With bipartisan support at an all-time high, the chair of a critical House committee has vowed to usher a federal marijuana reform bill to the House floor. This bill holds the potential to transform the entire landscape of the cannabis industry – and create a fortune for anyone who knows how to position themselves today.

Even as the SAFE Banking Act heads to the House floor, the newswires are already buzzing with headlines about another bill that would “End Federal Marijuana Prohibition” entirely – and within a matter of weeks.

Such legislative action would be a massive leap forward for the cannabis industry, so it’s fair that the news would gain widespread coverage. But many of the headlines coming out of this news fall short of the full truth, and even more of them don’t tell the whole story.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA), Chair of the House Rules Committee, began the buzz about this bill. “We will guide it to the House floor for a vote, which I think it will pass with an overwhelming vote – Democrats and I think a lot of Republicans as well,” he said. “If we have a strong bipartisan vote that will increase the pressure on the Senate to do something.”

But let’s be clear: He’s not talking about the outright legalization of cannabis at a federal level.

Frankly, for anything short of an executive order, you shouldn’t expect to see a full and complete end to federal prohibition this year. Our bureaucratic system moves slower than that.

That doesn’t mean we won’t see large legislative strides unlike anything we could have imagined in Congress before, though. The SAFE Banking Act was a pipedream when it was first introduced six years ago, but growing support makes its passage into law a near inevitability – if not this year, then extremely soon.

In fact, the bill Rep. McGovern was talking about bears some striking similarities to the SAFE Banking Act, and as such, it stands a very good chance of becoming law soon.

Here’s what this news is really about – and why it will open the door to profits unlike anything we’ve seen before…

The STATES Act Is Coming

If you’ve been following along since the Institute’s beginning, this won’t be the first time you’ve heard of the STATES Act. It’s a version of this bill – or something very similar – that Rep. McGovern has vowed to bring to the House floor.

A previous iteration of the STATES Act would have:

      • Instructed the federal government to stay completely out states’ business when it comes to cannabis.
      • Amended the Controlled Substances Act to prevent it from being used against any person or company who is complying with state laws.
      • Made it clear that cannabis transactions are not money laundering or generating unlawful transactions under federal banking laws.
      • Removed industrial hemp from the Controlled Substances Act.

If the SAFE Banking Act becomes law, it will take care of the money laundering concerns, and the Farm Bill already took care of the descheduling of hemp.

We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of marijuana’s incredible potential. Fact is, we’re heading toward an explosion of marijuana opportunities for smart investors who go all in on this lucrative industry. In fact, if you move on these three opportunities today, they could make you a fortune – practically overnight. Just click here to take a closer look.

Think about that for a minute: We already have bipartisan votes propelling related bills through our federal legislatures. With the support for these common sense measures at an all-time high, the levees are about to burst.

Bipartisan Tides

The SAFE Banking Act itself has set a precedent for bipartisan support of federal cannabis reform, passing the House Financial Services Committee in an impressive 45-15 vote.

And that outcome mirrors a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press, the results of which reveal a majority of all age groups across both sides of the aisle support marijuana legalization – 76% for Democrats and 54% for Republicans.

That figure for Republicans is nearly 10% higher than a similar poll showed two years prior, proving that support for cannabis reform has been growing rapidly – and that pace isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

So make no mistake: A bill like the SAFE Banking Act or the STATES Act will pass very soon.

And once a bill like this becomes law – or an executive order is enacted to repeal cannabis prohibition, as a friend and colleague of mine predicts – the industry is going to explode.

Make sure you know how to position yourself to make a fortune when it does.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. Trulieve Cannabis Corp, Cresco, Origin becomes 1 ?
    I sure hope Arizona gets their act together and gives the people what they want! Ability to grow their own cannabis and consume without fear of prosecution. It’s about time they give us what we want!

  2. If Canada elects a conservative p.m. could this have a negative affect on the cannabis industry

  3. Hi Greg, I was not sure how to contact you about about a Company that I ran across today? Could you please give me your thoughts about investing in: Pressure Biosciences. They posted a video on YouTube, that demonstrates how their product can be infused(CBD Oil), in a vitamin water that dose not separate(CBD Oil) but mixes naturally? Please research. Best regards Paul

    • Puration Inc. (otc: PURA) already has this perfected and their sports water EverEx is gaining momentum and sales are increasing. They also have developed a cannabis IPA beer. But they are small and stock is cheap. I expect some beverage company to buy or invest with them before too long.

  4. as far as legalization goes…the more states, and other countries that legalize the better. After legalization people can then see the good things that come from it!! Good things like hundreds of millions of new tax dollars flowing into state…and federal coffers. Good things like thousands of new jobs in the cannabis industry. New ancillary industries springing up. After growing the cannabis has to be packaged and oils and concentrates extracted. :Processing cannabis is a new and growing segment. All legal cannabis must be tested. New cannabis testing companies are forming. People want it delivered like pizza. Cannabis delivery companies are starting. Advertising companies will benefit from cannabis ad..print, billboards ect. When some form of banking reform happens, the banks will be realizing millions of new dollars in cannabis funding! So many new jobs and industries. This is a new and very exciting time!!!!

  5. Hi Greg:

    Can you tell me how to find dispensaries in the Western Phila suburbs
    Thank you,


  6. Greg Miller,
    Thanks for information!
    I pray I will see cannabis drinks selling beside alcohol drinks.

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