throughout the state. The value of these assets, and the skill of the management team, is not lost on the industry. Cresco Labs (CSE: CL, OTC: CRLBF) recently announced it would be acquiring Origin House in an all-stock deal, which I told you about earlier in the week. The stock is up over 50% in the fewer than six months since I originally recommended it.

I also told paid-up members about another pick-and-shovel play which is perfectly positioned to benefit from meeting the demands of better packaging for cannabis products in California. You can read about exactly why that it is here.

And, to help subscribers navigate the rapidly growing cannabis industry, they receive trade alerts, detailed research reports on every stock we recommend, and video interviews with leading cannabis company CEOs.

And every month, in addition to all of this, subscribers receive a detailed report on the most critical trends in the cannabis industry.

Each monthly issue dives deep into a different trend that will define the cannabis market as it surges to over $1 trillion in value.

Past issues have explored such profit driving topics as the impact of the Farm Bill in the U.S., how Canada will not dominate cannabis cultivation for long, and the CBD movement that can’t be stopped.

So, to fully understand how the California 2.0 era – that we’re entering now – will drive massive returns on your cannabis stocks, don’t miss what’s in the April issue.

In it, you can also read about what Michael Robinson, Board Member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, thinks about California getting its “Legal” act together and a deep dive into why the crackdown on illegal cannabis is great for Cannabis Investor’s Report member portfolios.

For those of you that also subscribe to the Cannabis Investor’s Report, make sure to open the email linking to the April report. For those of you that haven’t signed up, follow this link to get access to the best way to play not only California 2.0, but the other millionaire-making cannabis trends, or here to gain all of that and also access “The Vault” and power up your own cannabis stock research.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out this report on Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ). Not all winners from the cannabis revolution seem obvious, and this bluest of blue-chip companies should find a home in every cannabis investor’s portfolio. Be sure to open Monday’s email from me so you can read all about its latest earnings announcement.

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. I live in New Zealand and I’m not able to buy stocks on the OTC in USA or CNSX in Canada. If I join up to your service and get acces to buy private companies before they list or IPO will I be able to sell or trade them. If I can’t sell these shares then there is no point in me belonging to your service
    Thank you

  2. we are building out grow-houses and dispensaries everywhere here in so cal. both public and private companies are scaling up big time in california. california is the epicenter of the cannabis universe and the golden state is now starting to expand quickly with cannabis facilities of all kinds. practically every billboard in our state is cannabis related in one way or another. the largest cannabia market in the world is about to grow 10 fold here in california. we have unlimited resources with cannabis facility build outs and are now building out everywhere.

  3. California Politicians are to busy allowing their friends only a license. The California market will never be great because you can’t keep the greedy politicians out of the way. The black market is twice the size of the legal market and it will continue that way until politicians realize their greed is killing it. Don’t hold your breath! It could be very simple. Write the regulations allow anyone in that follow the rules . Govern and enforce the rules. Let the cream rise to the top. Stop picking the winners. Look at Medmen what a complete and total waste of resources.

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